Solar Insiders Podcast: What is going on in Queensland?

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Confusion and frustration in the Sunshine state as the government seeks to justify new rules that will add costs to solar farms and make some installations impossible.

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There is growing confusion and frustration in Queensland as the state government seeks to justify new rules that will inevitably add costs to the construction of solar farms, and could make large rooftop solar installations impossible.

The rules seek to ban anyone but electricians to handle the carriage and installation of solar modules. Maybe apprentices are allowed, may be not. Who knows? Certainly not the state government.

Meanwhile, overall rooftop installations fell slightly in April, largely due to the number of public holidays and the Easter break, but all eyes will be on Victoria in the next two months as the state solar rebate scheme is paused.

Plus: Rumours of top tier solar panel maker to quit Australia as cheap offerings proliferate, and the latest in EV news.

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