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Death spiral for cars. By 2030, you probably won’t own one

By 2030, you probably won’t own a car, but you may get a free trip with your morning coffee. Transport-As-A-Service will use electric vehicles and will upend two trillion-dollar industries. It’s the death spiral for cars.

An employee checks newly-assembled electric cars at an electric vehicle factory in Zouping county, Shandong province, in this September 24, 2013 file photo. China's auto sales could be heading for a rare fall this year, but one bright spot is in so-called green cars, where sales have almost quadrupled so far in 2015. REUTERS/China Daily/Files CHINA OUT. NO COMMERCIAL OR EDITORIAL SALES IN CHINA

By 2030, you probably won’t own a car, but you may get a free trip with your morning coffee. Transport-As-A-Service will use only electric vehicles and will upend two trillion-dollar industries. It’s the death spiral for cars.

A major new report predicts that by 2030, the overwhelming majority of consumers will no longer own a car – instead they will use on-demand electric autonomous vehicles.

By 2030, within 10 years of regulatory approval of autonomous electric vehicles (A-EVs), the report says, 95 per cent of all US passenger miles traveled will be served by on-demand, autonomous, electric vehicles that will be owned by fleets rather than individuals.

The provision of this service may come virtually free as part of another offering, or a corporate sponsorship. Imagine, for instance, paying a token sum for a ride into town after buying a latte for $4.50. Or getting a free ride because the local government has decided to make transport easier.

The report, by RethinkX, an independent think tank that focuses on technology-driven disruption and its implications across society, says this stunning and radical will be driven entirely by economics, and will overcome the current desire for individual car ownership, starting first in the big cities and then spreading to the suburbs and regional areas.

This disruption will have enormous implications across the transportation and oil industries, decimating entire portions of their value chains, causing oil demand and prices to plummet, and destroying trillions of dollars in investor value, not to mention the value of used cars.

At the same time it will create trillions of dollars in new business opportunities, consumer surplus and GDP growth.

Lead consultant and co-author Tony Seba, who specialises in disruptive technologies. His early forecasts for the enormous uptake of solar where considered crazy, but were proved right, and he has since said that new technologies will make coal, oil and gas all but redundant by 2030).

He says while the report focuses on the US, the forecasts are valid for Australia too, because the transportation industry is global. And he warns that the car you buy now may well be your last.

“This is a global technology disruption. So yes, this applies to Australia,” Seba tells RenewEconomy. “And this is going to happen despite governments, not because of governments.

“Furthermore, the disruption will start in cities with high population density and high real estate prices – think Sydney and Melbourne then Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide – and quickly radiate out to the suburbs, the smaller cities, and then rural areas.”

Indeed, there are some people who are starting to anticipate this change, considering Australian-based business models and even local manufacturing, such as those revealed on Monday by Michael Molitor, the head of a new company called A2EmCo.

Seba does not say that individual car ownership will completely disappear. By 2030, 40 per cent of cars will still be privately owned, but they will only account for 5 per cent of kilometres traveled.

Autonomous cars will be used 10 times more than internal combustion vehicles were, they will last longer – maybe one million miles (1.6 million km) – and the savings will inject an additional $1US trillion into the pockets of Americans by 2030.

Seba admits that his forecasts are hard to digest. But what he sees in the transition to autonomous EVs from privately owned petrol cars is the same he has seen for all other major transitions: what he calls the 10x opportunity cost.

It happened with the printing press, it happened with the first Model T – it cost the same as a carriage and two horses, but offered 10x the horsepower.

“Every time we have had a ten x change in technology, we had a disruption. This is going to be no different.”

And that change, he says, will happen on day one of level 5 autonomous EVs obtaining regulatory approval. “Basically, the day that autonomous vehicles are regulatory accepted, transport-as-a-service will be 10 cheaper than cost of new vehicles,” he says. And four times cheaper than the cost of already owned vehicles.

Why is this? Because everything will be cheaper.

Like his predictions on the rise of solar, and the sudden decline of fossil fuels, Seba’s calculations are driven by simple economics. Within few years, the upfront costs of AEVs will match those of petrol cars. But the depreciation costs will be minimal, because the cars, owned by fleets, will “last a lifetime”.

Maintenance costs will be significantly lower – thanks to 20 moving parts in the powertrain compared to 2,000 for petrol cars – and the miles travelled significantly higher; they will be doing 1.6 million km by 2030, more than five times more than petrol cars.

Moreover, battery technology will improve, needing to be replaced only once, and old batteries will be able to used elsewhere (in the power grid). The cost of maintenance will be one-fifth the cost of current cars, the cost of finance one tenth, and the cost of insurance also one tenth.

“The survival of car manufacturers will depend on building cars with long lifetimes and low operating costs. This means that they will optimise for minimum waste of resources in building and operating vehicles, including designing vehicle platforms with parts that are interchangeable and recyclable.”

The report outlines the huge benefits from this transformation. Unclogging city roads, removing the pollution that is choking major cities, savings millions of lives from accidents and trillions of dollars in health impacts, and freeing up parking space.

We often forget about the health impacts of fuel cars. In 2015 in the OECD alone, outdoor air pollution lead to $US1.7 trillion annual economic cost from premature deaths. According to the World Health Organisation, 1.25 million people died from road traffic accidents around the world in that year, and another 50 million were severely injured.

“Autonomous vehicles will be safer than human drivers, leading to a decrease in road traffic accidents,” the report says. Although, to be sure, any such accidents caused by faulty software rather than humans will create huge controversy

The nature of the vehicles may also change – with a range of two-person, four-person, eight-person and even bigger vehicles in heavy population areas.

It will also have an impact on geopolitics – with the world no longer dependent on oil reserves for the bulk of its transportation needs. This will benefit big transport fuel importers like Australia.

The “politics of lithium,” meanwhile, are completely different to the politics of oil. Lithium is plentiful, although it needs planning to ensure that the mines are in place to extract it, and its demand can be reduced by recycling. Alternatives can be found for cobalt, currently found mostly in countries such as Democratic republic of Congo.

Seba recognises that most people assume that the biggest impediments to this scenario are behavioral issues such as love of driving, fear of new technology, or just habit. The cost savings, the speed, the increased safety and the extra free time will be key factors.

But he says that what he calls “pre-TaaS” companies such as Uber, Lyft and Didi have also invested billions of dollars developing technologies and services to overcome these issues. In 2016, these companies drove 500,000 passengers per day in New York City alone.

“That was triple the number of passengers driven the previous year. The combination of TaaS’s dramatically lower costs compared with car ownership and exposure to successful peer experience will drive more widespread usage of the service.

“Adopting TaaS requires no investment or lock-in. Consumers can try it with ease and increase usage as their comfort level increases. Even in suburban and rural areas, where wait times and cost might be slightly higher, adoption is likely to be more extensive than generally forecast because of the greater impact of cost savings on lower incomes.

“As with any technology disruption, adoption will grow along an exponential S-curve.”

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  1. Chris Drongers 3 years ago

    I am buying shares in electric power companies (initially in power station installers, later in power-sharing-sales)!
    I’ll start believing in this when (robotically connecting) charging points appear outside my 7-11 and in numbers in my shopping centre carparks.

    • Greg Hudson 3 years ago

      Tesla has already created a robo charger. Watch the video. Amazing !

    • Mike Dill 3 years ago

      Power companies are going to be fighting the lower cost of solar and storage. Not a big winning play there.

    • Peter Campbell 3 years ago

      I have been charging one electric car at home for 8 years and two for over 3 years with just an ordinary power point in the carport. It is really no big deal. I rarely find public charging points to be useful or necessary for urban travel. What would be useful is fast chargers along highways and at the urban fringes to extend the range lower range EVs.

  2. Adam Smith 3 years ago

    Totally agree that the combustion engine is almost redundant, but will really look forward to getting my boat towed to the ramp for the cost of a latte! The grey nomads will also no doubt look forward to not owning a car. Some of this must have been thought up whilst sipping a latte and munching on a smashed advocado whatever. Sure it will be cheap, but cars have always been a personal thing and I would suggest the rich will still be buying the latest EV Porsche, Mercedes or BMW and the kids will be hotting up a 10 year old petrol WRX, with aftermarket 4 wheel electric drive and a tesla pack. The socialist utopia ideal never worked anywhere and the auto industry has always been anything but a communal pursuit.

    • MikeH 3 years ago

      Millennials & Gen-Xers are already reducing their car usage in the USA and there is no socialism in sight. Uber & Lyfft are models of aggressive capitalism being developed to provide a more convenient service cheaper than the alternative and they are having a big impact with the transport habits of the young.

      Today’s cities where the bulk of people live are quite different to when the baby boomers established the car culture – cars now just as likely to mean traffic jams. The city centres are starting to ban cars or limit access. Driving holidays are being replaced by cheap air travel.

      Whatever happens, autonomous vehicles are going to be very disruptive.

      • Durham 52 3 years ago

        Baby boomers hardly “established the car culture”, as a baby boomer I was born in 1952 and wasn’t old enough to drive until 1968, the “car culture” was well and truly established by then believe me.

        • MikeH 3 years ago

          I am sure it was since 1952 was not the start of the baby boomer generation.

          “Baby boomers are the demographic group born during the post–World War II baby boom, approximately between the years 1946 and 1964.”

          While the USA had roads and suburbs prior to the war, the US Interstate Highway system which drove the popularity of the driving holiday was built post 1956. The postwar expansion of the city into suburbs beyond the reach of existing public transport networks drove the increased use of cars in the city.

          • Durham 52 3 years ago

            Yes, I’m aware that the baby boomer period started in 1946, even so the first baby boomers to reach legal driving age would have begun driving in the mid 60’s at the earliest. In fact the years designated as the baby boomer years means that boomers began driving between 1967 (assuming a driving age of 17 years) and 1981. My only point was that the culture of the car was firmly established well before the majority of baby boomers were legally behind the wheel.

          • UncleFedele 3 years ago

            The “car culture” stretches back to at least the 1920s and, were I interested in researching a precise date, I could probably make the case that it was pre-1920.

            The other problem with your assertion that boomers established the car culture is that it existed pre-WWII in France, Germany, Italy, and the UK and probably other European countries. Appreciation of the freedom conveyed by individually owned automobiles and motorcycles is appreciated across all cultures advanced and prosperous enough to own them.

            The interstate highway system, which was built to facilitate moving military assets efficiently across country, did make driving holidays to more distant destinations easier, but driving holidays to closer locations were already popular as were day trips for family get aways, picnics, etc.

            The reality of automotive adoption in this and other countries is rather different that you portray.

      • MaxG 3 years ago

        Forget this article: they asked 618 people; really?! Is this considered representative for a country where over 250m cars and light trucks are on the road, with an increase of 5m between 2014 and 2015. Someone must drive these 5m vehicles 🙂

      • Grand2833 3 years ago

        There is no cheap or pleasant air travel. Their is no reduction in car usage. Anyone who can afford a car is driving a car. In our multi-racial society a car provides a physical barrier that offers protection from violent and criminal elements of our society. In an emergency situation such as wildfires, hurricanes, flooding it is gas-powered vehicles that allow the evacuation of cities and threatened areas. It is power lines and cell towers that are the first to fall in a hurricane or a badly flooded area. How do you propose to charge the batteries in thousands of vehicles fleeing a natural catastrophe? I live in New Orleans, Louisiana. The entire city was evacuated before Hurricane Katrina. People left on the trains, the buses, but most left the city in their own vehicles. Tens of thousands of people all trying to get out of the city. It took hours just to reach the city limits. Electric vehicles would have lost half their charge just getting out of the city of New Orleans. No one will risk their lives, certainly not the lives of their children, to have an electric vehicle. It’s not worth it, when it all comes down everybody is responsible for their own safety. You cannot depend on government to take care of you and your family. No one will give up their gas-powered vehicles.

        • brother_eu 3 years ago

          Snowflakes don’t understand that. Like moths flying right into a zapper.

        • Calamity_Jean 3 years ago

          “Electric vehicles would have lost half their charge just getting out of the city of New Orleans.”

          No they wouldn’t. An electric vehicle standing still with its heater or air conditioner off uses a negligible amount of power. It’s not like an oil-burning car that uses fuel while idling in traffic.

          Please remember that in the 2018 model year there will be at least three battery-powered cars that will have ranges on a full charge of about 200 miles. If they left New Orleans fully charged, wouldn’t they be safe when they ran out of charge 200 miles away?

      • Chad Burke 3 years ago

        Ever heard of a taxi? Uber and Lyft aren’t exactly radically new concepts. More of a step sideways.

    • Chris Drongers 3 years ago

      Some petrol cars will remain, like horses. A statement of high income.
      But if autonomous cars become common it won’t be long until manually driven cars are banned from major transport routes, school zones, entertainment areas.

      • Grand2833 3 years ago

        Keep dreaming….

    • Chris Ford 3 years ago

      The article does say that by 2030, “40 per cent of cars will still be privately owned, but they will only account for 5 per cent of kilometres traveled.” So those who want/need their own vehicle for specialised purpose are still catered for in the prediction.

      • Durham 52 3 years ago

        Yes, just living in a rural area means needing a vehicle. I can’t see rural towns and remote properties being serviced by autonomous vehicles, most places beyond the urban fringe can barely get a bus or train! The usual “not enough people to make the service economic” argument will no doubt apply. Still if they reduce congestion in the cities, it will be nice for us country folk when we have to drive our cars to the city.

        Bring on the electric 4×4 with a 500+ klm range.

        • Chris Ford 3 years ago

          … and a solar roof so it’ll charge itself. 🙂

          • Grand2833 3 years ago

            What a ridiculous notion! Do you have solar cells on your roof? No, you do not or you would realize they provide very little electricity. These vehicles would have their down time during the night. No current is generated from solar cells during the night. Windmills? Not if the wind isn’t blowing, no current there. Oh, golly gee, we would have to have coal burninig electrical generation, perhaps natural gas to generate all that electricity needed for millions of electric vehicles. Better start building those power plants because you will need to triple the amount of electricity generated today in order to charge up all those electric cars. Darn, those details are always so pesky and expensive. That reminds me, who gets to pay the bill for this socialist pipe dream? Who’s going to pay the extra taxes for all this nonsense?

          • Calamity_Jean 3 years ago

            Dream on, guy. The wave of the future is renewable and electric.

        • Miles Harding 3 years ago

          Tesla Model X 100D?
          Sorry about the affordability, though.

          • ben 3 years ago

            yes they are and will be expensive, but the thing is we won’t need to buy one, we will pay on a per usage basis. So the actual cost of the vehicle is secondary. How much does a plane cost? No-one owns their own, they buy a ticket

        • BushAxe 3 years ago

          There’s a good argument that autonomous EV’s will be able to provide cheap public transport to alot of people that are unable to drive including rural areas currently deemed unviable.

      • Grand2833 3 years ago

        The “prediction” is nonsense. The left has a tendency to believe if they repeat their nonsense enough times people will begin to believe it and accept it as fact. Fortunately, the majority of the people do not fall for this tactic. Common sense prevails and people simply dismiss stories like this as more of the liberal nonsense put out by the media.

        • Calamity_Jean 3 years ago

          Wait five years, you’ll be surprised. Wait ten years and you’ll hardly find an oil-burning car.

      • Calamity_Jean 3 years ago

        I imagine that families with children small enough to need safety seats will have their own cars, just because installing, removing, and lugging around the seats would be such a hassle. When the youngest child got big enough to use a standard adult seat belt, the parents might give up having their own car with a sigh of relief.

        • Chris Ford 3 years ago

          Yep, agree. Plus, shifting 350kg of baby/kid stuff from autonomous taxi to autonomous taxi would get annoying pretty quickly. 🙂

    • JoeR_AUS 3 years ago

      Agree,I not sure it will be redundant, after towing a boat for 120km and driving 1700km in a week last year!

      I still think hybrid is the way to go as people talk about “30km a day” but there are too many days were the rule is broken. So we will have ICE and BEV together, I know some people say BEV only but they should ride a bicycle ie they are single person back and to work only.

      Also the above report does not cover the social impact on jobs, if all couriers, uber, taxis, hire cars are replaced what will all these people do for a job?

      Eventually, the dialogue of manufacturing in the country vs importation must come up as how much pollution is generated in the Global economy by shipping/ flying all over the world – much more than ICE for personal use!

      • nakedChimp 3 years ago

        Fine, BEVs don’t cover your usage pattern yet.
        Mine isn’t covered yet either.
        But I don’t post that PHEV will be the way to go. It’s too complicated and expensive and will be obvious in 5 years.

        As for the socio-economic impact of people being set free from jobs that will be done by robots/AI while still needing an income for a dignified life – well – UBI comes to mind. Financing it will be the greatest social battle the world has ever seen.

        • JoeR_AUS 3 years ago

          PHEV and BEv will be the only option from EU as 95gm C02 per Km is mandated as fleet average for 2020.

          Yes it will be more expensive.

          Dignified life – sounds like depression to me!

  3. trackdaze 3 years ago

    I’m not sure how this will solve congestion issues given that there will be some inefficiencies with a uberlift having to travel between gigs. Parking may be easier.

    • Rod 3 years ago

      You would hope there would be some sort of car pooling, ride sharing ability.
      Good point re the parking. Should free up some road space.

      • ben 3 years ago

        I believe that some 20% of the area of the Adelaide CBD (where I live) is taken up by car-parks, either flat bed or high rise. If these are no longer required for cars, or have a massive reduction in usage, then they could be repurposed for cycle parks.

        • Rod 3 years ago

          Yay, e-bikes allowed I hope.
          Adelaide City Council would go broke!

          • ben 3 years ago

            Well exactly. So that means there is a vested interest in ensuring there is large scale commuting via owner-vehicles.

