My Outlander PHEV was written off in a bush fire. Where to now? | RenewEconomy

My Outlander PHEV was written off in a bush fire. Where to now?

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My Outlander PHEV taught me fuel economy and slashed our emissions. Now, it’s gone up in smoke and our off-grid family is wondering what to choose next.

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Without wanting to mimic a particular marketing tagline, I loved that car.

As an off-gridding family of six years, it had always been our intention to add a hybrid electric vehicle to the mix and start gradually replacing the internal combustion engine (ICE) cars we’d relied on to do all the ‘parent taxi’ stuff each week.

Hubby and I settled on the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and, finding a good deal through a dealership in Adelaide ($48k for the 2018 model with a low 3000kms on the clock) treated ourselves to a little road trip to bring it home.

Thus commenced my love affair with EVs. I ogled Teslas in the traffic. Gazed at Prii* in parking spaces. Looked at LEAFs sucking juice at shopping centre charge points.

But most of all I drove my beautiful new PHEV in the slightly smug knowledge that my transport emissions were greatly reduced.

Wanting to take full advantage of the battery engine, I calculated my average weekly commute at around 500kms – a figure that surprised me – and set about reducing my petrol consumption to a bare minimum.

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