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What does Victoria’s biggest solar energy scheme to date mean for Australian families?

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Announcements are running hot in the solar power space, and this can be a confusing area for households to navigate. How will they help them reduce their energy bills?  Is investing in solar worth it?

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The Victorian government announced a new plan to provide a 50% rebate on new solar panel systems to 24,000 homes installed from August 19, 2018 – June 30, 2019.

The Andrews government has also pledged that if re-elected, it will provide loans to up to 650,000 homes for the installation of solar panels, in a $1.24 billion plan. Under the new scheme, owner-occupiers would receive around $4,500 to install panels which they would pay off interest free over four years.

With an average per-household saving of $890 per year after installation, this scheme will allow Australian families to pay off their solar PV systems using the savings from their electricity bills with minimal out of pocket costs. This scheme will make solar technology accessible to thousands of Victorian families for whom the technology was far too expensive.

In a time where energy prices are skyrocketing, and energy companies are unable to keep up with demand, Australian households are feeling the pinch, paying increasing rates for power – leaving many homeowners with no choice but to switch off essential appliances or face exorbitant power bills.

“Integrating solar into Australian households on such a scale will release strain on the power grid during our hot and dry summer days and allows families to keep their houses cool,” says Leon Siebel, co-founder and head of communications for Sunbank Solar, Australia’s largest solar solutions specialists.

Leon Siebel says it’s not a one-size-fits all approach when it comes to choosing the right system for you, and that bigger is not always better. This is where expert advice becomes paramount – each home has different solar needs that need to be addressed at the planning stage to avoid installing inefficient solar systems.

“To see maximum savings in your power bill, you need the right sized solar system for your needs.

“It’s important to get expert advice on analysing your bills, and helping you choose the solar system that’s right for you. There are many factors that play in optimising solar power, the size of your roof space, the number of panels, and the time you use the most power – these are all critical factors in getting the right system.

“The right solar system will play a huge role in helping Australians achieve total independence from the grid, and cut their bills down to zero, but understanding the process is the first step,” said Leon Siebel.

Sunbank Solar is one of Australia’s largest solar solutions specialists, backed by more than 30 years combined industry experience.

For more information on Sunbank Solar:  www.mysunbank.com.au

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