          • Rod 3 years ago

            Yes, unfortunately.
            I think the ACC, along with the State Libs, had a hand in squashing the ALP proposal of a dollar a day car parking tax in the CBD

          • ben 3 years ago

            That wouldn’t surprise me. The ACC own “U Park”, and I am sure make a tidy sum from it. At the same time they are the development approval regulatory authority for new car parks. Conflict of interest?

      • trackdaze 3 years ago

        There is the potential it leads to more cars. With one required for your service near your home near your work..etc etc …..

        • Mike Shackleton 3 years ago

          With this statement you are demonstrating a lack of understanding about how the system would work.

          • trackdaze 3 years ago

            To wonder is to begin to understand Mike.

            did say potential afterall. Say for instance people abandon mass public transit in favour of a more personal service in the morning…at peak start times…..

          • Grand2833 3 years ago

            No, actually he is making a good point. The system you envision is simply not feasible without a massive government infrastructure, at enormous costs, in total control of all traffic. Unworkable and unaffordable.

    • Mike Shackleton 3 years ago

      You won’t be the only one using the car yeah? And you’ll book in your trip details – origin, destination, when you want to arrive in advance. With perfect implementation the car that arrives at the kerb to pick you up will have only completed a trip moments before, and will go onto another trip once it drops you off. In order to bring your trip cost down you will also have the option of sharing the car with someone else, which the booking system will manage so as to minimise disruption to your trip.

      Live traffic planning using apps such as Google Maps has already made traffic flow more efficient in cities.

      • JoeR_AUS 3 years ago

        Try this for 100,000 people going to the ANZ stadium during peak hour on a wet night – and then 3 hours later to pick them all up again.

        Sure it can be done but the current generation will google a car 5 mins before they need it on there smart phone. So some central body will need to plan the cars and have them ready for the load, so it sounds like a public system and all the good things that brings!

        • Mike Shackleton 3 years ago

          That’s a stupid example I think you’re being deliberately obtuse – that stadium is well serviced by trains why would you order up a car when you can get reasonably close to your destination using the train and then catch a share car from the station if need be?

          • JoeR_AUS 3 years ago

            I only used a real example:

            As obviously you have never sat in the traffic jam that starts from Homebush and queues past Macquarie Park on Lane Cove RD and also backs up on Blaxland Rd to Eastwood.

    • Miles Harding 3 years ago

      Another way to free up road space is to close up following distances, which could be much shorter for ‘platoons’ of 8 or 10 vehicles. Another advantage is that wind drag (for most) is greatly reduced.

      There is a lot or research being conducted at present to establish the rules and behaviour so platoons interact safely and sensibly with other road users.

      One limitation is that it is a once-off improvement and will not solve congestion if traffic density increases greatly (could double?) becuase of this empty travel between gigs. Multi-passenger travel would help, perhaps Ubers should be mini-buses and not passenger cars.

      An Uber behaving badly could also use the roads as a parking lot by causing a gridlock.

  4. john 3 years ago

    I have a relation who has never owned a vehicle.
    He does own a push bike, if that can be determined as a vehicle.
    I expect if he ever purchases a vehicle it will be an EV.
    However the article does relate to his situation to some extent although his use of public transport is his primary travel choice.
    I would venture to say his savings from never having purchased the worst consumer item ever produced is handsomely reflected in his financial situation.

    • Rod 3 years ago

      For most of my working life I commuted by bike allowing us to have only one car (for the wife to get to work)
      No doubt about it, cars are money pits. People obsess over fuel prices but are oblivious to the standing costs.

    • JoeR_AUS 3 years ago

      Yes transportation cost money but so does living, you do what you can afford

  5. Ian 3 years ago

    Electric Vehicle does not equal autonomous vehicle. Two different concepts, but these technologies will obviously coincide in the same vehicle. I for one would be happy to have an EV without autonomy parked in my suburban drive but would equally be happy ( but scared sh-tless no doubt) to use an autonomous ICE vehicle in the city.

    • trackdaze 3 years ago

      If your like me Ian then you would welcome every other driver on the road have autonomous driving?

      • Ian 3 years ago

        I would much prefer if other road users chose times to travel different to my own!

      • yarpos . 3 years ago

        A friend of mine is eagerly awaiting autonmous vehicles. He wants to brake check them and watch the hipsters spill their turmeric lattes. He is evil though.

        • trackdaze 3 years ago

          I can imagine any artifical intelligence driving assistence may see just how bad driving standards are pull over to side off the road and have a big artificial cry…”its all too hard” will flash up on the screen.

          Ps:Just let him know that emergency braking tech is currently only 70% effective in avoiding a crash.

          So he has about 1 in 3 chance of smelling like tumeric. Not good.

    • Jan Veselý 3 years ago

      It§s the economy. When you an auto drives really a lot of km, the purchase costs are becoming secondary, the operation cost starts to rule. EVs are much cheaper to operate.

      • JoeR_AUS 3 years ago

        Hmm I don’t know anybody (unless retired and cash upped) who buy a vehicle from cash.

        So the lease/loan is the most expensive part not the ruining costs and once they get to a certain age you upgrade as its cheaper to buy new then run a old car (unless low miles). The argument that you will not need to upgrade…. who wants a 10year BEV when you can have a better new one!

        A BEV needs to be cheaper than ICE from the start then it will come down to your personal usage, distance, etc

        • Jan Veselý 3 years ago

          I think you didn’t get it. The trick is in transport-as-a-service model. In that case, car will be owned by some service providing company, customers will pay for the ride. What is certain, that with this business model, cars will be 10-15x more utilized (200k km per year, not per lifetime). So, the cost of purchase will not be so important, service provider will gladly purchase twice as expensive product while it has 4x lower fuel costs and cheap maintanence.
          Why we are so sure? Just look at air traffic, railways, shipping or trucks, service vehicles.

          • JoeR_AUS 3 years ago

            Not true

            If the general public cold afford planes, helicopters, ships, trucks etc we would all have are own as the Wealthy already do!

  6. Steven Zilm 3 years ago

    Someone had better tell the guys that just paid $500k for a 1970 GT Falcon and the $1M for the Channel 7 A9X Torana they made big mistakes! Giles, I don’t think I’ll start selling my classic car collection just yet!…. But the Electric Hatchback Torana project is underway….

    • JoeR_AUS 3 years ago

      post pictures soon!

      Wait till Holden shut down in October this year, then we will see how much more they are worth as Australia will never produce a car again!

  7. Ian 3 years ago

    Time for someone to design in a quick-fit child seat system too. That is the single most inhibiting item for young families using taxis or other TaaS facility other than a bus.

  8. Michael Dufty 3 years ago

    I think if you look at the cars people currently buy, you can see that assuming people will go for something because it is the cheapest option is a long way from actual human behaviour.

    • whatsup 3 years ago

      The article address that point well. It’s not that people will always go for the cheapest option. It’s that there’s a well established tipping point where if the cost drops significantly while offering greater benefits, many or even most people will go for the lower cost option

      • HAGGIS1969 3 years ago


        • whatsup 3 years ago

          lol. Telling it like it is 🙂

          Care to share examples of mass-market products where the majority of people spend more than 10 times as much on products or services that offer less benefits?

      • Mina 3 years ago

        Not if it comes to giving up freedom of movement that is reliable and practical. Not a stupid idiot’s wet dream of a metrosexual’s unicorn.

  9. Douglas Hynd 3 years ago

    Where substantial investment is involved change is more gradual – decisions are not just economic they are driven by social, psychological factors and facilitating governance structures.

  10. ben 3 years ago

    I think cycling and walking will experience massive upside due to this – all of those roads will be able to be repurposed to use them for cycle ways, and they will be safe, because the autonomous cars will be able to detect the cyclists or pedestrians and not collide with them. This will lead to more people cycling and walking (as we know that cycling / walking infrastructure results in increases in both activities) which in turn will lead to health and wellbeing improvements. I wonder if anyone has modelled that?

    • Miles Harding 3 years ago

      Good point.
      A large number of our dopey drivers don’t stay within the carriage way and drive along with half of their car in the cycle lane. Is this just a WA thing?

      • ben 3 years ago

        Nope it’s an SA thing too

        • nakedChimp 3 years ago

          It’s an ‘I have not experienced how it is to be a cyclist’ thing.

          At least we now have the 1.5m distance thing when passing a cyclist in QLD – dunno about you guys.
          Before that became law – cyclists were startled and turned to look back at me what was up, when I slowed down to their speed, if there was not enough space to pass them safely on 2 lane roads.
          Talk about expectations.

          And yeah, if you ever rode a cycle and someone did pass you with more than 80 km/h in a distance of 1 meter you’d do the same.

          • ben 3 years ago

            Yes we have it too. It has made quite an impact although there are many drivers who ignore it.

          • Miles Harding 3 years ago

            So far, WA has failed on the 1.5 metre rule, perhaps because it was the Greens that proposed it and the Libs were in at the time. Compliance is the other issue. It’s been illegal to drive outside the carriageway for a very long time.

            Another aspect pf the EV experience it that it is easy to slow up and pace cyclists at a reasonable following distance as they negotiate traffic circles.

          • ben 3 years ago

            Yes but for autonomous EV they will need to tune the systems first. LIDAR are getting smaller all the time, and the ML systems to recognise bikes will improve greatly. The rise of e-bikes will help too as onboard GPS would help the system recognise their location


          • Miles Harding 3 years ago

            Enter the ‘bicycle algorithm’ …

          • ben 3 years ago

            They’ll work it out I am sure

          • Joe 3 years ago

            In Sydney we’ve got the 1.0 and 1.5 metre rule and as I cyclist on the road everyday I can tell you most drivers haven’t got a clue. Time to banish cars from the roads !

          • James Nilsson 3 years ago

            And that refrigerator you ordered van be delivered by bicycle.

        • Coley 3 years ago

          And a UK thing-:)

          • Joe 3 years ago

            And a Sydney thing

        • Donn N. 3 years ago

          And a PD thing.

    • JoeR_AUS 3 years ago

      haha, I ride a bike to work but I took a 18 year break while I dropped of my daughter/son to the school by car, later on to the buss stop. Everybody there drove as well, the only person who was close enough to walk the two kids lived less than 500m from the School . Most mums often have one in a pram – lots to carry on a bicycle.

      I can see bicycles not being the factor you think it will be, childless Alpha males maybe!

      However, ride on!

      • ben 3 years ago

        Yes I realise there are some impediments but a lot of what you describe can be overcome through protected cycle-paths and improvements to infrastructure.

        • JoeR_AUS 3 years ago

          great idea, but 50% of adults are obese, they are not going to put a leg over a top tube ever.

          Electric bicycle or motor bike has a chance but they got to be much cheaper but they will only raise accidents as once non enthusiast start to drive them, its all over!

          • ben 3 years ago

            Look I realise bikes are not suitable for everybody, but there are large health, economic and environmental benefits.

          • Grand2833 3 years ago

            Rain? Hot weather? Storms? Clothing from the drycleaners, groceries from the Wal-Mart eight miles away, dogs taken to the vet, three kids that need to go everywhere, family vacations, frequent trips to state parks, purchases from the local Home Depot or Lowe’s? Are you beginning to get my point here? It simply will not work. Bicycles and electric vehicles are a ridiculous waste of time. Cars are the cheapest and most reliable form of transportation in our society. That will never change because people will not accept anything that curtails their freedom of movement, that impacts their safety and the safety of their families. Wake up! This is the real world and real people don’t want the bicycles and the electric vehicles. Period.

          • ben 3 years ago

            Cycling is not suitable for every purpose, there are a mix of use-cases for which cycling is good and others where other modes of transport are good. You also have to look at the interplay between suburban living and transport modes. On EVs, they are cars. When autonomous EVs emerge you will be able to have one come and pick you up and take you to Wal-Mart, and the overall ownership cost will be much less.

        • rhcrest 3 years ago

          Yes a mother can carry her children and her groceries on a bike . No problem! You people are nuts

          • ben 3 years ago

            Not for 20 km along a freeway in the suburbs of course, but *in certain areas* it is reasonably common to see the Dutch style cargo bike carrying kids and groceries. A friend of mine has one and uses it every day.

          • rhcrest 3 years ago

            If that’s your choice then fine but most people are not going to do that

          • ben 3 years ago

            That is true. Even if you look at the Netherlands, cycling is about a third of the most frequent mode of transport, cars about 50% and public transport and walking the remainder. Where I live it is about 5%. So even if we double or triple that, we still have a long long way to go. The Netherlands were a predominately car dominated culture until they implemented a very strong policy of moving to cycling over several decades. It can be done.

    • James Nilsson 3 years ago

      Have you ever tried to cycle in snow at 20 below?

      • ben 3 years ago

        Nope, but I’ve cycled at 40 degrees Celsius. As I have said elsewhere, there is a mix of use-cases for differing modes of transport and not all of them are matched with each other. I realise this is a little difficult for people to understand.

  11. Cooma Doug 3 years ago

    The cars will coordinate tasks autonomously.
    We will have a travel plan and it will be accessable by all cars. We will also have an energy profile and cars will be the poles and wires to the high density and normal housing. They will park at residences and share energy for all purposes.
    There will be no need to pay or notify. It will be auto. The need to request a vehicle outside the plan will be a quick word into the phone.

    • ben 3 years ago

      Exactly. EVs are batteries on wheels. They will have multiple functions, transport as well as mobile energy.

      I’d also like to see the impact of EVs on public transport and commuting. A fleet of EVs could go and collect people from an area / suburb and take them into their workplaces – if the passengers put in their destination to the smart phone app and the system would optimise the route for pickup and delivery, plus collecting any other passengers along the way.

      The really important thing here is the interplay between smart houses, micro grids, energy trading, domestic solar / batteries and EVs.

      As you say, you can imagine a scenario whereby a facility or house will require additional power. A fully charged EV could automatically drive to the location and provide power to that facility, or conversely if a household had excess power from its solar array, the EV could charge itself from that solar array over the grid. A little like what Reposit Power are doing now.

      • Cooma Doug 3 years ago

        The residential high density blocks will have ample energy 24/7. Each resident on average will have 1 car.
        Each car will have details and energy sharing arrangements with all units.
        The possibilities are endless.

        When out the cars will frequently be connected to the grid via the charging stations. This will enable functions of energy management kn the main grid. There will always be many times more battery storage connected to the grid in this way than is tequired.

        I believe the contribution of the cars in this way would greatly reduce the cost of the energy use at home.

        • Mina 3 years ago

          Oh, GOD!

    • Grand2833 3 years ago

      Idiot. What nonsense, do you really think all the people of any large city will cooperate in this ? If you think this is possible I suggest you visit a city with it’s many different minority populations. The level of violence and the amount of property crime is overwhelming. No way these people are sharing anything, they are takers, consumers. Who is to pay for all these “shared” services? The vehicles, the maintenance and upkeep, the insurance, the energy costs? No, this is a ridiculous socialist dream of some fictional nirvana. It’s not happening in the real world with real people.

    • KevTuck 3 years ago

      There will still be phones?

    • Mina 3 years ago

      Your are sh-_’n us, aren’t you?

  12. Radbug 3 years ago

    Don’t forget EV Vespas. Unlike the ICE Vespas (etc), they have a huge advantage, they won’t damage your hearing.

    • Vox Veritas 3 years ago

      Huh? Speak up, please.

  13. Miles Harding 3 years ago

    I recall that the original nuclear power argument that it would be “too cheap to meter” didn’t work out exactly as predicted.

    I feel the same will be the case here. Anybody who drives an EV on a daily basis will be familiar with how much energy it actually uses. While it is true that maintenence will be reduced, it won’t be zero and there is still cost of finance and depreciation in additon to licensing and corporate profts for the ubers that will be presumably running the fleet.

    Most state and city administrations seem to be suffering financial stress, and are having diffculty collecting rubbish** these days, so offering a free car transport service in the near future seems unlikely.

    It would probably be reasonable to predict that taxis will be displaced and public transport augmented as passengers conclude that it is still quicker to take a short ride to the station and blast down the rails instead of sit in in a traffic jam with 50,000 other ubers.

    **Packaging laws with teeth could reduce this cost dramatically, except that the dopes in local government have all signed off-take agreements with garbage-to-power operators and are now trapped in cycles of excess waste to feed boilers.

  14. newnodm 3 years ago

    maybe by 2050.

  15. David K Clarke 3 years ago

    I’m dubious about the prediction that the EVs will do 1.6m km. We finally gave away our 330,000km, 20 year old Toyota Corona because of worn-out upholstery, door-seals, failed heater, drafts, rattles; the power system was still in good working condition.

    • Mike Shackleton 3 years ago

      You design these pooled EV cars with easily replaceable components – seats that are easy to reupholster or replace – door seals are not hard to replace and a heater box that is modular in nature. They might not be stylish but they will be incredibly utilitarian. Much like the London Taxi design I would expect.

      • JoeR_AUS 3 years ago

        sounds like a Trabant

        • nakedChimp 3 years ago

          Na, the Trabants frame was rusted through after 10 years in certain places.
          Not even Unterbodenschutz helped.
          Have been driven around in them for my first 18 years 😉
          Though I think the first we had I was already 2 or so.
          And had to be replaced when I turned 7 or thereabouts.

          You should imagine an enthusiast computer case which costs around $200 or more and will last you a lot of boards/cpus/graphic cards and hdd’s/ssd’s for a more fitting comparison.

  16. JoeR_AUS 3 years ago

    2030 this must mean that BEV cars are cheaper than ICE cars, to purchase otherwise n/a.

    Autonomous vehicles will have there place:

    My Parents are both to old, poor eye sight etc to drive they could benefit from it. Uber and Taxis too.

    The biggest hurdle for ownership is we predominately all access our vehicles at the same time, peak hour, school holidays, events. So this implies we have a fleet large enough to cover these periods but the vehicles will sit idle while we are at work, school, uni etc – bit like solar farms at night, wind farms on windless days….

