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South Australia expects to cut emissions by 50 per cent by 2030

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South Australia Liberal government aims to cut emissions by more than 50 per cent by 2030, double the federal Coalition government’s target.

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The South Australia Liberal government expects to slash the state’s emissions by 50 per cent by 2030 as it continues to roll out renewables, and unveils an electric vehicle strategy and pushes into “green hydrogen”.

The prediction was made by state governor Hieu Van Le at the opening of state parliament for 2020. He noted that the anticipated emissions reductions from 2005 levels would be double those targeted by the federal Coalition government (a 26-28 per cent cut).

“It will allow South Australia to aspire to reduce emissions by more than 50% by 2030 from 2005 levels, potentially contributing twice as much to the national target as other states,” Governor Hieu Van Le said in his speech.

His vision of how the state should respond to the bushfires and drought is also in marked contrast to federal Coalition members.

“Worsening and more extended drought and bushfire conditions cause us all to be concerned about the sustainability of our environment and our economy,” the governor said.

“South Australia’s climate is changing, and my Government believes further change is inevitable.

“My Government insists this provides great opportunity for South Australia and must not be a cause for community division or despair.

“It believes the best response to public concern is the implementation of practical measures that secure emissions abatement without increasing energy costs and reducing jobs.”

South Australia already has a bold plan to reach “net 100 per cent renewables” by around 2030, and to become an exporter of renewables to states such as NSW through a new grid connection due to be completed by 2024. It has some $20 billion of investments in wind, solar and storage waiting in the pipeline.

Governor Hieu Van Le also noted the state was rolling out the world’s “largest home battery roll-out per capita”  ithe Home Battery Scheme, and creation of the world’s largest virtual power plant from the provision of batteries to Housing Trust homes.

“In acting now to mitigate climate risk, South Australia can be an international leader in successfully harnessing current and emerging opportunities for economic growth through the development of new climate smart services and industries,” he said.

These included hydrogen fuel and biofuels; the transition to electric vehicles and low emissions transport; climate resilient agriculture; andInnovations in waste and recycling.

The state’s EV strategy is expected to be released laster this year, along with the Liberal government’s hydrogen action plan, which follows the installation of a hydrogen electrolyser facility at the Tonsley Innovation District.

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