The Verdict: Will driving electric vehicles ruin your long weekend?

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My final message is to the federal Liberal Party: “You’ve Scott to be kidding: EVs are perfect for the long weekend’.

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The Driven

In my first article on electric vehicles and the long weekend, I explored the concept of ‘EVs will ruin the Long-Weekend’, and proposed a testable example to investigate the validity or otherwise of the statement.

In my second article, I described the rather punishing schedule I followed to complete that route in order to see what it was like to use a full BEV EV instead of an ICE car on a ‘typical’ (if rather extended) Long-Weekend drive.

Having detailed the experience for you to read in Part 2 of this series: I now come back to where it all began with Scott Morrison’s statement that ‘EVs will ruin the Long-Weekend’. Did I prove him right, or wrong?

The hypothesis I formulated in the first article was:

‘Could an EV (my Kona electric), with no inconvenience or compromise over an ICE vehicle, travel to the typical places and cover the typical distances taken for a countryside EV weekend trip?’

So let’s do this in two stages: a qualitative analysis (how did I feel it went) followed by a qualitative one – did I meet the bars set to say it was a success?

To read the full story on RenewEconomy’s electric vehicle dedicated site, The Driven, click here…

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