    Furthermore, when we go on holidays we want a vehicles large enough to tow and carry the luggage, equipment and toys to the destination, so the BEV we need then are not the same BEV we need when you are single coming home from a party.

    Furthermore, whats the business plan for government to abandon fuel excise? They allowed 43% foreign investment into the VIC real estate market last year and the solution is a $5k fee on purchase – they really have no idea….

  17. REPENTorBURN 3 years ago

    The real danger to America was not just a filthy muslim sodomite by the name of Obama alone, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a filthy sodomite like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a gay Obama presidency than to restore the necessary,commonsense ,Godliness and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a creature for their president or any democrat…

    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than muslim Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the gay fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. “The Republic can survive a gay Obama, who is, after all, merely a gay fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made this gay muslim creature their President.

  18. TroyGale 3 years ago

    Just another shallow thinking author who apparently doesn’t understand that America, and may other places in the world are never to be serviced by subways, planes, etc. Hey knock yourselves out with this story because it is a bunch of hooey! Just more closed minded reasoning from people who lack worldly experience and knowledge.

  19. MidAmerica2 3 years ago

    When it’s 20 below zero and snowing hard but I need to get to work or the doctor I don’t want to wait for some electric toy to show up….. if it even can.

    • Bobbie Irish 3 years ago

      Yeah! How about -40 below? Do they even work in those temperatures? Think not. Sure as heck don’t want to be stranded in some blizzard!

      • nickoury 3 years ago

        Is that F, C or both?

        • Dave 3 years ago

          Both, of course

          • nickoury 3 years ago

            Aw, you gave it away!

      • scott young 3 years ago

        But, with global warming there will be no more blizzards o -40 days…

    • Jimbeau 3 years ago

      Electric-only vehicles CANNOT put out heat with any efficiency… the batteries die quickly. How many stories about Musk’s toys successfully being used in cold climes have you read?… It’s bull.

      • jtom 3 years ago

        Oh, but they’ll have solar panels on the roof of the vehicle! Just gotta keep brushing the snow off of them…and wait until dawn…and pray for sun.

        • Duocore2 3 years ago

          Hook up a pin wheel and blow real hard.

        • squirefld 3 years ago

          Solar panels can’t have any dust, dirt or bird poop on them either. You have to clean them off or lose power production.

        • Calamity_Jean 3 years ago

          Put wipers, like windshield wipers, on the roof. Clean the roof once and use the wipers to stay clean.

      • Willis Gray 3 years ago

        You can have my Tundra when you pry it from my cold dead fingers

    • fcabanski 3 years ago

      Yes, but you could get an electric toy in which some moron took a poop.

  20. Chance Boudreaux 3 years ago

    Horse crap. Individualists will still own cars. Especially if the “Elite” continue to flood America with foreigners that reduce social trust for mass transit. Catch a bus in Detroit and get back to me.

    • Grand2833 3 years ago

      Thank you, excellent point.

    • TAG 3 years ago

      Or dare to ride MARTA in the ATL

      • happy1ga 3 years ago

        I’d rather have bareback copulation with Lena Dunham.

      • Mina 3 years ago

        I had two old vehicles up until I had to sell the sedan. It was untrustworthy to start. Now the truck is regularly stalling. I cannot even drive it on back streets for that reason. Must sell and save for a newer one that is reliable. Meanwhile I have become well familiar with MARTA, train and busses. I’m down to walking and sometimes pulling a 4 wheel wagon with the cooler and bungee cords. (Name isn’t Mina, btw.) Taking public transportation sucks. Hardly a restroom in sight. Long waits at street stops without seating. And I’m getting well up there in age. Feel like a regular bum wearing my sneakers down to where the soles are going to be flapping soon. Autos are expensive! I have not had to make a car payment in 33 years.

    • NorwayviaOkinawa 3 years ago

      Solar has proven to be a total failure. Hello solyndra. This is all Democrat Commie bull being fed so you all will permit their continued theft and corruption. Where the eff is my jet pack!?!

      • Dazeez5555 3 years ago

        Agree. Electric cars subsidized by sales to government agencies, Tesla subsidized by US tax payers. These companies cannot survive on their own.

        • Garys_opinion 3 years ago

          As long as gasoline prices are low, and you don’t need them for anything but local driving.
          Hydrogen cars are the way to go, the exhaust is water. Hydrogen can be difficult to store because the molecule is so small that it’s hard to contain, there is also a big danger of explosion when mixed with oxygen.

          • Pumpkin King XXIII 3 years ago

            If electric become more and more popular than the demand for oil would decrease, that would drive the cost of gas down more causing a larger shift back to gas.
            Simple economics

          • bstoff 3 years ago

            Yes, but there will be a large cost for infrastructure change. It will be gradual as the market allows, just like oil-based fuels did.

          • Pat Patterson 3 years ago

            Hydrogen technology is a farce, maybe a hundred years.

        • terry rense 3 years ago

          Tesla received loans which they payed back in full with interest.

          • JerryP 3 years ago

            Tesla is indirectly subsidized by tax credits for buyers of electric vehicles. See IRS form 8936.

          • terry rense 3 years ago

            That credit has been around before Tesla was even formed. And if you get a Tesla 3 you most likely won’t get that tax credit.

          • Duocore2 3 years ago

            Ahhh….ya like the average working American can afford a Tesla.

          • terry rense 3 years ago

            The Model 3 is 35k. That’s about what the average Chevy sells for these days. All cars have gotten insanely expensive.

          • squirefld 3 years ago

            Did they pay back all of the subsidized tax money they got? That’s what they used to pay back their loans. Sounds like a ponzi scheme.

          • terry rense 3 years ago

            Did Exxon? Our AT&T? The tax money Tesla has received is pennies on the dollar compared to many household company names.

          • squirefld 3 years ago

            If your talking about Generally Accepted Accounting Principals, you are totally ignorant. Every company in the United States including Hershey Chocolate and the entire gun manufacturing industry gets depreciation and all legal write offs. Even people like you can write off mortgage interest. But Tesla has gotten 4.9 billion, in subsidies (real money) and he paid off a 465 million loan. He made a $4,465,000,000.00 profit from taxpayers.

          • Calamity_Jean 3 years ago

            And early!

      • Frank 3 years ago

        This is some red pill blue pill the whole universe is a virtual reality program Matrix nonsense. Public transportation is already a nightmare and ANYTHING the government subsidizes is an effort to oppress the prosperity of taxpayers wheter healthcare, auto and airline and business regulations forcing rates to be jacked up to comply or the gubmint printing press student loan monopoly ponzi scheme diluting the rarity and quality of any degree and making them more useless cause they graduate practically any student they indebt. We have a guvmint transportation subsidized boondoggle that would be bankrupt if not for the printing press just like the post office and already costing taxpayers aho knows how much to prop it up – its called AmTrak!

        • bstoff 3 years ago

          You’re right except the part about the Post Office. It is supported entirely by sales of postage. There is no tax support for Postal services.

      • fcabanski 3 years ago

        Originally, the idea was to have electric cars. Electric and steam powered cars were first. Then the internal combustion engine revolutionized the industry.

        Since combustion engines became popular, Progressives have been looking for ways to taking us back to government controlled transportation in impractical, inefficient vehicles.

      • bstoff 3 years ago

        I hope solar energy can eventually become efficient and affordable, it seems like where our future should be. But the government will make it useless if it controls it. Free energy belongs to individual people, not as a public, government-controlled monopoly.

    • glamdeluxe 3 years ago

      Sowell is great!

    • juanjeremy2012 3 years ago


      • bstoff 3 years ago

        Not really the 1%-ers as much as the .01%-ers. They are the ones to worry about, but you will never see or hear anything about them in the public. They are all above people like Soros, who is really a puppet for them.

        • juanjeremy2012 3 years ago

          yes ur right it ismaybe even .001% ers–the real luciferian pschopaths like bezos, the rockefellars, rothschilds etc…

  21. Joseph Guidry 3 years ago

    If you support this you deserve to be a slave. I am going to make a bumper sticker, you want to take away my Mustang GT? You can pry it from my cold dead hands! There will be blood.

  22. TonyMonterey 3 years ago

    People who live in Cities think they have everything figured out for the rest of us. I foresee these things vandalized and arriving with with “surprises” of all sorts of things people execrate from their body. Utopia meets the Idiocracy.

    • mcc99 3 years ago

      Yeah. Practical solutions from urban settings frequently don’t translate to the needs of suburbanites or country folk. But urbanites often think they should or do for some strange reason.

      • Gilligan Jones 3 years ago

        …you don’t understand. They do not intend for there to be…”country folks”…as robotics will replace much of Big-Ag’s tasks and costs. It is much easier to program a robot to plant, tend and harvest a crop…than it is to employ a person…even if that person is illegally in the country.

    • Gilligan Jones 3 years ago

      ….the elites have developed Agenda 21, Agenda 35 and Agenda 50 with this exact vision in mind. Eliminate huge swaths of the population…(5-6 billion)… and then stack the rest of the economic slaves on top of each other in technologically -controlled cities…where their every move can be traced and tracked.

      • Nick 3 years ago

        You need to see a doctor.

        • PoliSike 3 years ago

          More hate from Nick.

        • Gilligan Jones 3 years ago

          …you need to educate yourself…or continue to cash those checks you get from the NWO for being a treasonous-troll. Oh, and as a 25 year veteran executive with US DoD…and the retired winner of a twenty-year Federal Whistle Blowing Case against DoD…I think I know much more about the corrupt actions of your government. You sound like an uninformed idiot.

    • Nick 3 years ago

      That’s where most people live, dumbass. If this is what city-dwellers do in 2030, then the headline will have been true.

      • PoliSike 3 years ago

        Again, Nick, why is your heart filled with so much hate?

      • bstoff 3 years ago

        That’s where all of your “friends” live. The cities are full of consumers and “useless eaters” like yourself. You belong there. Enjoy your utopian dream. Look up utopia in the dictionary. It might open your eyes.

  23. x32792 3 years ago

    When you factor in all the related expenses of buying and owning a car, they ain’t cheap and have very little residual value.

    • yarpos . 3 years ago

      For the utility and convenience provided they are cheap actually, unless you choose to continually buy new ego stroking models and fund the depreciation for everyone else.

  24. John B. French 3 years ago

    LOL yeah right…Anyone who thinks this will be the case in 13 years is loony..

    • Grand2833 3 years ago

      Absolutely true, such ridiculous nonsense is more than just unbelievable, it’s loony.

      • Ellis 3 years ago

        “Naaaaaayy” thats what the said about horses and steam shovels.

        • TroyGale 3 years ago

          We still have horses don’t we?

          • KevTuck 3 years ago

            They shoot horses, don’t they?

          • J Michael 3 years ago

            Depends on their age.

          • Dumpster 3 years ago

            Did they shoot all of them? No. We still have horses.

          • TroyGale 3 years ago

            One of the worst movies of all time.
            Shame on you…

          • glamdeluxe 3 years ago

            Only Hanoi Jane.

          • david333 3 years ago

            * What can be more palpably absurd than the prospect held out of locomotives traveling twice as fast as stagecoaches?
            * The Quarterly Review, March, 1825
            * That the automobile has practically reached the limit of its development is suggested by the fact that during the past year no improvements of a radical nature have been introduced.
            * Scientific American, January 2, 1909.

            * With over fifteen types of foreign cars already on sale here, the Japanese auto industry isn’t likely to carve out a big share of the market for itself
            * Businessweek, August 2, 1968.

          • fcabanski 3 years ago

            You’re missing something. Autonomous cars are a step backwards, not a step forward. They’re a step back to group, rather than individual, travel. Cars give people freedom to go when they want. They brought travel to the individuals. Now you want to take travel away from each person, put it in control of central planners.

            Cars became popular because of the individual freedom they afforded.

          • Nick 3 years ago

            They autonomous cars still take you wherever you want to go, you paranoid drudgetard.

          • PA-1 3 years ago

            Not if I have to wait for it.

          • PA-1 3 years ago

            Sometimes I don’t know where I want to go. I just want to..go,

          • phantasm 3 years ago

            At what cost? It will cost a lot more when Travel is a service. My car costs me a total of 150 a month for gas and about 25 a month for maintenance. It’s paid off so I don’t have to make payments anymore. But if you want to throw it in, I’ve owned the car for 10 years and it cost 20K so say about 165 a month. If you can guarantee me that I will pay less than 350 a month to go where I want, when I want for that cost or cheaper, then I’ll buy into it. Otherwise, no way in hell.

          • Burnt Orange 3 years ago

            Maybe families will own ONE auto for personal travel and utilize the new method for errands, travel to work and taking kids to school No need for two or three autos per family. The whole thing might be a compromise with integration of differing methods of travel. It might NOT be an either/or situation.

            That is until the government gets involved then the rules and orders start coming from Washington. Each nation will approach this thing with differing approaches depending on their cultures and economic situation.

          • PoliSike 3 years ago

            So much hatred. Why are you filled with so much hatred?

          • shannon henderson 3 years ago

            Because he’s a lefty. They are all filled with hatred. That is how they live. Drama queens.

          • Robert Bonaiuto 3 years ago

            I can’t wait for your auto car to get hacked and driven off a cliff. While it’s falling you’ll scream, ” I wish I had a chevy……ahhhhhhh”

          • Taluca Lake 3 years ago

            Wow. You’re really a sad person. You fail to consider the role of government in all of this.

          • Casey Kowalchyk 3 years ago

            Except when they drive you straight to the police station for whatever thought crimes are on the menu in 2030. Paranoid? People were called paranoid once for suggesting that intelligence agencies were using your computer and phone to spy on you. Today’s paranoiac is tomorrow’s prophet.

          • fcabanski 3 years ago

            They do? You don’t have to wait for them to arrive at your destination? They don’t refuse to take you to a bar, for example, if you have a warrant for drunken and disorderly conduct? They will never be regulated to restrict destinations for people?

          • shannon henderson 3 years ago

            You are right. You are absolutely right. And I’m SURE that list will go on and on. Hadn’t looked down that hole too much because I don’t have any intention of pursuing this.

          • bstoff 3 years ago

            Nick, your fantasy is just that. BTW, you forgot to type in ALL CAPS to serve as a warning to others.

          • shannon henderson 3 years ago

            You are now officially an idiot. 2 of your comments you are judging and mocking those that read drudge. Do you have anything else in that brain of yours or do you just try to put people down? Well, I guess that makes you a typical Lefty. Nothing to say so you make fun of people. You RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, TRANSPHOBIC, BIGOT, SEXIST pig! Sorry sweet pea but EVERYTHING in life is a slippery slope. If it wasn’t then Newton’s 1st law of motion would be incorrect.

          • Billygoattincan 3 years ago

            The government won’t let you rent or ride in an autonomous until there are 6 of you going to the same destination. From there, you walk.

          • Evil Otto 3 years ago

            Mmm, that’s some good hatred. Delicious.

          • Shep😈✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ 3 years ago


          • Daniel Ramos 3 years ago

            Hey Shep…my Aunt Bernina would like you to check in on her. Be a good chap and say hi will you please?

          • Shep😈✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ 3 years ago

            Yes. Working on a merger. Still at office. We have a conference call and other work to do.

            I noticed her fence had panel blow out. I’ll take care of that as soon as I can.

          • Shep😈✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ 3 years ago

            Links for Antifa + Communists + Nambla


            It is pretty damning.

            The pages from the journal are absolutely disgusting.

          • Shep😈✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ 3 years ago

            Spoke with my son. It was the fence panel. He has already fixed it.

          • MovinToCanada 3 years ago

            * Americans will never be so pathetic as to choose dependency and limitation over freedom of travel

            I see your point

          • joesockit 3 years ago

            Look in the mirror, You are your parents. Self driving cars are the norm in the future. It will start in cities because there it makes sense. Where I see the risk is anything that upsets the grid now takes down even more infrastructure. An emp that takes out some GPS Satellites now wipes out all transportation, not just a few cars in a certain area. Battery range will also be an issue.

          • TAG 3 years ago

            I could get you one…

          • TroyGale 3 years ago

            I have some thanks!

          • Rusty Longwood 3 years ago

            Not many horses. Just a sliver of what we used to have. And most of those are kept for fun and sport. Just like we’ll have with cars.

          • TroyGale 3 years ago

            Don’t bet on it, not all of us live in cities.

          • BigDaddyJim 3 years ago

            Guess you’ll be part of the 40% they say will still own cars.

          • TroyGale 3 years ago

            More than 40%. People are becoming tired of living in the cesspools called major cities. That is being documented each year as those who can flee them.

          • Gilligan Jones 3 years ago

            ..I live in an area with hundreds of horses…a couple across the fence, five or six across the street…and barns or fields filled with them as I drive down the road a couple of miles from my home. And I live in Northern California…I’m sure there are many more in Texas, Oklahoma…etc…..

          • Burnt Orange 3 years ago

            Can you saddle one or put a bridal on a horse? They are NOT a part of everyday life. Autos might wind up the same — a curiosity or a collectors item.

          • Casey Kowalchyk 3 years ago

            I bridled a bit when I read this.

          • R_Swift 3 years ago

            BO is attempting to saddle us with government control, I for one demand he put a halter to this.

          • TroyGale 3 years ago

            Yes, I grew up with horses and mules in rural Pennsylvania. I have room for them on my place today, but don’t need the expense of keeping them. But I do know how to saddle and bridle a horse, and ride one too.
            And the Amish would disagree that the horse isn’t a part of everyday life. I see them every time I take a trip to Springfield, MO. Either with the family wagon, or working their fields.

          • Burnt Orange 3 years ago

            In case you did not GET IT I was referring to the average person. At one time most individuals could deal with taking care of a horse. Now not so much.

            Driving might go the way of the horse and buggy. And yes I know a very small percentage of people still utilize horses and buggies.
            A rhetorical question often does not seek an answer but is used as a way to illustrate a larger truth.
            The Amish are not even one half of one percent of the population of the USA.

