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Origin in deal with Tesla to help bring Model S to Australia

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Origin Energy enters partnership with Tesla Motors to supply 100% renewable charging for Model S customers in Australia.

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Origin Energy might sometimes have a funny way of showing its support for renewable energy, but at least it’s doing its bit to support Australia’s nascent electric vehicle movement. Having been part of a recent one-off deal to provide 100 per cent renewable energy for Holden Australia via six on-site charging stations supplied by ChargePoint, Australia’s largest retailer has today announced a partnership with Tesla Motors to support the US EV-maker’s introduction of its much talked-about Model S to the Australian market.

Tesla is set to launch the Model S five door sedan – the company’s first full-sized sedan, with a range of 480km – in Australia from mid 2013 after a fairly successful roll-out in the US since June; capped off this month by winning 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year in a unanimous vote from the panel of judges. Reservations for the Model S currently exceed 13,000 worldwide.

In a similar deal to that which was brokered between Better Place and Holden for Volt customers, Tesla owners in Australia will have access to Origin’s accredited GreenPower, a variety of fully-installed charging equipment and services, and electricity management systems and advice.

Tesla’s Australia & New Zealand manager, Jay McCormack, said the agreement with Origin would provide Model S owners with the opportunity to use energy generated from renewable resources – although possibly not from wind energy, if Origin’s recent comments about Australia’s attitude to wind farms are to be taken seriously – and reduce the transport sectors’ dependence on oil – “a goal both of our companies share,” McCormack said.

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  1. Beat Odermatt 8 years ago

    We all should applaud when a company like Origin is doing a good thing, such as supporting the introduction of electric vehicles to Australia. It would be nice if our Government would be in a similar supporting mood. During a recent visit to Europe, I noticed a reasonable large number of various electric vehicles in urban areas, especially Norway and Sweden. In Norway for example, electric vehicles do not have to pay for parking! In Sweden many motels and home units have outlets to allow guest and residents to charge their vehicles. If the Governments were slightly interested in promoting an advance towards a more sustainable environment, they would provide some logistical support to the electric car industry. Providing free parking for electric vehicles in urban areas could be one of these initiatives.

  2. suthnsun 8 years ago

    good on them, glad to see they are getting engaged in replacing fossil fuels, shoring up their own market and business model at the same time. This type of arrangement ensures there can’t be too many arguments against widespread take-up of EVs.

  3. Mart 8 years ago

    “Origin to help turn around dropping electricity consumption” would probably have been a more apt headline.

    After all, which gentailer wouldn’t want to encourage customers to charge 85kWh battery packs on a regular basis? That could easily take these customers into the energy use territory of more than 100kWh/day of the Perth grandmother that Tony Abbott took pity on.

    Gentailers encouraging electric cars is smart.

    Households charging their electic cars from their own PV systems is even smarter.

    Which energy model will win? The centralised, fossil-driven model with some grudging addition of renewables? Or the 100% clean and renewable, distributed model at the household and energy cooperative level?

    Interesting times!

  4. Howard Patrick 8 years ago

    The most likely reason for this move by Origin is that Grant King want one added to his obscene salary package; not that it would make a dent on $8 million.

    Guess it would help cloud issues around Origin’s opaque renewable energy policies.

    • Beat Odermatt 8 years ago

      I agree that NOBODY deserves mire than $ 500 000.00 a year!

  5. colin 8 years ago

    88kw of brown coal produced energy is about 100kg of CO2 for 400km range which is 250gm/ km which is not good. Even gas produced electricity gets the emissions down to that produced by the equivalent diesel. Since Origin is not into petrol/diesel sales, then why shouldn’t they promote electrics, but don’t think it is through wanting to limit emissions. It is quite the opposite

    • Beat Odermatt 8 years ago

      Whatever the motivation may be, it is still far better for the environment if we have electrical vehicles instead of petrol or diesel burners. You can “fill up” your electrical car with solar power for free, but you will never be able to do this if the vehicle needs petrol or diesel. If you live near a road or in a City, you may be grateful if the stench of petrol and diesel vehicles is reduced.
      After all, clean air is god for all of us.

    • Mark 8 years ago

      Colin, the article says that the deal is for “access to Origin’s accredited GreenPower” so the comparison to brown coal emissions is irrelevant. I agree that Origin has a vested interest in increasing electricity consumption, but suggesting they are wanting to increase emissions is ridiculous.

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