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The Verdict: Will driving electric vehicles ruin your long weekend?

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My final message is to the federal Liberal Party: “You’ve Scott to be kidding: EVs are perfect for the long weekend’.

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The Driven

In my first article on electric vehicles and the long weekend, I explored the concept of ‘EVs will ruin the Long-Weekend’, and proposed a testable example to investigate the validity or otherwise of the statement.

In my second article, I described the rather punishing schedule I followed to complete that route in order to see what it was like to use a full BEV EV instead of an ICE car on a ‘typical’ (if rather extended) Long-Weekend drive.

Having detailed the experience for you to read in Part 2 of this series: I now come back to where it all began with Scott Morrison’s statement that ‘EVs will ruin the Long-Weekend’. Did I prove him right, or wrong?

The hypothesis I formulated in the first article was:

‘Could an EV (my Kona electric), with no inconvenience or compromise over an ICE vehicle, travel to the typical places and cover the typical distances taken for a countryside EV weekend trip?’

So let’s do this in two stages: a qualitative analysis (how did I feel it went) followed by a qualitative one – did I meet the bars set to say it was a success?

To read the full story on RenewEconomy’s electric vehicle dedicated site, The Driven, click here…

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  1. Robert Arrowsmith 3 months ago

    My trip from Melbourne to Parkes and back in an Ioniq EV was enjoyable, with stops at Euroa, Barnawartha North, Narrandera, West Wyalong and finally Parkes.
    My next trip will be all the way to Gunnedah since they now have a Fast Charger.

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