          • TroyGale 3 years ago

            It isn’t rocket science, the average person has seen a movie with horses. It doesn’t take a College education to figure it out. Since there are millions of horses still in the U.S., there is enough folks to teach the helpless how to saddle and bridle them. The horse, nor the private vehicle won’t be vanishing anytime soon.

          • Burnt Orange 3 years ago

            Not sure the story said they would be vanishing but miles driven by drivers would be reduced by 90%. Headline overhypes story.
            My guess is individuals will probably own one auto for personal use while utilizing driverless services for some everyday trips around town and kids to school. No need for families with two or three autos. i agree that the private auto will not be going anyplace anytime soon. But changes are coming.

        • Neighbor2u 3 years ago

          Individuals owned horses and now individuals own cars.

          • zoomwhat 3 years ago

            And individuals now own cars, horses, and trucks and trailers to haul them.

          • ohiograndma 3 years ago

            My imagination is running wild. If the government mandated no private cars, I’m certain some other form of independent transportation would develop. Like… horses.

          • Leone 3 years ago

            I foresee us mandating the end of any government that outlaws private ownership of cars and trucks…We’ll restart this Republic from scratch first, my dear.

          • Mina 3 years ago

            got that right

          • soononbluray 3 years ago

            If? How can you even think like that? The government would never mandate no private cars. There would be a violent overthrow.

          • Taluca Lake 3 years ago

            Check out the cities that have “no car” zones. They effectively limit ownership. But fear not. As long as the UAW is contributing to democrats, there will be cars.

          • BigDaddyJim 3 years ago

            Public transportation and even corporate owned transportation services gives the government much more information on peoples movement and the ability to limit it when they choose.

          • Mina 3 years ago

            That is why their prediction won’t come true.

          • fcabanski 3 years ago

            That’s what people are missing. Cars give travel to the individuals. This self driving car concept takes control of travel away from individuals. It puts corporations and ultimately the government in more control of when and where people travel.

          • Nick 3 years ago

            The cars still take you where you want to go, tho. Better wrap another layer of aluminum foil around your head.

          • PoliSike 3 years ago

            Again, you can’t express yourself without the hate. Why all the hatred?

          • Taluca Lake 3 years ago

            He’s posting as part of his junior high civics class

          • bstoff 3 years ago

            “Civics class “. In public schools? No way.

          • Taluca Lake 3 years ago

            How silly of me!

          • Casey Kowalchyk 3 years ago

            The Interurbans took everyone where they wanted to go, were electric, and inexpensive to run and maintain. Where are they all now?

          • bstoff 3 years ago

            They went out of business because they were unpopular, inefficient and communities didn’t want to subsidize them anymore. I like the idea of public transport to avoid congestion and save energy, voluntary use would be nice to have, but this pseudo-mandatory things is not going to work for Americans who value freedom of movement. Reminds me of “Little Red Barchetta” by Rush.

          • Casey Kowalchyk 3 years ago

            Inefficient? Unpopular? Wrong on both counts.


          • fcabanski 3 years ago

            How do you know there will be no regulation on where cars take certain people?

          • bstoff 3 years ago


          • cosmicwxdude 3 years ago


          • GreyGeek77 3 years ago

            And the next thing you know those corporations will be dictating where you can and can’t go, just like some do now with what you want to write in talk back columns. “First do no evil” morphs into “It’s our way or the highway”.

          • bstoff 3 years ago

            Yep. Remember when you became old enough to drive? The sense of freedom was overwhelming. Nick wants to put a stop to that. Down with Nick!

          • Nick 3 years ago

            Your cell phone always tracks everywhere you go, you paranoid dumbass drudgetard.

          • PoliSike 3 years ago

            So full of hate.

          • GreyGeek77 3 years ago

            Not if you take the battery out, or put it in a type of Faraday Cage.

          • bstoff 3 years ago

            You mean YOUR cellphone does. We don’t all imprison ourselves voluntarily the way you do. You should stop the ad-hominem attacks if you want to be allowed to continue posting comments, Nick. An automated system of transport will not only track you, it will also move you wherever it wants you to be, regardless of your wishes. Something to think about, huh? Think about that while you take your Ritalin.

          • Evil Otto 3 years ago

            Your anger is hilarious.

          • cosmicwxdude 3 years ago

            Must be pleasant being around you. But I am glad I am not.

          • Rasheed White 3 years ago

            Uber and left will lobby to have it banned.

          • Burnt Orange 3 years ago

            What about the entire freight industry. Trucks will still do the hauling.

          • Ellis 3 years ago

            I would rather the 300 horsepower i have now.

        • Quick Rick 3 years ago

          Guess what? In 13 years we will still have horses, and we will still have cars.

          • squirefld 3 years ago

            They will still be big gas guzzlers.

        • TL 3 years ago

          I think the intent is to go back using horses. No wait, that would be infringing on their rights….

        • GreyGeek77 3 years ago

          When I was a kid those promoting nuclear energy were claiming that it would be so safe and cheap it would probably end up being given away as a social benefit.

          It seems that snake oil salesmen are still in business.

          • Casey Kowalchyk 3 years ago

            “Nuclear-powered vacuum cleaners will probably be a reality within ten years.”

            – Alex Lewyt, president of Lewyt vacuum company, 1955

          • bstoff 3 years ago

            Communist utopias have been all the rage for more than 100 years. It never stops. Antifa is trying to accelerate the process. Right Nick?

        • dean 3 years ago

          The difference is that the car was a revolutionary step in transportation that the people wanted. I do a good enough job driving myself. I have been driving for 25 years and I have no accidents or tickets. I need a self driving car as much as I need a toilet that wipes my butt for me. I am not lazy. I can do easy tasks myself. Driving is easy for me. I think there are lots of people out there who can handle the task of driving themselves.

      • Buzz Kill 3 years ago

        It’s Un-American, If I feel like taking a cruise at 2:00am I damn sure wil and I don’t need too log in and ask for a ride(permission).

        • rentslave 3 years ago

          I can’t do that.One of Obama’s Dreamers will steal my parking space.

          • Boardman 3 years ago

            There will be no more parking. All the cool kids will just have their cars drive up and down the hills of San Fran 24/7 and jump in when they need to. No need for parking. We are doomed.

          • diggferkel 3 years ago

            I’ll be back to riding horses. Let those city slickers beg for rides.

          • crazydog606 3 years ago

            Unless they make “horsepower” illegal lol sarc

          • SavageGulf 3 years ago

            There will be a high methane tax on horses.

          • obamistake 3 years ago

            Then the liberals will be crying about all the “Equine warming”.

          • disqus_at95K9bcZs 3 years ago

            Liberals are just crybabies. They are essentially negative people.

          • Chuck Roost 3 years ago

            Liberals are losers and academicians who believe they know better than you do how to completely run your life. The losers want what you have and the academicians want to plan your future. Califruita is almost a one-party state right now.

          • John Karpiscak 3 years ago

            I say let the secede. It’ll cut down tremendously on the demoncrat vote. First, we’ll allow the patriots to leave, then build the wall on our side so the loonies can’t get over here without visas.

          • wombat_7777 3 years ago

            Yep…put a big chain meash fence around it and let it consume itself…good riddance….

          • El_Tigre_Loco 3 years ago

            1984 predicted that governments will continually find things to panic their citizens with so they keep control. “We will fix it.”

          • PickyWizard 3 years ago

            They will NEVER be happy and they don’t want you to be either.

          • chris 3 years ago

            Yep, have to put a fart meter on them to regulate methane.

          • Stev 3 years ago

            CA is already attempting this with cows

          • wombat_7777 3 years ago

            when was the last time any liberal actually made any sense?

          • mycrossroads 3 years ago

            Not in my world

          • Monty Simmons 3 years ago

            NO, the government will call that animal abuse and fine you for riding an animal, including horses.

          • Marion Mitchell Morrison 3 years ago

            That is not really a joke. The extreme animal rights groups want to outlaw pets, too.

          • Chuck Roost 3 years ago

            Communist China is giving all of its 1.5 billion citizens a “good citizenship rating” between 1 and 100. The entire world government will soon do this. If you score below let’s say a 10, off to the work camps with you!

          • Loosie Goosie 3 years ago

            Actually, getting rid of cars we control is a commie/globalist/control freak’s wet dream. What better way to strip away our individuality and freedom than to control where we go and how we get there? Why do you think these leftist tech giants are pushing it so hard?

          • La Billyboy 3 years ago

            Amen… it will never happen except in the Democratic run cities.

          • Snowflake Safe Zone 3 years ago

            Can’t happen. They would be getting carjacked all the time.

          • Spoofy McSpoof 3 years ago

            Kind of hard to car jack something without a steering wheel.

          • Scott Allen 3 years ago

            you could make it stop moving by placing 3 boxes around the car, which would fool the sensors into thinking they were solid objects.

          • Spoofy McSpoof 3 years ago

            Yeah but then what are you going to do with it, get a crane and load it on a flatbed?

          • Scott Allen 3 years ago

            you don’t think that kids will catch on, really fast to this “prank”.
            You don’t have to steal the car to disrupt the service.
            or how about spray painting the cameras/sensors.
            Spraying the sensors is already happening now on car with low tech sensors.
            You also have to keep the sensors clean from dirt.

          • wombat_7777 3 years ago

            Bit hard to drive a vehicle if its GPS sensors are covered in alu foil….

          • mrunpc 2 years ago
          • Snowflake Safe Zone 3 years ago

            They gave steering wheels.

          • mrunpc 2 years ago
          • White Privilege 3 years ago


          • Everett Sykes 3 years ago

            It also removes ones means of escape during a disastet or other reasons to evauate an ares.

          • Chris Drongers 3 years ago

            Hmmmm. I drove out of Hilton Head in the evacuation before the cyclone. Thousands of cars going inland at 2miles an hour. Put us on buses and reduce the congestion to 1/40 of what happened there and increase number of persons that could be evacuated by same

          • Loachdriner 3 years ago

            Yep. In 2013 a forest fire swept through Black Forest, Colorado destroying 488 houses, including mine (I’ve since rebuilt w/ a smaller house but w/ a larger garage–after all, I own the land & the water rights to my well).

            As far as I know, not a single church of the 8 or ten here was touched by the fire.

            That was no time to sit awaiting a share ride. Especially for one such as I, since wounded-in-action in Viet-Nam 47 years ago, wounds that left me w/ a paralyzed leg as well as a paralyzed arm

          • wideEyedPupil 3 years ago

            Churches tend to be at the center of towns on the top of extensively cleared hills. They made sure they got there first back in the day. Or perhaps your god loves churches and hates 488 families, who knows that could be it.

          • PickyWizard 3 years ago

            Exactly! Freedom of mobility (for Americans) is a huge obstacle to the globalists’ scheme.

          • mrunpc 3 years ago


          • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson 3 years ago

            We have guns, too

          • mrunpc 2 years ago
          • John 3 years ago

            There actually was a movie about this back in the 80’s called The Last Chase.


          • PinBlog 3 years ago

            Up on Mystery Science Theater on YouTube at:

          • mrunpc 3 years ago

            Correction: “commie/globalist/LIBERAL/DEMOCRAT control freak’s wet dream”.

          • REALIST 3 years ago

            They will know, 24/7 where you have been, where you are, and where you are going….and they can record you on video while IN the State Car…..and see if you have any religious information, banned political literature, a gun GOD FORBID, etc.

          • wombat_7777 3 years ago

            Any software can be hacked….

          • Devine gaurdian of light 3 years ago

            It’s called the social credit system. And when it happens here they’ll be able to limit your caloric intake.

          • wombat_7777 3 years ago

            They can eat my shorts….

          • vilonia 3 years ago

            F*ing vegans.

          • Snowflake Safe Zone 3 years ago

            PETA has actually broken into labs, stolen rabbits and set them free. However, they all died.

          • mrunpc 3 years ago

            I hope the ones that “all died” were the PETA animals.

          • LazarusRose 3 years ago

            Who died? PETA or the rabbits? Don’t leave us hanging man.

          • LazarusRose 3 years ago

            I found one advocating no more meat or killing of any animal. A vegan site. But they still advocate killing babies before they’re born. How did those demons get out of hell?

          • Mr. Creosote 3 years ago

            How did those demons get out of hell?
            They probably stole an electric car.

          • mycrossroads 3 years ago

            They will be going back one of these days forever. When our Lord returns

          • John Karpiscak 3 years ago

            They were given dominion over the Earth for a time when they were cast down out of Heaven when they rebelled against God, lead by Satan/Lucifer.

          • REALIST 3 years ago

            Babies have no rights. Animals have Privilege

          • LazarusRose 3 years ago

            Wow, that puts it in plain words. I was going to object but that sadly, is the truth.

          • Greg Hudson 3 years ago

            I guess it depends if they eat the babies instead of the animals. Fetuses are, after all just another protein source right ?

          • LazarusRose 3 years ago

            AS much as you are, I guess.

          • Loachdriner 3 years ago

            Some of these idiots still don’t realize that there once was a time when there were no grocery stores & that the difference between a hunter eating what he has killed & someone buying lamb chops or hamburger in a grocery is the store customer has someone else kill the animal whose body parts he’s going to eat.

            For the dingbats who are vegetarians, have at it, if you wish.

          • Dan Neuenswander 3 years ago

            I’d like to outlaw free range cats, they $hit all over the neighborhood and pi$$ on cars.

          • mycrossroads 3 years ago

            Sell hunting licenses

          • LazarusRose 3 years ago

            But they’re tasty…but be sure to skin them first. Old Chinese recipe.

          • wombat_7777 3 years ago

            Yeah and they can eat my shorts, if they try that prank….
            Meet my friend…mr smith & mr wess……

          • Patrick Burton 3 years ago

            They will also tax him for the biohazard the horse leaves behind.

          • alex carter 3 years ago

            I’ve lived in a rural area south of “silicon valley” and often there was as much horse traffic as car traffic. If you’re living on maybe $1500 a year, you might have a horse no problem but can’t afford the gas and insurance for a car.

          • Mary Vollmer 3 years ago

            How do you figure? I can afford to buy a horse, but I can’t afford to keep one.

          • FightingEagle 3 years ago

            Kind of like a Ferrari.

          • disqus_at95K9bcZs 3 years ago

            Like there is no cost to owning a horse? City folks!!

          • llewellynh 3 years ago

            There will be a cost to any form of transportation and the driverless cars will come in the form of a head tax and a usage tax as well.

          • La Billyboy 3 years ago

            You are right the Democrat party will find a way to tax anything that moves… or doesn’t…

          • OPDave 3 years ago

            And the allegation that driverless vehicles will have fewer accidents is totally bogus!! Driverless vehicles will hit children running into the road, will line up like lemmings to fall into any open hole in the road, and will ignore utility barriers and police lines. The downfall of driverless vehicles will be their failure to instantly adapt to real-world conditions.

            Envision a Microsoft-guided car waiting for the Patch Tuesday update…or suddenly crashing when hit by a “turn left” virus!!

          • Joe Wilson 3 years ago

            Calm down wild man. Computers scan the road thousands of times a second, they stop much quicker then a human can even start to react. 99.9999 percent of all accidents are HUMAN fault, not mechanical. Stop this silly panic over what is going to happen.

          • INFW 3 years ago

            Joe Wilson you are a racist against HUMANS. Or do you have stock in driverless cars? Obviously you haven’t seen the reports of the driverless cars that have been in accidents and have difficulty with REAL cars? Or how about the reports of the technology in cars that have just TAKEN OVER the steering when a HUMAN was in it and forced a crash. Have you bothered to look?

          • EJ Moosa 3 years ago

            So the larger your family the more it will cost to take them somewhere.

            We will eliminate all economies of scale.

          • johnparker237 3 years ago

            Yeah really… like the Oatmeal said 🙂


          • La Billyboy 3 years ago

            My vet bills and food bills, not to mention the value of my time spent caring for my 2 horses was a lot more than for my 2 cars.

          • Chuck Roost 3 years ago

            Horse fuel costs far more than gasoline.

          • Stephen A. Weiss 3 years ago

            Mr. Roost,

            So? What price is too high for individual freedom to you?

          • John Karpiscak 3 years ago

            And it’s costs are constant, whether you use them or not.

          • Heartland Patriot 3 years ago

            The “cool kids” can pucker up and plant a big kiss right on America’s backside. You really think that Americans out in “the heartland” are going to give up their automobiles, especially pickup trucks and SUVs?

          • La Billyboy 3 years ago

            Oh come on, of course the egg shaped electric capsule will be able to take you out to the back 40 to mend a fence… Up to the ski slopes in the winter… load all your stuff in it and go cross country for 1500 miles for a vacation… yeah right.

          • Mike Betts 3 years ago

            You forgot about using the egg-car to tow your boat to the lake.

          • PickyWizard 3 years ago

            There will be no recreational boating once the lefty globalists get their way, don’t you know this?

          • Joe Wilson 3 years ago

            Well, yes they will. What this generation panics about the next will embrace happily. Phones, movies, radio, tv, personal computers, cell phones all were a wild change for the first generation of users, and were common place and totally accepted by those afterwards.

          • Chuck Roost 3 years ago

            Government will own all electric vehicles. You will be charged per mile and watched.

          • La Billyboy 3 years ago

            Somehow I just don’t see electric cars owned by some big gov’t controlled conglomerate ever working for the vast rural areas of the nation. This is just a big city fantasy for Democrat Socialists to control every facet of your life.

          • INFW 3 years ago

            vast rural areas???? Agenda 21 maps LOOK AT THEM. They are going to use “sustainable development” as NO GO ZONES for HUMANS. Look up the maps NOW! Why do you think they use GMO foods, globalists don’t eat them. Why do you think they put fluoride (neuro toxin) in water, why do you think they give mercury ladden vaccinations? Why do you think they have GEOENGINEERING spraying of our atmosphere going on? Search…What in the world are they spraying. Why do you think they ban comment sections on some articles? I’ll tell you. Because people are learning the TRUTH from comment sections and research for themselves.

