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UK wind farms deliver record 37% of nation’s electricity

Strong winds and offshore wind farms helped deliver record 39.6% of UK electricity on Sunday morning.


Wind farms in the UK have notched up a new record for generation, after supplying 36.9 per cent of the country’s electricity on the morning of Sunday March 18.

According to the national grid operator, wind energy hit a record 13.9GW of metered output at 10am on Sunday morning, boosted by strong winds and the addition of several large offshore wind farms in 2017 – a record year for deployment. That output increased to 14GW by 11am.

The new record was confirmed by the National Grid Operator in response to the above tweet from a “wind-loving Walthamstow mum.”

The Grid Operator tweeted at 10.30am that renewable energy sources (plus storage) were providing 44.8 per cent of Great Britain’s electricity all up: wind 31.4%, gas 19.8%, nuclear 15.7%, coal 14.4%, solar 6.4%, imports 6.3%, biomass 4.1%, storage 1.1%, hydro 0.5%, other 0.2%.

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  1. George Darroch 3 years ago

    What’s the highest percentage of wind achieved in Australia?

    • Trevor Toomer 3 years ago

      Don’t know for Australia, but it has been over 100% in South Australia at times, until AEMO decided they had to keep gas fired systems running, just in case.

      • rob 3 years ago

        On Sunday S.A. was totally power by wind for numerous hours. We were exporting 650Mw to Filthy Vic for all of that time

    • David Osmond 3 years ago

      For the NEM, I believe it was 18.8% at 4:30am on Sept 3 last year. Wind was supplying 3.3 GW out of total supply of 17.6 GW. For wind+solar, the max was 30.7% of the NEM at 11:30am on Oct 29 last year, comprisng wind 3.1 GW, solar 3.7 GW and total supply 22.3 GW.

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