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Hyundai lets slip pricing for new Ioniq electric vehicle models

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Expectations that Hyundai Ioniq could be a watershed moment for electric vehicles in Australia confirmed when pricing details accidentally released.

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The Hyundai Ioniq hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicle range has been expected to be one of the watershed moments for the Australian EV market, mostly because of the expectations that the pure electric version would break the $50,000 barrier and still provide an acceptable driving range.

It turns out that is exactly the case. The full battery electric vehicle (BEV) version will come in at $45,000, with a range of 280km.

Hyundai have even recently been showing the vehicle at various electric vehicle events – but have been rather coy as to its pricing or specifications. (Or, for that matter: an exact launch date in Australia. The promised ‘imminent release date’ has been delayed several times over the last 18 months).

However, a couple of days ago an excited Hyundai dealer shared the indicative Ioniq range pricing with his equally fanatic electric vehicle friend … who then “over-shared” the details by putting them up on the Australian Electric Vehicle Association’s social media page!

Whilst Hyundai are unlikely to confirm the leaked pricing ahead of the launch in a few weeks – it has done them a favour by creating a social media buzz worth of Tesla itself.

So what are the pricing points for the range? Well here they are below, straight from the AEVA social media page (with some commentary):

The Ioniq electric Elite – the full battery versions – comes in at a targeted price of $44,000-$45,000, with the Plug In hybrid version at $40,000-$41,000 and the hybrid (with a much smaller battery) at $32,000-$33,000.

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