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Video: Tom Gleeson on rooftop solar, and ridiculous retailer business models

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A comedian’s take on the “ridiculous” energy market business model, the win-lose equation of rooftop solar, and why our PM is the wind turbine that won’t spin.

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It’s nice to have some comic relief, particularly at the end of a long week. On this occasion, the laughs are provided by Gunnedah-born comedian Tom Gleeson, in which he skewers the “ridiculous” business model of Australia’s major electricity providers.

He also details the win-lose equation of having rooftop solar on your home, and why he pays his retailer 31c/kWh for electricity but only gets 5c/kWh when he sends solar power the other way. If he burned coal at home, he suggested, maybe he would get paid more.

He then explains why prime minister Malcolm Turnbull is like the wind turbine that won’t spin.

And at the end there’s a nice bit on Uber, that has nothing to do with renewables… but could easily serve as a parable for incumbent energy companies. Enjoy.

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  1. George Darroch 3 years ago

    Very funny, and more accurate than The Australian.

    • john 3 years ago

      It would not be hard to be more accurate than The Australian a very poor emulation of its former self when it was held up as the best of the best in layout and journalism, where once it was the go to paper to read truthful and well researched articles on any subject, now it is a pretty poor pathetic rag putting out fake truth rubbish as peddled by the whole Murdoch company.
      The funny thing is i do have the first copy they published and how it reflects the drop in standards of that once paper one could rely on.

  2. Zaren Henderson 3 years ago

    That is honestly the best thing I’ve seen on Reneweconomy! It merges two loves of mine, Tom Gleeson and Solar Power. He really knows how to put it into perspective for the average person.

  3. Phil 3 years ago

    This is so funny.

    And what it points out is the difference between a Value proposition model versus a Predatory business model.

    Even a parasite will not kill off it’s host otherwise it would die. But in the Predatory business world killing off the consumer is the business model of choice.

    • solarguy 3 years ago

      Phil, did you think of Malaria?

      • Phil 3 years ago

        I stand corrected . Malaria kills off 10% . So “Even a parasite will never kill off ALL of the hosts”

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