          • Everett Sykes 3 years ago

            One is only doomed when they surrender their free will or their means of self defense like say oooh Australia.

          • INFW 3 years ago

            How about Venezuella? They are eating zoo animals. Look it up.

          • Greg Hudson 3 years ago

            Tell me what the the % of deaths by gun per capita in Australia compared to USA? The answer is here:

          • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson 3 years ago

            By 2030 San Fransicko will be on trhe bottom of the bay after the Heaven-sent 10.9 “Big One”:

          • Tim Allgood 3 years ago

            be thankful its the space and not the car.

          • R_Swift 3 years ago

            You have a parking space, luxury……..

          • Abe hakim 3 years ago

            Same here

          • XUSAMABO 3 years ago

            If he hasn’t already stolen your car.

        • bobdog19006 3 years ago

          Oh, my Heavenly Daze. Could this be the end of the world as we know it? Why, oh, why, didn’t we LISTEN!

          it’s all so very confusing. I can’t decide whether we’re all going to be freezing to death in caves by 2030, or whether the sky is going to catch fire in 10…



          Somebody get my smelling salts! I think I’m about to swoon.

          • Thelma Mayflower 3 years ago


          • 9eyedeel 3 years ago

            little ice age in 2029

          • John C 3 years ago

            “That’s great it starts with an Earthquake……”

          • INFW 3 years ago

            Call Al Gore. He has some carbon credits for you to buy to line his big fat globalist pockets. Remember polar bears were going to be extict by 2007. First it was global cooling, then global warming, now its…..CLIMATE CHANGE. So who is predicting the end of the world here? Better get your carbon credits to support the globalist private jets and multiple 15 bedroom mansions in other countries while they want us living in “tiny houses” and living in “smart cities” and govt regulated driving. P.S. Polar bear numbers are increasing more than ever before and they are NOT drowning.

        • Nick 3 years ago

          Buzz kill, you don’t get it. The point of the article and is that the economics of autonomous cars will be such that people will choose not to own one. If you want to pay hundreds of dollars per month in leases, loans, fuel, registration, maintenance, insurance, etc so you can drive around at 2am by yourself, fine. That will just be how you choose to spend your money. Other people will likely prefer to avoid those expenses and buy other things. Christ, everything has to be spelled out for you Drudge drunk morons who only see one paranoid aspect of a situation and issue loud, uncompromising opinions.

          • paganpink 3 years ago

            Ride the Unicorns liberals always believe in, then! After a trillion dollars of tax payers hard earned money spent to pay people to drive them we still don’t even have 1% of sales going to electric vehicles!? Because the market doesn’t want them- regardless of you big government folks spending a Kings ransom to subsidize them with idiotic social experiments that fly in the face of common sense. Like, what fuel is used to generate electricity, and how is that better then the energy dense gasoline and its distribution network. Wake up! Geez. Read a book sometime will ya?!

          • PoliSike 3 years ago

            Nick, why do you express yourself so hatefully? Put aside the hatred.

          • Scott Furley 3 years ago

            nick is a fool. he will not step foot in one of these public bathrooms/drunk tank/automated fleet cars if they were to be available. you would be sitting in needles and fluids of all types and pet hairs of all types. people own their own cars and homes for a reason in capitalistic society.

          • Matterak 3 years ago

            This will only apply to huge cities not the majority of states in fly-over America, you know, where people aren’t sheep and this crap doesn’t work for any of us. Kind of like how Uber, etc operates now.

            As someone who lives in multiple northern states, these stories make me laugh. They never work in Alaska or anywhere else where it very cold and lots of snow. You need a very dependable vehicle with power to get through the snow.

            Also, most people want to be independent in the fly-over states, not dependent on some autonomous ride system. People in the huge cities are fine with being told what they can and can’t do. That much is obvious.

          • INFW 3 years ago

            Have you ever heard of taxes? They will raise them to force people INTO the cities. Its called Agenda 21 and Agenda 30. Uber is the stepping stone to “condition” people into NOT driving. The overton window. They will TAX us out of our cars and ins. companies will raise rates so it is no longer affordable. Wake up wake up!!!!

          • tony tyler 3 years ago

            that is exactly what is going on too. an easier way to control us and kill us off when they so choose..

          • Chris Drongers 3 years ago

            No agenda or world government at all. The cities are where the $$$$ in business and employment are. And the money buys nightlife, varied food and entertainment, and services like old folks homes and supermarkets. That is why peeps are moving to cities. Or u can listen to the crickets.

          • clb45para 3 years ago

            Moving to the cities? Not exactly. Moving out is what they are doing. Look at the Villages in Florida. Wish they would stay in the cities.

          • metusky 3 years ago

            You are quite wrong on your assessment that people are moving to cities. The opposite is the case. Do some research.

          • Bunky 3 years ago

            Hey, welcome to Detroit!
            Ha, ha, ha, ha,

          • Daniel Morgan 3 years ago

            Last i heard “Peeps” are fleeing cities at record rates. Big cities may be great if you are young, single, and a player but they are no place for someone with a real life.

          • Willnot B. Silenced 3 years ago

            For my money, I wish they would fence of the cities and keep the “peeps” in. They bring too many diseases… not to mention fleas, head lice, crabs, and progressivism…. with them.

          • Ergo 3 years ago

            at least there is a cure for fleas.

          • enviroknight 3 years ago

            I rather listen to crickets than horns, gunfire, screams and sirens…you can keep it!!!

          • Guest 3 years ago

            It’s also where fluoridated water is, smog, high EMFs, blaring sirens 24/7, some of the worst K-12 PUBLIC schools are, and most have high gun-control a high percentage of mentally retarded people (per capita of course)

          • PCnoMore 3 years ago

            I will take the chirping of crickets over the sardine can and group think mentality of city living any day.

          • Stev 3 years ago

            I like the sound of crickets at night and love my space. I will be retired by then and do not live in a big city now. I hate hate hate it when I have to drive to LA now

          • INFW 3 years ago

            Have you bothered to research Agenda 21 and Agenda 30? No world gov’t???? Wow go to sleep go to sleep or should I say…..stay asleep little sheep. Take your shots, drink the fluoride, eat GMO foods because the govt will take very good care of you. Just like they do in Venezuela. Look up Georgia Guidestones. Live in your Agenda 21 “tiny house.”

          • Chris Drongers 3 years ago

            Hmmm – I read the science, I use fluoridated water; do your property rights prevent me (deny me my right) to live in a ‘tiny house’ if I don’t like cleaning/heating/cooling/building a big one?; can I not have a garage and use the space for a living room instead?; should I be able to buy a fuel efficient car from Europe if I don’t want to pay for gas or an rooftop solar system from China if I don’t want to pay Duke Energy? There are the benefits of internationalism

          • INFW 3 years ago

            Fluoride is a neurotoxin (brain toxin) Scientist can be bought and paid for to fit their narrative and agenda. No problem if people want to live in “tiny homes” just be aware of the fact that there is social engineering going on.

          • Chris Drongers 3 years ago

            Fluoride is common many water sources – where it is in very low concentration people have bad teeth (also where it is very high concentration) ; in the middle teeth have fewer holes and this concentration is where fluoridation is aimed. Excessive fluoride can come from power station ash dumps (Duke, you cleaned up yet), aluminium smelters (along with oxalate, thorium, radium, ytterium, etc). Cars belch carbon particles, NOx, hydrocarbons, crash into each other and inanimate objects, consume huge chunks of tax money for roads to park on, better to reduce their number, like cats.

          • INFW 3 years ago

            Go ahead give up your car just don’t force your ignorance on others. P.S. Cars give off carbon MONOXIDE not DIOXIDE. Plants need carbon dioxide to survive. We give off dioxide. Are they getting rid of people next. Oh yeah I forgot, they already are with the GMO foods, FLUORIDE in the water and geoengineering chemtrails. P.S. read “The Fluoride Deception” there are good (natural fluorides) and bad TOXIC waste from phosphate companies who once had to PAY to get rid of the TOXIC waste. Read your toothpaste tube. Contact your poison control center immediately if swallowed. Are you awake yet? Or are you a Soros paid troll or a Soros computer robot (bot)?

          • Chris Drongers 3 years ago

            usa is about to find out how much retreating behind national trade and diplomatic barriers is going to cost – fewer cheap goods from Asia (will US drop workers pay to match), but more less influence in trade and security negotiations, less support for military actions abroad, more visa requirements to travel, brain drain to India/Europe/China/Nigeria followed by the companies that grow from the brains, banking limits, carbon tariff penalties. When the frack gas and oil run down usa will have to catch up on rest of world’s renewables quickly and expensively or go back to living under clouds of pollutants from coal. Demanding that a nation make all its own stuff held India back for 50 years, it will do the same in USA

          • Rona ✓ 3 years ago


          • Guest 3 years ago

            When did Agenda 30 come out?!?!?!
            I know about Agenda 21–scary, un-American shit.

          • INFW 3 years ago

            I think last year at Bilderberg meeting. Notice 2030 the year of driverless cars. Agenda 30 and “smart cities” they are already rolling out and brainwashing making it cool “to live in tiny houses.” Uber makes it cool to be ushered around in “driverless cars.” Enslavement pure and simple.

          • paulinpittsburgh 3 years ago

            They’ve been trying this for decades and it’s failed miserably. The vast majority of federally mandated “safety” and “environmental” standards on cars have nothing to do with safety or the environment. They’re hidden taxes in the price of a car the sole purpose of which has been to drive the cost of buying a car high enough to be out of the reach the average consumer.

            But look at the price of a full sized pickup truck or SUV and the position they hold in over all sales and it is clear their strategy isn’t working, just as $6-8 and higher gas taxes didn’t achieve their desired affect.

            People love their cars! American consumers have demonstrated time and time again owning a vehicle is a top priority and they will simply reallocate their money however they need to in order to have the vehicles they want, and it is other parts of the economy that get squeezed as a result of these ill-conceived myopic efforts.

          • John C 3 years ago

            It will lead to a revolt and when it’s over Liberalism/ socialism/ Communism will be banned forever and the left will have few survivors. I pray it never comes to that but history shows what happens when government becomes such a burden on the people.

          • dean 3 years ago

            Many of the younger Millennials are like sheep. They just care about their phones and driving is not important to them. They also tend to gravitate towards cities. So self driving cars will appeal to many of them. Those of us who like to drive and also understand that driving in bad conditions requires a certain skill that can’t be programed into a computer will not buy into this stuff. I trust my skill to drive in snow and on ice better than a programmer in Silicon Valley.

          • TexasMom2012 3 years ago

            Driving yourself means independence.

          • shannon henderson 3 years ago

            YOU GET IT!! I’m right there with you. FREEDOM. Love it.

          • Dragonborn 3 years ago

            It is all about freedom. The idea of sitting in a “used taxi” does not appeal to me at all. Gross. If Big Government decides they “need you” for any reason, they control the car. No thanks. Millennials will hopefully wake up. My friends’ kid & his friends have not driven until they turned 18 & decided they really did not want Mom or Dad driving them to the Senior Prom. I think those taxi services will be mainly city oriented but will not be popular in the suburbs & rural areas.Public transportation is gross. Imagine having to wait for a vehicle to lug your groceries for your family. Or needing a truck or SUV to hit up home depot for gardening supplies. No thanks.

          • Willnot B. Silenced 3 years ago

            Millenial Sheep…

            “If God didn’t want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep.” – Calvaera, as played by Eli Wallach- The Magnificent Seven, 1960

          • paulinpittsburgh 3 years ago

            Actually, surveys the companies pushing this technology have done so that only about 20% of the target demographics has any interest in these cars or services.

          • Not Chicken Little 3 years ago

            Please, sheep are way more independent and many are even more intelligent.

          • HR Puff N Stuff 3 years ago

            Exactly! Going 4×4 in the desert or enjoying the fun and thrill of mountainous drives in your own car may be what a lot of independent-minded drivers like to do in their spare time. The convenience of an autonomous vehicle service comes with a cost… privacy.

          • JesusIsGay 3 years ago

            You prob also go to church

          • aamericanovice 3 years ago

            Not necessarily. After all, Jesus may be Gay. -:)

          • Eurobaby 3 years ago

            I’m going to create s religiin to destroy people like you- oh wait – it’s already been done ( sigh)

          • llewellynh 3 years ago

            Part of the plan though is to have us all living in urban environments. Easier to control.

          • Burnt Orange 3 years ago

            This will not happen over night but over a generation or two. Cars did not replace horses over night. The transition will occur naturally. Like your grandchildren won’t bother to learn to drive.
            Young people will OT buy an auto for personal use.

            What percentage of teens can even change a flat tire? How many can saddle a horse? times change and things that everyone could do at one time are no longer considered important. Driving a personal vehicle might be one.

          • INFW 3 years ago

            Except of course….the global elite NWO controllers.
            We “small people” will have no freedom.

          • Turd Ferguson 3 years ago

            Kinda like they teach small children these days they they can choose their gender? Its sick.

          • Scott Furley 3 years ago

            cars did not replace horses overnight , and filthy little automated public buses covered in the debris of every passenger from earlier in the day will not replace cars overnight. understand?

          • Veritasortruth 3 years ago

            When it comes to public transportation in the SF Bay Area, you nailed it. BART and some of the other public transportation services are a cesspool of filth. The stations are a disgrace and now they are becoming dangerous as evidence by the recent string of attacks on passengers. And to top it off, they aren’t as affordable as people make them out to be. The biggest thing BART has going for it is a shortage of parking in many of the places you might want to go. Absent that, I’d never get on the damn thing.

          • Scott Furley 3 years ago

            Yes good call Veritas. San Francisco is one of the wealthiest, nicest areas of the United States. Yet the BART is very dirty and last week angry young gangland teens stormed on there and took everyones purses. so good luck in Giles Parkinson automatic fleet cars, they will be first dirtied and soiled, then commandeered or ambushed by people wanting to get purses and wallets. i think the future will be self owned cars like volvos and subarus with lots of doorlocks and autotheft devices. also ways to track your kid and track your vehicle.

          • bstoff 3 years ago

            We should all be riding around in flying cars by now, according to the movies, news and articles like this we’ve seen over the years.

          • Billygoattincan 3 years ago

            You’re off your rocker.

          • Burnt Orange 3 years ago

            So what do you think will happen? Maybe a flying car? Or do you believe we have reached the end of automobile development. No very rich people actually drive their own autos. Many dwellers in big cities don’t even learn to drive.
            Hillary has not driven in over 35 years. Not everyone is so enamored of operating an auto as you might think.

          • Rasheed White 3 years ago

            Dude , your an idiot. Stop being trendy. This country was founded on owning property, not renting. Go To a third world country if you want to live like that

          • Taluca Lake 3 years ago

            The left can’t live with the concept of owning anything.

          • R_Swift 3 years ago

            They want to own what you have though.

          • Scott Furley 3 years ago

            true nicks dream will not come true. after one day of homeless people and heroin users using these robot fleet cars, they will have to incinerate them as biohazards. they will become filthy little public buses and pet lavatories. i guarantee it, day one.

          • Snowman 54 3 years ago

            Good point. We have a good way of life in America. The loons from high-density population countries like India, China, Malaysia, have been conditioned to believe it’s OK to eat bugs, live in sweat-soaked discomfort, settle for far less than their potential. They move here, have trouble adjusting, and want the rest of the country to adapt to them, be like them so they can feel good about themselves. I don’t think that’s the way it works.

            Those that don’t have that problem, soon recognize what a good way of life it is.

          • aamericanovice 3 years ago

            Those thoughts hold true ion our major cities don’t they? They eat bugs, live in closets then pack into public transportation like sardines. Shudder.

          • Snowman 54 3 years ago

            They seem to. They at once cry “where can you make money like this!” and then wail and moan about buying parking for $35,000 on the street, paying $800,000 for a 4-500 sq ft studio. For what? No privacy? No space? Claustrophobic living conditions that barely rise to the level of a large dorm room? For being as “smart” and “savvy” as they believe themselves to be, they forget the first rule of economics. Cash is a medium of exchange. It’s the assets you buy with it that have meaning.

          • Veritasortruth 3 years ago

            A good comment and accurate. But the Democrats and other Leftists are intent on bringing in more and more of these folks. These are their future voting constituents. They have been doing this for the past 40 years and have essentially destroyed the republic. I haven’t seen one bit of convincing evidence that we are better off as a nation than what we were 40 years ago. Not one bit. Yes, technology has been great, but that’s about it.

          • GreyGeek77 3 years ago

            @Nick — exaggeration doesn’t help your argument. Not all car owners pay “hundreds of dollars per month” to own and operate their cars. I pay less than $100/mo for the car I own, which I bought new in 2002. It gets 30 mpg in town and 40 mpg on the Interstate.

            Life goes on 24/7/365 and cars should be comparably accessible, even at 2am, for lots of excellent reasons.

            I would love to own an electric car but the currently available models are not affordable for me or most other people. Paying the equivalent of the annual median wage for a car, van or pickup truck is foolish, IMO, but in a free country people have that right and many can justify that expense against alternatives.

            Perhaps in 30-50 years, IF battery technology advances to the point where standard batteries can be recharged or replaced for the same cost, or less, of a tank of gas and give similar carrying capacities and ranges. This will take batteries with 10X the current capacities that are also able to be recharged in under 10 minutes. The Li-Ion battery depends on Lithium. The two major sources of Lithium are China and Bolivia. Even using all the Lithium reserves of those two countries there isn’t enough Lithium to make batteries for 1/3rd of the vehicles in the USA.

            Hydrocarbons have an unbeatable energy density. A better alternative, IMO, is to sequester CO2 from the Atmosphere. Algae farms can capture CO2 and generate fuel oils using solar radiation, even during cloudy days. That way we would be recycling the Carbon in our hydrocarbon fuels.

