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What do consumers need to make the switch to EVs?

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Two UK studies have looked into what it would take for more consumers to switch to electric vehicles. The answer can be summed up in one word…

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The Driven

Two studies recently undertaken by What Car? in the UK into what it would take for more consumers to take up electric vehicles can be summarised by one word. And the word is, of course: Knowledge!

The first of these was a 3 month survey of 9,000 consumers, where 8.4% of respondents said they were ‘considering a fully electric vehicle as their next vehicle’ and were then tracked in their research journey to buying a car.

The second was a review of the data of 80,000 users of the Which Car? vehicle comparison tool.

The review showed that a fully electric car (or BEV, short for Battery Electric Vehicle) was the optimum choice for 10% of users – yet only 0.7% of new car sales in the UK are currently fully electric – potentially meaning there is a huge potential market for selling EVs yet to be met.

So if buying intentions are up around 8.4% for BEVs, and a BEV would suit 10% of people looking to buy a new car – why are only 0.7% of sales there BEVs??

Well if the two were completely unrelated – then 8.4% of 10% is 0.84% – so maybe it’s not really that big a mis-match after all. However the Which Car? survey delved deeper than that, and came up with some rather more nuanced (and interesting) results. The biggest concerns they found are shown below.

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