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Test Drive: Tesla Model 3 not just a game-changer, it’s a mind-changer

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The Model 3 is certainly something different, and could change the minds of EV-doubters, and mark a shift in the lagging EV market in Australia.

The Tesla Model 3 hits Australian country roads. Credit: Bridie Schmidt
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The Driven

Everything is faster in a Model 3. The acceleration of the Performance variant which I have driven over the past three days – 0-100km/hr in just 3.4 seconds – is outstanding, just for a start.

The lack of revolutions and engine noise does not diminish that feeling of sheer power. In fact, it enhances it as the car effortlessly zips ahead at the traffic lights, and provokes absolutely no worries when changing lanes in heavy traffic.

The software interface, which references Apple’s easy-to-use UI is precise and responsive, and easy to learn how to navigate (as a Tesla newbie, having never driven a Model S or Model X, I must admit I was a little nervous about not having all the traditional car nobs and dials at my disposal).

Even my recently acquired 5G phone charged faster off the Model 3’s USB ports than at home on a 240V socket.

But speed is not all that the Model 3 is about. It is leading the shift to clean, zero emissions transport worldwide, becoming the best selling vehicle in both US and European markets, and it has been called a game-changer.

I would posit that a more accurate term is mind-changer.

For someone who has to now had a preference to the typical Australian favourite SUV – thanks to living in a region with questionable road quality and a tendency to flood – I have come to enjoy sitting high in a vehicle.

But after half an hour in the Model 3 (the Performance version of which sits even lower to the ground than the Long Range and Standard Range+ variants), I find myself seduced by the low ride that is further enhanced by the super low centre of gravity due to the flat battery pack.

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  1. Kobeboy 7 months ago

    Ok, but the company and the face of the company (who has little to nothing to do with the company….musk) are total A h oles After owning and loving our top of the line model X, the soon to be extinct company cant explain things like why they crashed our car on a 70 mike joyride while it was in their possession for ONE NIGHT for a tire …even though it has cameras and is “smart enough” to drive on auto pilot….which by the way was promised to be fully autonomous by now by the morons that we had to get through for the purchase. And dont even get me started on the solar failure I tried to buy for my commercial construction projects. The competition is comming Tesla…..bye bye

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