          • INFW 3 years ago

            Hey moron, what about people who have children and grandchildren out of state? You think everyone flies everywhere? Only the global NWO controllers will have the mobility and freedom we have now. WAKE UP. Its called Agenda 21 “sustainable development.”

          • qb 3 years ago

            Why are the economics going to be that much better for a fleet owner than a private owner? I understand the economy of scale argument. I also understand that when John Q American wants to go somewhere he isn’tgoing to be willing to wait for a car to show up. There are places in rural America that this concept will never work . The miles would effectively double for the autonomous fleet vehicle.

          • Scott Furley 3 years ago

            qb youre correct, the economics lead us in the other direction

          • Steven Foster 3 years ago

            They won’t. Localities would pile taxes on these companies like they do any other business. And insurance on passenger carrying vehicles is extremely high. The only reason uber works is cause 90% of their drivers don’t tell their insurers they work for uber

          • bstoff 3 years ago

            Thanks Turd. I’m going to keep that link handy for all the “Nicks” I run into online.

          • TexasTeaFinder 3 years ago

            Not really, They will end up making it illegal to drive because that’s pretty much the only way the scheme will work.

          • Mike Betts 3 years ago

            One possible way the ‘progressives’ would do that is to build ‘autonomous only’ roads. They will happily steal our tax dollars to do it but will not allow us to drive our old fashioned cars on them. We see glimpses of this already with the ‘bus only’ lanes. These lanes in my area are mainly empty. And the buses that use them are carrying three or four passengers. Yet I cannot drive in that lane. My tax dollars helped to build that friggin road.

          • TexasTeaFinder 3 years ago

            It’s insanity. I can definitely see a good old fashioned tax revolt getting the attention of those in State Houses and DC. Of course, when they force “digital only” currency on us, that is iff the table …. probably why they want to get that pushed through so quickly.

          • Count Chocula 3 years ago

            You are the only person in this thread who gets it. Everyone else is a god damn moron. They have no idea how fast and hard artificial intelligence is going to upend the economy.

          • bstoff 3 years ago

            What use would a car, autonomous or not, be if your dream of an upended economy comes true? I would rather have enough control over my own life to make a life for myself, regardless of what the economy has done for the rest of the sheep.

          • Garrai 3 years ago

            And the AI crowd has been making that same prediction for fifty years. Artificial Intelligence, six decades of parlour tricks and not much to show for the billions spent. Here’s a hint for you Chocula, the human mind is not a machine, and it cannot be simulated using a machine, no matter how complex they make it.

          • Veritasortruth 3 years ago

            Guess you didn’t see the news today. And it’s more than just artificial intelligence. It’s the sensor technology without which artificial intelligence doesn’t mean that much.

          • Daystrom2012 3 years ago

            Stick it up your rear…that’s spelled R E A R. You don’t get it, but have fun following your utopian one world dream, the new Babel.

          • incognito 3 years ago

            Typical liberal elitism. You do admit that the ultimate goal is to take away the freedom of movement by making it so expensive that only the rich elite will be able to take a drive anywhere they want at anytime that they want to.

          • Scott Furley 3 years ago

            Nick, i think you dont get it. nobody will want some filthy automated car that some person just used as homeless shelter, bathroom and needle shoot up area. at least in buses you have a driver who tells homeless people and alcoholics to get out every few hours. i guess you have not ridden public transportation lately.

          • CurlyDave 3 years ago

            Actually I want my own automated car. Not one that has been used for all kinds of disgusting things previously.

            I tell it to come get me at home and it wakes up from wherever it lives and comes to my house. Takes me where I want to go, and then drives itself to the recharge/parking facility. Then I call it up again when I want to go back.

            As I get older, I don’t want someone else telling me when to stop driving — I want a car that can drive itself.

            And, at the end of each day it permanently wipes its memory of where it has been. I don’t need big brother knowing that.

            This is the kind of thing I could learn to love.

          • Dragonborn 3 years ago

            Except that I would still have a garage for it! It would just be automated, but mine. Not some yukky used piece of public transportation. Self-driving cars are one thing, taxi services are another. Self-driving, individually owned vehicles is where the market is especially with us baby boomers beginning to hit retirement. Own your own vehicle as eyesight may become poor. Still retain your ownership and independence. I agree with you!

          • aamericanovice 3 years ago

            Not so strange. I have an attached two car garage. We could keep the autonomous car in there much like I keep our current cars in there.

            That concept might seem strange to a city dweller though. Sorry.

          • Jeff Hamilton 3 years ago

            “At the end of each day it permanently wipes its memory of where it has been” 😂

          • Little Cheese 3 years ago

            No paranoia here, but yes while uber has been a game changer for some, it is folly to think all will abandon cars. I drive 45 miles to work, one way. Lets say i decide to hit home depot, grocery store and restaurant on the way home. Where do in-store my purchased tool while I buy groceries. Where do I store tools and groceries while I eat out? Plus I’ve got my big ass briefcase. Just isn’t practical. And if you have to own a car some ofnthe month for times like this you are going to Get the most out of this car instead of paying some other company to cart you around, at 2-4 times the rates during rush hour. Plus id like to leave the restaurant or store when I’m ready, not when my car shows up. Where I live uber can take 15 minutes or more to arrive. What makes you think someone will invest in thousands of autonomous cars to serve the thousands who live just in my neighnorhood? Not gonna happen

          • bstoff 3 years ago

            Oh my. So much intolerance and hate! You should seek some sort of publicly-available counseling.

          • jn jac 3 years ago

            Fk you Nicky

          • bstoff 3 years ago

            Nick. You forgot to type your screed in ALL CAPS as a warning to everyone.

          • Snowman 54 3 years ago

            Lots of speculation in your justification. We were, by all accounts, supposed to be paying 5 bucks a gallon plus for gas by now (outside of the city-states like Chicago, New York, LA, where you already do). And narrow minded, rather like the article author, who assumes we all live in, and want to live in, cramped, crowded apartment structures where on a good day you can smell your neighbors armpits. Not every one wants to be urbanized. In fact. It isn’t even healthy. Gimmeh my car pleeze.

          • Steve_o 3 years ago

            Why do liberals always have to add an insult to a comment? Perhaps they have a lack of confidence in their ideas.

          • 9eyedeel 3 years ago

            poor martyr Nick, has to spell things out, and yet still is unimpressive, awww

          • Jim Hoffmann 3 years ago

            This lengthy and long-winded answer indicates you have far too much time on your hands. Dem, perhaps? Enjoy a laugh for once:

          • shannon henderson 3 years ago

            That was one person that didn’t read the article. Why don’t you chill out and stop judging all of us into one group.

          • Bill Thrower 3 years ago

            You have those options now you dope. Uber, taxis, mass transit etc… Yet the number of cars keeps increasing.
            And don’t forget things start out voluntary then get mandated later. How many articles have we already seen saying the problem getting driver less cars is other drivers?

            Stage is already being set to use this as an excuse to force this on people.

          • Janet Noll 3 years ago

            it will start in Europe and then come to California and then the rest of the US will give it the middle finger because we are not mindless followers like the liberal elite pigs are.

          • aamericanovice 3 years ago

            Nick. I am guessing you are a city dweller. Tough to find a parking space in front of your little condo or apartment then even worse getting a space at work. That being just down the street.

            There is another world we need you to learn about. A world where there is no bus or train to take you to the nearest store 5 miles from your home. No train line nor bus going toward where you work in any direction 15-20 miles from your home.

            This article is just another example of liberals not being able to conceptualized numbers. Sad shame.

          • ChargerBinks 3 years ago

            Well we were supposed to be saving $2500 a month on our health insurance but that turned out to be a lie

          • The Concerned Conservative 3 years ago
          • Bob 3 years ago

            Nothing like getting a car someone else puked on jerked off in ..

          • Bunky 3 years ago

            You mean like your loud uncompromising opinion?

          • Colleen Egan 3 years ago

            Nick, you forget that there are many people out there older than you that enjoy owning cars, driving cars, restoring cars and using cars/trucks/tractors/semis to make a living hauling things, plowing things, lifting things etc. The “other people” you refer to are CITY people which as we now know, is clearly not the majority of this country. Just the coasts and only big city people think like you do. Please, open your own mind. Look past your millenial block and uber ride. We don’t prefer to avoid those expenses and buy other things now or in the future. We don’t want to ride the bus or Uber with people like you either. I’ll keep my 1970 Corvette and wave as your autonomous robot car goes by.

          • gman2 3 years ago

            Hey idiot are you saying the opinions are not valid?

          • outinoz 3 years ago

            Nick, nice comment… you managed to take the Lord’s name in vain, and resort to name calling in just one post. I recognize a liberal when I see one.

          • CVN65 3 years ago

            Sure. The article makes sense to young singletons living in/near cities that need a ride to work and then again home at night. That’s not most of us. Those of us in rural/far suburbs and with kids need a vehicle multiple times a day and many multiple times over the weekend. Many people need vehicles that carry six or more people. Many people need vehicles with either large interior storage or exterior storage. Lots of people have things to tow- boats, trailers, cars, mowers. This sort of scheme works for one narrow demographic.

          • greggreen29 3 years ago

            This is more wishful thinking than rational thinking. Leftists have been tying to get people out of cars and suburbs for forty years. Leftists just don’t understand human nature. Most of the world is not like NYC. Most of NY is not like NYC.

          • Sane Responder 3 years ago

            Oh, to be liberal and so much smarter than everyone else!

          • Caligula 3 years ago

            Are you in the automotive business? I am, and have been for almost 30 years. Just about every “prediction” has not come to fruition, and almost nobody predicted in 1993 that GM would be bankrupt in 2009 and need a tax payer bail out. I also remember that by now we should have all been driving SMC (plastic) or all aluminum vehicles. While there are plastic body parts (bumpers) and Ford uses an aluminum alloy on their trucks, the overwhelmingly majority of cars are still made out of steel. But, go hang your hat on the assumptions in this article. Put your money where your mouth is since you’re such a know it all.

          • paulinpittsburgh 3 years ago

            If economics were the driving force behind owning a car, it’s not and that’s why it this concept will fail, just as public transportation has and for the very same reasons.

            The only people likely to embrace this concept are those who currently use public transportation and don’t own a car already. Mostly in high density urban areas.

            Ain’t no large number of Suburban families giving up the Navigator or F-150 to be carted around in some electric crap box.

          • johnparker237 3 years ago

            And you appear to have completely missed the point he tried to make, which is 100% valid: the decision about whether to own a car or not is not determined solely by economic criteria. For example, in rural areas not owning a vehicle could cost you your life if you have an injured family member – they could die while you’re waiting for your high tech electronic transportation capsule to appear.

            Not everyone is a supercilious nose-ringed urban hipster and part of the reason the general population dislikes people like that, is because they incorrectly assume that the entire population shares their opinions and priorities. Personally I have used a personal gas-driven vehicle for much of my life but at other times used public transportation for years at a time, so I am not ideological about this, both modes have pluses and minuses. But I am an adult, and just as I prefer to make my own decisions about issues like car ownership, I also grant to other adults the same right. What exactly gives so called progressives the right to lord it over everyone else and make all their decisions for them?

          • Stev 3 years ago

            A lot of people love cars. Personal cars may be a novelty but I will probably have one that I purchase for cash because certain ones are beautiful. That doesn’t mean I won’t use autonomous vehicles 90-95% of the time. People today have cars they seldom or never drive and that won’t change

          • moosemiester 3 years ago

            If it happens as a result of Market Forces it’s a good thing, but if it’s legislated into existence by imposing taxes it won’t fly, elections have consequences.

          • fcabanski 3 years ago

            You’re not paying attention. The Drudge people, BTW, are the adults in the room. People won’t choose this. It will be chosen for them. The purpose of this isn’t better travel. It’s control over travel.

          • El_Tigre_Loco 3 years ago

            FACT: Batteries don’t work well in cold weather.

          • Nick 3 years ago

            Will that still be a fact in 2030? I’m afraid you don’t know. Embrace humility.

          • INFW 3 years ago

            They will FORCE people into them by RAISED ins. rates moron. Just like taxation is used for. To tax is to control. An example is…to get people to quit smoking THEY RAISE THE CIGARETTE TAX. Agenda 21. Also in case you haven’t noticed. Many so called news articles do not allow the comment section anymore. Why???? Because others are LEARNING the truth that is not being told by Main stream telepromting reading media. I dare you…watch any of the 4 or 5 so called news outlets, they all have the same talking points. Limbaugh and Hannity played back to back clips of one news story and the main talking points were verbatim. The problem, most people watch only ONE news outlet and do not switch to see what others are saying. Govt television PROGRAMMING.

          • Nick 3 years ago

            LoL. You won’t be forced into anything, you paranoid retard. Markets and risk control insurance rates.

        • Taluca Lake 3 years ago

          Not if the Democrats get any power. They’re smarter than any of us so they’ll tell us if and when we need a car.

          • cyberdove 3 years ago

            Dems are Left Supremacists. A new “master race”.

          • Taluca Lake 3 years ago

            Ja wol!

          • roner 3 years ago

            THEY, of course, will always “need” a caravan of cars and private jets, because THEIR work is VERY important!!

        • tony tyler 3 years ago

          I agree.. most of us are not sheep. we still have free will and choose where we want to go when we want to go.. we are not property of the united nations..

          • aamericanovice 3 years ago

            Not exactly what the Hague thinks about you friend.

          • llewellynh 3 years ago

            Good example is that both Italy and Germany are taking away empty houses and hotels and rehabbing them and giving them to the new migrants. They don’t even pay the people they are taking homes from.

          • John C 3 years ago

            Yeah, war is coming and it will be ugly. In the end they will lose.

          • Monty Simmons 3 years ago

            Keep saying that – the more such has to be said the less it is true.

          • obamistake 3 years ago

            Despite the utopian dreams of liberals.

          • mary_podlesak 3 years ago

            Not yet.

          • PickyWizard 3 years ago

            ‘We are not the property of the united nations’

            Not yet……….better buy ammo while ya can

          • mycrossroads 3 years ago

            Amen Tony. Free will prevails. Keep the Faith

        • Dan-in-IN 3 years ago

          And then hope the car that shows up isn’t vomit filled or littered with someone’s other various wastes, especially since you mention 2 am. What do you do when the ride shows up with nasty in it because the computer running it can’t smell or see that it needs a cleanup.

        • shannon henderson 3 years ago


        • DF 3 years ago

          The cost of car insurance will sky-rocket for those who want autonomous vehicles, once the insurance companies figure out self-driving cars are safer and cause fewer accidents. Yes, they’d be very, very happy to sell overpriced insurance to the last few holdouts who savor the freedom to drink and drive! 40 years ago, cars rarely had seat belts and never an airbag. The insurance companies wagged the dog on that one and slowly will do the same with autonomous cars.

          • Caligula 3 years ago

            Are you in the automotive business? Federal regulations and consumer requirements have more to do with how passenger vehicles are built today, not automotive insurance. Sure, insurance has some influence, but to a much lesser degree.

          • York 3 years ago

            Autonomous cars are death traps. I have used computers since the 80’s and the one thing I have found to be true with computers is that they will ALL and I mean ALL crash for no apparent reason doing the same task that they had done before hundred if not thousands of times before. Like the random crashing of Windows that most people have experienced at one time or another… Only when a car is traveling 60mph and it the computer that is driving it crashes you don’t just see the blue screen of death you see a car crashing off a cliff, running across the center line head on into a truck or barreling off the road into a ditch.

            Sorry but computers are no where near the place they need to be for them to be in control of a car.

          • Bryan Lynn 3 years ago

            Agreed. I have been testing software for 20 years, and there is always a bug someone did find!!!

          • Kevin Lane 3 years ago

            or 1,000

          • OPDave 3 years ago

            I have been in the computer industry 50+ years, and there is no way I would ever let a computer, especially with a fragile toy operating system like Windows, guide my car. Even the best and most robust industrial operating systems require a human supervisor in order to avoid catastrophies.

            Through experience, I know that whenever you hear someone alleging that “nothing can go wrong,” you should run to the nearest shelter.

          • Dumpster 3 years ago

            Those that want this are either really ignorant or out to make a buck.

          • izzyeddy 3 years ago

            All it takes is one bored hacker, any tech can tell you there’s no such thing as a hack proof computer.

          • John C 3 years ago

            The only computer that is hack proof is one that is not attached to any network, intranet, internet, WiFi or any other way it can be reached. It would have to be completely isolated.

          • PickyWizard 3 years ago

            Still vulnerable to EMP unless u got a faraday cage

          • John C 3 years ago

            Yes but we are discussing hacks here, not EMPs. EMPs will or can take out a lot more than just computers it can take out most modern electrical devices, especially devices which have microchips because they are very susceptible to electrical current surges/ spikes.

          • INFW 3 years ago

            They are run via satelite. Is that hackable?

          • John C 3 years ago

            Of course it is hackable, any computer that is not a closed system, any Computer that exchanges data from outside of itself is hackable. An intranet which no outside source has access to would be a closed system and safe but if anyone can get to a link in the system that too can be hacked. A Satellite is just a wireless connection, so it is hackable.

          • INFW 3 years ago

            They are run via satelite. I don’t know if that is hackable???? Anyone know?

          • El_Tigre_Loco 3 years ago

            I agree. However, they do control aircraft.

          • York 3 years ago

            Yes they control air craft but then aircraft also have double redundancy systems and the fact that a pilot is always sitting behind the controls in case something goes wrong… That’s not the plan for autonomous cars, they are planning on basically taking the pilots out of the equation completely…. that’s the worst idea of all.

