Tritium wins US backing to make ultra fast EV chargers smaller and cheaper

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Brisbane-based Tritium receives US funding to help make its ultra-fast electric vehicle charger smaller, more efficient and cheaper to buy.

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Brisbane-based developer and manufacturer of EV fast chargers, Tritium, is going to receive part of $US3.2 million in funding awarded to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) by the US government.

The allocation, which amounts to $US400,000, will be used to customise Tritium’s enterprise grade Veefil-PK ultra-fast charger to make it smaller, more efficient and cheaper to buy.

“This project lets us use our expertise in EV charging to build an advanced system that is easy to scale, repeat and manufacture,” Tritium’s engineering director and co-founder James Kennedy said in a statement.

“The solution the project team develops will result in a system with a smaller footprint, higher efficiency and lower cost of ownership.”

Tritium’s ultra-fast Veefil-PK units are already well on the way to reach a global audience, with up to 600 of the 475 kW chargers already being deployed to Germany as part of the IONITY network.

In Hungary, as many as 100 of the company’s Veefil-RT 50kW chargers are also being deployed.

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