Graph of the Day: Top 20 countries for Big Solar

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China, US and Germany lead global rankings for Big Solar installations. Australia still does not feature on the global top 20.

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The latest update of utility scale solar developments round the world shows that the US has just joined China as the second country to have installed more than 3GW of “big solar”, and will soon be joined by Germany.

But Australia still does not make the big solar top 20 list compiled by Wiki-Solar – although countries such as Ukraine, Portugal, Thailand, the Czech Republic, Peru, Romania and Bulgaria do.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 8.09.45 AM

Australia has only installation – the Greenough River solar farm in WA – that meets the 10MW qualification for inclusion in the table, although four other projects are due to be built over the next two years. One, the 20MW Royalla project, reached financial close last week and will be the first to obtain bank finance in the country.

Two others are to be built in the ACT under that government’s solar auction program and the other, the 155MW AGL Energy project at Broken Hill and Nyngan, will begin construction next year.

Wiki-Solar says it is thinking of redefining the cut-off for “big solar” to 5MW, given that many projects in Germany and other countries are being built in that range.

If that were to happen,  China, Germany and the USA would still be the only three countries in the 3-4GW range, and India and Spain would rank next with between 1 and 2GW. It would double the number of projects world wide to be included in the table, but would not change Australia’s ranking. It doesn’t have any projects between 1.5MW and 1oMW either.

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  1. wideEyedPupil 6 years ago

    Oh my country. To think we are about to elect a climate change ignoramus captured by Fossil Fuels and big business.

    Why else wouldn’t top 200 companies be screaming about Abbott’s PPL scheme, the fix is in. If ALP announced a billion dollar annual tax on the top 200 public companies they would all be screaming blue murder — but they’ll take a hit for the team if they can have Abbott as PM.

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