          • Georgethehistorywonk 3 years ago

            Let’s also add to the “fun” possibilities computers being hacked and a solar flare hitting the earth and frying everything electrical. The last time we had a big solar flare hitting the earth was prior to the Civil War, when the only thing we had that was electrical was the telegraph. Today that sort of flare would fry computers, bring down the electric grid, and slam us back technology-wise to about 1830 – without whale oil lamps, steam locomotives, and plenty of horses to ease the shock.

          • Veritasortruth 3 years ago

            Most intelligent comment I have read on this site, and perhaps one of the most intelligent I’ve read on the subject of self-driving cars. I’m with you. I’ve also used and worked with computers over the past 30 years (has it been that long?), and have had my computers crash many, many times for no apparent reasons. It just happened to my home computer last night.

          • Abroche Su Cinturon 3 years ago

            Ha – and when it’s time for you to finally exit this planet – at least in the eyes of our all-knowing masters – they can easily hack your morning trip to the grocery into a final and fiery exit or perhaps a locked car ride to your mercy killing site.

          • paulinpittsburgh 3 years ago

            Except they won’t be the last few of anything, they’ll norm just as they are today, just as they will be for the foreseeable future.

            It won’t matter what sort of financial burden anyone tries to implement to force the change, people will adsorb it … just as $6-8 a gallon gasoline didn’t drive more people to rely on public transportation and drive people out of the suburbs back into the cities as these same nit-wits predicted it would.

            Driving and owning a car is not strictly a utilitarian concept as the tech fascists behind these companies seem to believe and cost in only one small component. People like their cars from the status they project to the freedom they offer and very few people will choose to give them up so Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and mark Zuckerberg can tell them where to go, when they can go and keep them under surveillance whole they’re going in the shared filth and grime of untold number of rider before them.

            If anyone who owns a car was interested in traveling this way public transportation would be utilized to a far greater extent and wouldn’t need the heavy subsidies it does.

            These concept have virtually all the problems that public transportation does and the public has rejected it resoundingly as they will this.

          • Michael Woods 3 years ago

            GREAT and well reasoned comment!!

          • Veritasortruth 3 years ago

            If you think that self driving cars will be safer you are sadly mistaken. As soon as people start to get killed by self driving cars, the trial lawyers will shut down the industry. BTW, drinking and driving is WAY down. It’s down so much that many in government, want to lower the blood alcohol content. They want the revenue.

          • El_Tigre_Loco 3 years ago

            “self-driving cars are safer and cause fewer accidents”
            Well, they are not off to a good start.

          • malonetax 3 years ago

            Insurance will likely decrease as the old folks who can’t drive and the few people who are very bad drivers will opt for the autodrivers. So insurance and accidents will decrease dramatically.

        • Joe Lizak 3 years ago


        • TwinCitiesEast 3 years ago

          And have it tracked. The thing will probably monitor your blood level and refuse to stop at the store so you can get a candy bar LOL.

        • David Michael 3 years ago

          Right, at 2 am I might need more cigarettes and beer and no way to get to the convenience store

        • LouAnnWatson 3 years ago

          freakin socialist propellerheads…first, rich people aren’t going to dial up a car that’s like a taxi cab. autonomous cars won’t work in rural areas because they’d be too far away from most customers to be effective. it’s just more pipe dreams. fyi…windmills only make up ,46% percent of global power needs. there’s a wonderful prediction already gone to hell

        • Chuck Roost 3 years ago

          Ob*ma was un-American, but he did a tremendous amount of damage to the American Way of Life during his reign.

      • wikileafs 3 years ago

        The Government is now a major propaganda machine. They use the media to test and try to convince us of their social control plans.

      • obamistake 3 years ago

        Well, consider the source: Giles Parkinson? Definitely a liberal name if ever there was.

      • David_in_NW_La 3 years ago

        Ha ha! Remember a few years back when the Segway was going to revolutionize urban transportation? Yeah, right.

    • CRAPPY CHANGE 3 years ago

      Won’t be the case in 13 years much less a 100 years. If it ever became cost prohibitive to own a car, the public would start buying fuel efficient motorcycles in mass like they do in China. This is looney liberalism on display with their ecofanatism. I like how they acknowledge their bias by making sure they point out that it is all “economics” at play in their projections. So in as little as 13 years, Americans will lose all interest mobile independence as adults and will demand to be driven around like small dependent children. These pencil pushing theorists tend to be adult-aged children themselves and seem to be projecting their own infantile delusions than sound theory.

      • City_Of_Champyinz 3 years ago

        Agreed, this is horse excrement. I love my Jeep, love to go off roading, and will own her for as long as I live.

      • 1sttexan49 3 years ago

        One thing. ALL the car companies are gearing up for this very scenario. They are putting billions into it.The subject consumes every issue of my car magazines.Like it or not? It’s coming.

        • DooDooMcGhee 3 years ago

          What magazines are you reading? Green Cars?

        • DStuff 3 years ago

          It’s only coming if the cars sell. How did that whole Government mandated “all cars will be electric” work for the Volt?

          • Taluca Lake 3 years ago

            No problem – if your destination is <50 miles round trip.

          • cosmicwxdude 3 years ago

            And it’s not snowing or icing.

        • bstoff 3 years ago

          Nope. You need to broaden your horizons. Don’t speak in absolutes, you will end up absolutely wrong.

      • Gilligan Jones 3 years ago

        …not to mention the push back from other industries that will stretch their vision well into 2075 or later. And…ironically…I would love this technology. I am genetically epileptic, was not diagnosed till I was 49 years old… (when I was told that I had been enduring “unobserved seizures” my entire life)…and drove off a 200 foot cliff at 70 mph….(of which, I recall nothing). So I no longer drive..and even tried asking Medicare if they would cover the cost of a self-driving car…as a “medical device”. I thought they would laugh at me…but the Medicare Representative…took me seriously and tried to look up an appropriate code! So I think a portion of their vision will slowly develop…but not in the way they think it will. Their theory leaves out human motivation, which is the chink in their control-based-armor….

        • bstoff 3 years ago

          human motivation, in their eyes, could easily be at the end of a gun barrel.

        • Evil Otto 3 years ago

          Exactly. There’s a place for this, but not as the overwhelming thing that the author paints it as. I work with people who, due to disability, can’t drive. Ever. I’ve even been in the unfortunate position of having to inform teenagers that they would never be allowed to drive due to their conditions. Not a fun thing to have to tell them, because they want to be like their peers so badly. Self-driving cars offer mobility to people who lose it otherwise… but the control-freak dream of everyone giving up their cars? Not going to happen, especially in the USA.

      • fcabanski 3 years ago

        We’ll demand to wait for a car to collect us. And if we’re good, the car will take us to where the government allows us to go. We’re going to love that.

      • GreyGeek77 3 years ago

        “ecofanaticism” = ecofascism. There, fixed that for ya.

    • JDH 3 years ago

      You are forgetting the “snowflakes”!!

    • edbarbar 3 years ago

      Yeah, people are going to share a driver-less car with the local hooker and heroin addicts. Not going to happen.

      • BigDaddyJim 3 years ago


    • Nick 3 years ago

      It’s probably unlikely but before you confidently pronounce judgment consider that Facebook is only 13 years old and Google less than 20.

      • Jack Bauer 3 years ago

        Uhh so?

        • Nick 3 years ago

          The point is that change can, and does, happen fast and unforeseen. Christ, need to spell everything out for you drudgetarded twats.

          • Saknussemm 3 years ago

            Yup. You changed into a troll at puberty.

          • Okie_Vet 3 years ago

            change like you’re talking about happens generally through 1 of 2 ways, either through necessity such as war or because someone sees a profit to be made. Many of the 20th century’s greatest leaps forward, such as aerodynamics and jet propulsion were because of warfare. Automobiles, well someone saw a profit to be made. Did you know that there have been over 1,800 car manufacturers in the U.S. since the birth of the automobile?

          • PoliSike 3 years ago

            Is it beyond your ability to express yourself without the hatefilled attitude?

          • paganpink 3 years ago

            Hating is out! Time to change, libtard wanker!

          • bstoff 3 years ago

            His intolerance is triggering me. I may need a safe space.

          • jack nichols 3 years ago

            Using the Lords name in vane

          • bstoff 3 years ago

            How many appletinis are you up to at this point, Nick? Please, please, type in ALL CAPS so we will know not to read your hate-filled ad-hominim attacks.

      • Okie_Vet 3 years ago

        Google and Facebook are child’s play compared to this.

      • PoliSike 3 years ago

        Finally, Nick, a comment that is a bit snarky but at least not as hate filled. Congratulations!

        • bstoff 3 years ago

          Give him time.

      • bstoff 3 years ago

        Google and Facebook are both servants of the government and corporations, and they work against the interest of individuals and the general public. They do not serve the public and they have a monopoly on your personal information. That should tell you something about your utopian future with self driving cars for the masses replacing private transportation.

    • Larry Matters 3 years ago

      Did you hear what the Railroads said to the Airlines?
      …the same thing the “Beta-tape” said to the VHS-tape … who repeated it to the DVD ->

      “LOL yeah right…Anyone who thinks this will be the case in 13 years is loony..”

      Payphones said it to cell phones also.
      …and horse-drawn-carriages to horseless-carriages;

      …get the picture?

      …slide rulers to pocket calculators to ipads & iphones …

      • Casey Kowalchyk 3 years ago

        Why is there so much vinyl for sale right now? Shouldn’t that have stayed dead?

        • Dick Fantastic 3 years ago

          I appreciate the artwork and there is nothing quite like a stack of records, you feel like you really own something. Each album has its own story. However, as an audio format, IMO it is junk.

      • fustian24 3 years ago


        So where’s the flying cars?

        Those were promised too.

        Getting part of the way to a self-driving car is relatively easy. But a real self-driving car has to KNOW so many things. What a ball looks like rolling out into a street. What old people crossing a street looks like and means to a driver. This requires the AI revolution we were promised and have not seen yet. Which means these are empty promises.

    • gadfly522 3 years ago

      Same amount of time that it took for the 35mm film camera to go away. 13 years or 23 years the hand writing is on the wall, digital wall that is.

    • INFW 3 years ago

      Its part of Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 that many have been warning about. Ins. will raise rates to make cars unaffordable to drive. We are losing our freedom. What about traveling out of state to visit relatives and children? Look up Georgia guidestones. They are replacing humans with robots. They don’t need us.

    • shannon henderson 3 years ago

      It’s actually worse, I think. Did you see the graph? It says around 2024, 7 years from now, that there will be almost no individual car sales. That is ridiculous.

    • way2confused 3 years ago

      But it is the dream of the left so they can further control us. Soon one of these loons will think it is a good idea to put ankle monitors with hearing devices on all citizens.

    • nsirchov 3 years ago

      Instead of autonomous cars, how about robot politicians, ya know, ones that don’t lie and steal. You will be doing mankind a much greater favor by doing that.

    • aamericanovice 3 years ago

      Here comes the Jetsons.

    • JesusIsGay 3 years ago

      It’s real old man

      • ChargerBinks 3 years ago

        Of course someone with a name like yours is to be taken seriously

      • not having much fun 3 years ago

        Why would you dismiss his point because he is an ‘OLD MAN’ in your view? Wisdom comes with age, if at all, and the youth do not have any, it takes time. 13 Years is a blink of an eye, and there will certainly be private ownership in 13 years or 20, or 25. You forget the Car collectors too!

    • Iminurbase 3 years ago

      The reason you’re seeing this article is because this is what the “elites” want, they use media for “predictive programming” they will end individual’s right to roam freely under the guise of “climate change” this benefits manufactures to have massive “renters” no more ownership.

      Only you can resist and change this, this article is the beginnings of their plan, so resist or succumb to their plan. Agenda 2030 is real, it used to be “Agenda 21” now it’s 2030.

    • roner 3 years ago

      Obviously written by city dwellers….

    • Red47 Jesus in a Che Shirt 3 years ago

      I am not sure how to stop it. From Bloomberg, “A single autonomous car can generate the same data trove as 3,000 people surfing the internet”. It looks as though corporations will be forcing is to ride around in other people’s old tissues and french fries 🍟.

    • Macranthunter 3 years ago

      My car is my office, workshop, go van. It’s how I get my gear to my client. It’s how I work and create. It’s not a means to get Starbucks – it’s how I live.

      • TexasTeaFinder 3 years ago

        You won’t have to give up your van, you’l just have to lease a self-driving autonomous van. Do I agree with this BS? Absolutely not, but it’s coming.

    • JustSomeGuy 3 years ago

      Yes. Like disposable paper clothes, communism and several other ‘inevitable’ trends, once you add human nature, it falls apart.
      Might get some traction (no pun intended) in major metros. But then, they already have an autonomous fleet there. I believe they’re called…taxicabs? And yet people still own their own cars in the city.
      File this one next to underwater cities and global warming, guys. Not. Happening.

    • rlwieneke 3 years ago

      the insurance companies are all in with this and have stated they will make insurance for privately owned vehicles un-affordable. Why? the general consensus is that driver-less vehicles will not speed, will not run traffic lights and stop signs, will not cause accidents.

      • TexasTeaFinder 3 years ago


    • SpinMax 3 years ago

      The flying car is right around the corner!!! – Popular Mechanics 1960, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65…..2014,15,16,17…

    • TheCultureWarriors 3 years ago

      I think this is the same person who said cars will drive themselves in 5 years. What is scary is that people with this level of utter and profound stupidity could possibly vote.

    • alanb 3 years ago

      Hey, its “a study.” I must be true. I wonder what they studied to make this prediction. Clearly not human nature. I recall a study sometime in the 1960s that predicted that most people would have telephones in their homes (you know, the kind wired to the wall) that people could see each other on within ten years. Hmmmmm. I can’t recall that happening. It’s possible the technology existed, but people had no desire to have people see them in whatever state they happened to be answering a phone. I’d guess “the overwhelming majority of people” are not going to want any part of this in 13 years. Hey, can I call this post “a new study” and get it reported?

    • ColBatguano 3 years ago

      Yes, like the 40 yr old dream of everyone owning a flying car, this is total BS. I’ve written software for automotive embedded modules for the last 30 years; engine controls, safety critical, etc. I can tell you that so-called “autonomous” vehicles will simply NOT be safe enough. I know how the sausage is made, and I know the cost sensitivity of automotive electronics. Automotive electronics are NOT made to the standards of avionics systems. The autonomous stuff is a pipe dream, it will never be safe or cheap enough to put on a huge number of vehicles. People like to be free, free to do what they want when they want to. Their desire for automobiles reflects that desire for freedom. People who are pushing this theory that cars will be “on-demand” are missing the demands of the market.

    • madmatt5 3 years ago

      Those loony New Yorkers went from horses to cars in about 13 years, and that was over a century ago.

      The economics alone make it a no brainer. Add in increased safety, better air quality, mobility for underserved populations (blind, elderly, etc), and it becomes a total slam dunk. Personally, I can’t wait!

      I get it, change is scary, but this is absolutely happening… and FAST.

      • John C 3 years ago

        Nonsense, people will not want to give up their ability to travel freely. While Self driving vehicles may indeed grow in numbers, if they can perfect it to an acceptable safety level, many of those will be privately owned.

    • OPDave 3 years ago

      The same people who ignore the freedom advantage of personal cars probably also believe that voluntary slavery is becoming popular.

    • LazarusRose 3 years ago

      Weren’t we supposed to be in our own flying cars by now? “If you can imagine it, you can have it.” The devil’s own words.

    • XUSAMABO 3 years ago

      They’ve been telling us for years that they wanted us to pay for software by the unit of time rather than selling us a lifetime license. That model never caught on either.

    • Mike Lebowski 3 years ago

      I do think that in 13 years you will see this taking over in major cities. I absolutely see this happening eventually. The cost of solar vs, coal now is an example.

    • Thunder Lizard 3 years ago

      How many ‘predictions’ about the future have never panned out? Plenty!

    • Antony Day 3 years ago

      It took 13 years for cars to displace horses… don’t be so sure.

  25. KORGG 3 years ago

    I will own one , because I like to travel wherever and whenever I want. I will also continue to own an older model that cannot be tracked by gps.

    • Ellis 3 years ago

      “Comrade, you do not share the populist ideology…..what will it take to convince you? ” ” resistance is futile!”

      • D_Allen 3 years ago

        I’ll give up my truck when you pry it from my cold, dead @ss.

        • theoldnorth 3 years ago

          Your truck is in your @ss?

      • ezrvs1 3 years ago


    • jayrizzy 3 years ago

      But will you be able to drive it legally? Insurance is going to skyrocket once autonomous cars are the norm.

      • Palace Dog 3 years ago

        If the democrats are running the show, capitol punishment might be the penalty for driving a car.

        • American 3 years ago

          “…before the motor law.”

          • David Rodolff 3 years ago

            Spot on. Good one.

          • Kasper 3 years ago

            RUSH Rules

          • thebigleone 3 years ago

            Nah, it’s all about Rush and the useful idiots that still listen to Rush. I used to listen, but moved on. Rush is passé. 25,000,000.00 a year thanks to you Rushbots.

          • Pat Patterson 3 years ago

            You are full of leftist shiite and a commie loving stooge!

          • Kasper 3 years ago

            What did you move on to , Backstreet Boys?

          • bstoff 3 years ago

            Rush, the band, not the radio pundit. Red Barchetta is the song being referred to. You gave me a good chuckle, though.

        • John Doe 3 years ago

          Kidding me right. My state is a Liberal shit hole. They have stopped all executions. Some families waiting decades for justice. Now being denied by the Democrat Progs.

          • Mina 3 years ago

            We have the freedom to move to states that are not st holes.

          • John Doe 3 years ago

            I guess. That’s the chicken shit way out. Stay and fight. Move to a good State and the Progs that are employed and over taxed leave their shit holes and go to good States. Ruining it for us all. It wasn’t always a shit hole. I’m going to stay and fight!

      • glamdeluxe 3 years ago

        Less drivers on the road dequals lower rates.

