Video of the Day: Postcards from Hazelwood

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As RenewEconomy readers would know, France’s government-owned energy giant, Engie, last week flagged the potential closure of the Hazelwood brown coal generator in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley – widely recognised as the most polluting power plant in the world.

The closure was raised by Engie’s newly appointed chief executive Isabelle Kocher, who is pushing a significant shift to renewable energy, smart grids and decentralised energy such as solar and storage in particular.

“For the Hazelwood plant, we are studying all possible scenarios, including closure, or a sale if the state of Victoria tells us that it cannot meet power generating needs without this plant,” Kocher said, according to a Reuters report.

What you might not know, however, is what preceded this decision. It’s a great story, which Environment Victoria tells in the video below.



  • Chris Fraser

    The environment finally getting a voice !

  • Craig Allen

    🙂 One of those was mine. Well done Environment Victoria. I think I’ll go now and give them another donation! I encourage everyone to do the same –

  • lin

    Fantastic effort, great campaign!
    We need lots more like it.

  • Ian

    An effective protest sounds so much better in French.