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Senator Storer to chair select committee on electric vehicles

Australia is uniquely placed to take a leading role in this transformation, with all the natural and human resources needed to build EVs from scratch.



Today the Senate passed my motion to establish a Select Committee on Electric Vehicles, which I will Chair.

We are on the cusp of the biggest disruption to our transport system since the advent of the internal combustion engine.

Bloomberg predicts that EVs will make up more than 50 per cent of all new car sales globally by 2040, and will be as cheap to buy as petrol and diesel cars on average by 2024.

Australia is uniquely placed to take a leading role in this transformation. We have all the natural and human resources needed to build EVs from scratch.

My home state of South Australia, in particular, is ideally placed to build EVs. It’s less thana year since Holden ceased its operations at its Elizabeth plant, meaning that much of the skilled workforce is still around, as is the site.

Adelaide, as a flat, well planned, grid city with a world class data network, and high rooftop solar penetration, is also the perfect testing ground for new EV technologies and business models.

As the world’s leading lithium exporter, Australia is in the box seat to develop EV supply and value chain industries.

The Committee is tasked with inquiring into: the economic, environment and social benefits of widespread electric vehicle uptake in Australia; the opportunity for the development of electric vehicle manufacturing, supply and value chain activities; and how the Federal, State and Territory Governments can better work together to support these goals.

The CEO of the Electric Vehicle Council, Behyad Jafari, welcomed the establishment of theCommittee: “The Senator’s good work in forming this Committee will give our industry the platform to continue exploring the benefits, opportunities and challenges in driving the transition from the old to the future of road transport.

Most importantly, the actions from this effort will give Australians access to vehicles that are cheaper to drive and healthier to haveon the road.”

The NRMA had this to say: “Electric vehicles will reduce the cost of transport to Australians, and offer significant potential benefits to the Australian economy up to $3billion and 13,000additional new jobs.”

The inquiry will seek evidence from a diverse range of stakeholders, including the Electric Vehicle Council and other peak bodies, major car manufacturers (many of whom are already investing heavily in EVs), current and prospective Australian based EV start-ups, lithium and cobalt miners and refiners, energy companies, state, territory and local governments, and environment and health groups.

But much more needs to be done at all levels of government to create the right environment for business and consumers to realise the full potential of this opportunity.

The Committee will lend much needed momentum and leadership to this issue at the Federal level, synthesising the views of stakeholders and charting a path forward.

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  1. Ian 2 years ago

    Well done and good luck. This sounds like an answer to prayer.

    A couple of thoughts: Nevada, and Hungary are two places that have invested heavily in Lithium battery manufacturing, our Asian neighbours from Japan to Korea to China, Malaysia, Taiwan and many other places have been down the road of introducing manufacturing of all types, many examples to explore.

    The value added to raw materials by manufacturing EV is enormous, many orders of magnitude more than that of just extracting these resources. The ability to rapidly build turnkey manufacturing using trialed and tried factory lines containing highly automated machines, has never been simpler. The potential to give work and experience to our highly educated and trained workforce, on its own, makes this sort of high value manufacturing worth while.

    Even if we just give land, services and factory buildings plus financial incentives to the likes of Tesla, Panasonic, Samsung &c to set up manufacturing lines without making any effort to build our own home-grown industry, we would still be doing a lot better than our current dig it up and ship it off economy.

  2. Gregory J. OLSEN Esq 2 years ago

    What a wonderful aptonym! Tim STORER heading a Senate select committee on EVs that will, eventually, become Australian household’s battery storage solution! 🙂

  3. Gyrogordini 2 years ago

    Fantastic news! Maybe there’s hope after all, although no doubt the COAL team and the MoreAsh Forum will interfere to the best of their abilities.

  4. Phil Gorman 2 years ago

    Thank you Senator Storer; a voice of sanity and hope, You restore my faith in the election of independents. I hope to hear much of your future success in bringing the political class to its senses.

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