Video of the Day: The end of coal generation in South Australia

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This video shows the destruction of the boilers of the now closed Northern brown coal generator in Port Augusta, bringing to a spectacular end the era of coal fired generation in South Australia.

The highly polluting coal plants were closed last year, and will be replaced in coming years by significant investment in renewable generation in and around Port Augusta.

The 220MW Bungala solar farm is already under construction, and the 215MW Lincoln Gap is about to reach financial close.

DP Energy has named contractors for a 375MW wind-solar farm, the largest hybrid plant in Australia, that will use the Devenport sub-station once used by Northern. DP Energy is looking to add another 300MW of solar and 400MW of battery storage.

In nearby Whyalla, Liberty OneSteel, the new owner of the local steelworks, plans 520MW of large scale solar, pumped hydro, battery storage and demand management to green its energy source and slash costs.

It will build a further 480MW of large scale solar to supply other big energy users, if federal policy proposals such as the National Energy Guarantee do not get in the way.


  • mick

    more than just symbolic

  • neroden

    OK, which state will be next? Western Australia? Personally I think the NT has the most to gain…

  • Alan S

    Would have been a nice tribute to do it on Joy Baluch’s birthday.

  • Chris Fraser

    Use a LOT of TNT … just to make sure.

  • Andy Saunders

    Must be fun to press the red button

  • George Darroch

    What a beautiful day.

  • Gary Rowbottom

    And don’t forget Aurora Solar Thermal with Storage, 150 MW, up to 1100 MWh storage, per day, and the most jobs construction and ongoing. But thoughts with those good men and women who gave their working lives or a good part of it building and operating the Port Augusta Power stations and associated Leigh Creek mine for 62 years or so.

    • Dennis Abbott..

      Hear, hear Gary. There is no doubt that coal has elevated society in Australia and I am grateful for the electricity I have consumed in the past, however, I am more grateful of renewable energy and I will be ecstatically grateful once I am consuming electricity from the Aurora CST plant.