      • jtom 3 years ago

        Autonomous cars will not become the norm in our lifetimes. I could take you on a ten-mile aternoon drive here on any day, and point out a half-dozen different situations which such a car could not handle. The lane closure (utility tree trimming. Be gone in a couple of hours, pal), detours (just temporary. Truck stalled.), police directing traffic (sometimes requiring you to ignore the traffic signal!), accidents, school crossing guards, stopped school buses (requiring traffic to stop on both sides of the road). Oh, sure, you could deploy gizmos all over the place to help guide the car, but who’s going to pay for that? Besides, hackers would have a field day.

      • Mina 3 years ago

        We will not tolerate an oppressive govt that goes that far or even close to it.

      • Lyle Petersen 3 years ago

        I’m told by my leftist friends that there’s this thing called civil disobedience. I’ll be looking into it when push comes to shove.

    • ezrvs1 3 years ago

      I’m with you!

    • Pumpkin King XXIII 3 years ago

      You better have an old microwave in the back seat to throw your phone in. They will be using it to follow you.

    • Nick 3 years ago

      … while carrying around a phone tracking you via GPS.

  26. Norris Allen 3 years ago

    Where will the electric power come from ?

    • Donn N. 3 years ago

      Unicorn farts.

    • steven reynolds 3 years ago

      You will be taxed an electric transportation tax to cover that. Then they will have to add a ton more taxes to replace the gas tax, and on and on and on.

      • Mina 3 years ago

        Where are we going to get the money to pay the taxes? Rob out piggy banks of the play money we stuffed in there as kids?

    • jtom 3 years ago

      You didn’t take note of their OTHER forecast? The power will be FREE using our new solar and wind powered electric grids! How do these fools earn money???

    • Mina 3 years ago

      Oh, don’t bust their bubbles with bad thoughts and negativity. I had a brief one way discussion with a smart lady who thought it would be swell to pave roads and docks with solar panels. She blocked me for giving her a feeling of pushback that was annoying.

  27. Deplorable Agent Mom 3 years ago

    Who decides that? Because I am NOT giving up my car, no matter how many lefties tell me too!

    • Littleredtop 3 years ago

      Ivanka Trump and Jeb Kurshner…that’s who.

      • Donn N. 3 years ago

        Who the hell is Jeb Kurshner?

        • The Blameocrats 3 years ago

          Apparently a fictional WH character he just made up.

        • Littleredtop 3 years ago

          her husband

      • Pakvi Roti 3 years ago

        Jared. Your hat must be too tight.

        • Littleredtop 3 years ago

          it’s that damn tin foil…. sorry, Jared

      • fcabanski 3 years ago

        Um, no.

    • Deadmau5 Patton 3 years ago

      you can talk big, but i’m sure a lot of horse and carriage owners said the same in their day.

      • KevTuck 3 years ago

        After Trump restores all the coal mining jobs, he will work to revitalize the blacksmith industry😀.

        • Rob 3 years ago

          It’s already happening. Look at anvil prices, they are out of control.

        • Deadmau5 Patton 3 years ago

          it would be good if we had some older technologies to fall back on. i’d actually support an initiative to bring back the blacksmith industry

      • Mind the store 3 years ago

        Horses provided independency and were replaced by much greater independency – the auto. Autonomous vehicles are regressive, “crash” independency.

        • Deadmau5 Patton 3 years ago

          i’m not exactly sure, but i’d guess that the younger generations value independence and sovereignty less than anyone. those old values don’t mean much to them and they’ll accept autonomous cars and every other government program without resistance.

    • ZeroLover 3 years ago

      It is the right wing DUI laws that is going to take your car away.

    • Dammit 3 years ago

      Johnny Cab!

      • Ashes 3 years ago

        There it is, been waiting for that quote,lol

  28. MidAmerica2 3 years ago

    We know how relaxing it is riding with strangers for a couple of minutes in an elevator so imagine the interactive possibilities if it’s a couple hours or more in a small autonomous car and the open road.

    • Mina 3 years ago

      You would have your watches stolen and your pocketbooks taken and your computers etc. Then the robbers would get off and run.

  29. Scatter Manx 3 years ago

    I would not drive a driverless car. Who knows where it would go?

  30. Native New Yorker 3 years ago

    Oh please…..this is an absurd asumption.

  31. oncemorearound 3 years ago

    By 2030 no one will be able to afford one….

  32. jb80538 3 years ago

    Sounds like BS to me!

  33. Littleredtop 3 years ago

    By 2030 I won’t need a car. So, I guess this globalist initiative is OK.

  34. Vox Veritas 3 years ago

    And farmers won’t have tractors. Right…

    These leftist dystopians vote for Democrats — all 11 of them.

  35. ShadowSandy 3 years ago

    Wait werent we supposed to have flying cars by now? 😃😃😃

  36. TZAZ 3 years ago

    People that don’t have a clue about living in large states with vast distances between towns, his time line is much to short.

  37. bazilman 3 years ago

    This “think tank” is quite obviously made up of elitist urbanite millennials or millennial-wannabees. A large portion of the population does not live in high density urban areas and for them, this pipe dream of a “ride to work as part of a latte purchase” is nuts.

  38. rhcrest 3 years ago

    We already have these vehicles available in the form of taxis limos uber buses etc. Nothing beats having your own car available to go wherever you want whenever you want without having to involve anyone or anything else.

  39. boBNunny 3 years ago

    I don’t think the ICE will go away anytime in the next 20 years. That said, I think Transport as a Service and self-driving cars are great for those looking to get work done, the elderly, and even drunk drivers. And in cities, the cost of owning a car is insane! Add in the high insurance, parking, increased fuel costs, etc, and it can easily be $1000 a month. Silliness to own a car in the city; especially NY, LA, or Chicago.

    • Grand2833 3 years ago

      No one forces you to live in those places. By all means, don’t buy a car if everything you need is within walking distance. Unfortunately that is not the case for the majority of Americans. We depend on our cars and trucks for all the necessary trips; shopping, work, schools, doctors, sporting events, dinners out with family and friends, vacations, and the list goes on and on.

  40. Southernationalist 3 years ago

    Just wait until you have a nice summer weekend and everyone wants to hit the beach at the same time.

    • jtom 3 years ago

      Why wait that long? What about rush hour every day of the work week?

      • Mina 3 years ago

        Electric cars running out of charges waiting in line to “fill up” and waiting for construction and accidents to clear. These think tank kids are divorced from reality. And, where do they think batteries come from, a stork? It takes more than solar power to melt lead or mine minerals for other type batteries. Chemicals don’t come to factories for their use by way of magic wands. Asphalt doesn’t come from thin air. Then there is the “thing” about efficiency. Remember the fad of diluting gasoline with ethanol? How’s that working? Run up the cost of bread and ruining engines. Less horsepower per gallon.

  41. Dammit 3 years ago

    What a crock of ….

  42. ScottAg83 3 years ago

    Just think when the government wants to curtail travel due to martial law, you would be SOL without your own car or truck.

  43. Dammit 3 years ago

    Just try to catch me in my Red Barchetta.

  44. Dennis Jones 3 years ago

    I seriously doubt people are going to give up that much independence and lets face it, the technology is still not there. The electric commuter car sure, but you forget the vacation trips, runs to Home Depot/Lowes, sports events and the hundreds of other trips we make that is not job related.

  45. flyfish 3 years ago

    Only thing I would disagree with is that Fully Atonomous Vehicles will be used in large scale operation by 2030. By 2030, FAV’s will be mostly relegated to legacy modes of transportation. Fully Autonomous Flying Drones will be the norm. Think of the cost savings around infrastructure that could realized with FAFD’s. Multiple layers of FAFD’s stacked as high as needed, on demand instant infrastructure to accommodate increased capacity. Significanlty reduced travel times….

    If you are going to completely shread a multi trillion dollar a year industry you might as well go big, really big. 🙂

  46. Hyna Hammond 3 years ago


    • Lurch47 3 years ago

      I’m guessing NO and I am no Spring Chicken either. =0)

  47. NCMike 3 years ago

    Battery improvements seem reasonable, but nowhere in the article have they addressed the issue of production of electricity. Currently it’s coal, hydrocarbons, and water power, with only three percent coming from solar or wind. Environmental activists oppose coal, hydrocarbons, and the damming of rivers. What’s the magic bullet that will make solar and wind economically feasible, effective and competitive with current major electricity sources?

  48. Mike 3 years ago

    How are they going to CLEAN the cars after each short term rental? They won’t. Cars will be cleaned maybe once a week or every few days if we are lucky. I work for a major car rental agency and you wouldn’t believe how filthy cars are when the general public rents for a day. People eat chicken and sunflower seeds, leaving heaps of crumbs and shells in the cars. They just spit the shells into the cabin along with bits of seeds. They get their sticky gooey fingers all over the interior. Drinks are spilled on the seats, dash, doors and carpet. People ignore the restrictions of smoking in the car. They often smell like vape smoke and cigarettes, or even worse, B.O.. They bring their pets and the cars seats are covered in pet hair. I wouldn’t want to jump into a car that was rented by a bunch of inconsiderate people and hadn’t been cleaned. Enjoy the brave new world.

    • jtom 3 years ago

      Since those ‘free rides’ will be stripped and sold for parts or scrap on a daily basis, they will quit possibly stay very clean.

    • Jack Mack 3 years ago

      Yeah, so does that mean all these parents will be toting around their booster seats all day as they jump from car to car as well as the stroller, baby gear, etc. So when I have to coach my kids little league team, I’ll have to haul the gear bagS! into my office for the day…..yeah my boss, office mates, and people who ride the elevator will really appreciate that.

      These stupid self-absorbed city cellar dwellers can’t imagine life outside of clubbing, sitting around sipping a latte and sitting around saying how much smarter they are than everyone else.

      13 years…hahahhahaha…If used cars and gas will be SOOO CHEAP, why would I want to do something so damn inconvenient as to waiting around for an f**ing taxi 5 times a day.

      Think tank….wow…somebody thinks themselves as important.

      • happy1ga 3 years ago

        Don’t forget the feminists who are into “free bleeding,” toddlers who aren’t toilet trained, people who get food poisoning or have the flu, dogs that have ticks or fleas that ride along with their masters, the people that clip their toenails while they ride, the sex addicts masturbating to porn on their phone, the heroin addict spraying blood out of a vein she tapped, heck, the list of fresh horrors you could encounter in one of these future autonomous car fleets is endless.

    • fcabanski 3 years ago

      Lowly humans will clean the cars. Or, better yet, only robots will be allowed to travel.

  49. Albondigas 3 years ago

    All the bun-wad-techie-twirps can fiddle on their virtual IPads in the back seats while Electrobrain drives along and shoots live video streamed to other dopes picking their noses and exposing themselves.

    “Please do not masturbate in the vehicle; be considerate to other riders…”

  50. krell51 3 years ago

    A car is freedom to move when and where you choose, self driving cars owned and controlled by someone else puts you at the mercy of others, no thank you!

  51. Lurch47 3 years ago

    This is preposterous left tard BS. Huge metro areas might be more electric , but what about the outback? The US is huge and this idea won’t fly in rural areas and farming communities or Peoria. Plus, electric power is not pollution free. Nor has anyone really addressed the problem of what to do with the THOUSANDS of old worn out lithium batteries.

  52. Dammit 3 years ago

    95% huh? I guess only 5% of the population live in rural areas.

  53. Ali ByGolly 3 years ago

    More stupid crap from a left wing think tank staffed by idiots.

  54. Dennis Jones 3 years ago

    somewhere along the line you have to make up for the loss of fuel tax revenue that the Fed and States depend on. They’re already feeling the crunch just with the more fuel efficient vehicles our government mandated us to buy.

  55. Charlie 3 years ago

    “The cars will last a lifetime”. This man has taken the title of all time worlds stupidest liberal.

  56. Eric 3 years ago

    American’s will never give up their cars, maybe in Europe where Liberal and Green politician’s are the given but not here. I also dont recall an enormous uptake of Solar unless you count the companies that the Obama admin made such a big deal about and gave them millions only to have them collapse.

    • Grand2833 3 years ago

      Actually, that was billions of dollars wasted on his “green energy” agenda. It was all part of his war on coal and the oil industry. Further evidence of the ignorance the man and his administration displayed as to the energy/manufacturing sector. Our modern, highly technological civilization is only possible with enormous quantities of oil being produced and consumed on a massive scale around the world. Only a fool would think our society could survive without oil, natural gas and coal.

  57. Bobbie Irish 3 years ago

    Really? And what about people in rural areas? We live on a 3,000 acre ranch. Twenty miles from the closest town. 100 miles from the closest major Hospital. 240 miles round trip from the closest major Airport. Electric cars? How about when it is -20 below, and snowing? How about when it is -40 below, and snowing? Pipe dreams if they think all the people who live in rural settings are going to move to, or be moved to big cities. That’s why we protect our gun rights!

    • Jeff Valasek 3 years ago

      40 acres off grid, 9 miles from town of 350 people. NO problem getting an ‘electric car’ to come get me, and pull 800 gallons of water (6400 pounds) home down a dirt 4×4 road – right?

    • James Nilsson 3 years ago

      Remember, this is proposed by a “think tank” of Citiots. They do not have a clue of anything beyond a city. Food magically arrives at grocery stores, electricity comes from that plug on the wall, a carbon footprint is important, solar panels work when snow covered or north of the 50th parallel. Citiots are dumb as a bag of hammers.

      • Mr Happy Man 3 years ago

        Citiots. Its an intersting word with a lot of truth behind it. I’ll add it to my working vocabulary.

      • Mr Happy Man 3 years ago

        Actually, to many of these citiots, food isn’t found in a grocery store. It comes on a plate at an overpriced eating establishment. This requires two hours at a gym daily to work off those excess calories. As well as 70+ hour workweeks to afford eating out three times a day at overpriced eating establishments, the gym membership, and all that goes along with those two.
        In their apartments the oven is a good place to store things, because it isn’t used for anything else.

  58. Who U Gettin Crazy Wit Ese 3 years ago

    OK faggotron.

  59. yarpos . 3 years ago

    Surprised to see all these naysayers on a Renew blog, I thought all comment not be slavishly enthusiastic was deleted.

    I love how thing are things are just dismissed with wave of the hand. Cobalt replcement will be found, the “solution” will just radiate out magically to rural areas. So easy to be visionary when untroubled by reality.

    Like any batch of futurist projections some elements may eventually come to pass, and many wont. As none of this actually works at commercial scale in 2017, I’d suggest 2030 is just plain stupid.

    • Grand2833 3 years ago

      It’s liberal “magic”, just thinking it is so will make it a fact. Repeat it in the media enough times and people will start to believe it. Sorry, that only works with the liberal far left crowd. The majority of the people now realize these stories really are “fake news”. There is no truth to these “predictions”. Just people making stuff up and throwing it out there.

  60. John F. Markham 3 years ago

    In 1937, Popular Science magazine predicted auto travel from North America to Europe via highways in undersea tubes. It was supposed to commence by 1960.

    It sorta deflates a person’s faith in predictions.

  61. RichPorardo 3 years ago

    That will be the death nell for freedom. At any time, the government will be able to prevent you from traveling, or dictate when and where you travel. No thanks!

  62. David Lee 3 years ago

    A series of fleets that will eventually become one Fleet with central control is the most fragile system I could think of for transportation !what we have now is decentralized but it’s very anti fragile in the sense that one crash or system failure is not going to shut down the grid -this is assuming that everybody has the kindest, most benign intentions! pathological personalities are always drawn to positions of power ;the more power they have the more pathological they act out…
    Think of a seesaw- at one end is liberty and at the other end is security. to gain one you have to give up the other. one gains leverage while the other one loses.
    Learning the difference between wanting and having is expensive and sometimes irrevocable…

  63. 99magna 3 years ago

    Yeah and all cities were going to have “people mover” sidewalks.

  64. TruthTeller (Deplorable) 3 years ago

    This character has obviously never lived on a farm. This ain’t happenin’ in my lifetime, which will extend beyond 2030, God willing.

  65. Southernfriedyankee 3 years ago

    Sounds to me like someone presenting their personal “dream” as fact or reality. Can driving habits change over a period of time ? Of course. Private cars “disappear” ? Not in North America as long as Americans and Canadians remain independent minded !

  66. jenkem5 3 years ago

    What a bunch of liberal envirotarded BS. Tell me more about electric autonomous snow plows that are going to plow my half mile long fn driveway. These people are beyond dumb.

    • CarlG 3 years ago

      Stick to your horse and buggy.

      • Grand2833 3 years ago

        Stupid comment.

  67. American 3 years ago

    The same people that think up this stuff are the same types that think “people” would prefer to live in large metropolitan housing complexes where they can take an elevator down to street level; with shops, entertainment venues and, public mass transportation to their work is all within walking distance just around the corner.

    They call this dreamland vison of theirs: “Utopia”.

  68. Jack76 3 years ago

    Yeah, and we’ll have a high speed train that goes from LA to SF. NOT!

    • John F. Markham 3 years ago

      Interest on the money borrowed to pay for “Jerry’s Choo-choo” will be greater than the anticipated revenue. It’s in their own data; digging it out is not terribly tough if I can do it. I never worked a day in the transport industry and I found it.

      It means no money for salaries, benefits, insurance, maintenace parts or electricity to power the trains. That’s no way to run a railroad.

      Brown’s a fool. Tell a friend.

      • Jack76 3 years ago

        He’s more than just a fool. He’s a dangerously insane socialist who will be causing us pain, hardship and misery long after he’s gone.

  69. Drtender 3 years ago

    Leftwing people don’t like private ownership in general. This is just one more example of their socialist dream.

    • Pakvi Roti 3 years ago

      Then we should force them to give their own privately owned assets.

      • bstoff 3 years ago

        They pretend they would do that willingly, but they really believe they will be enjoying the fruits of everyone else’s work.

  70. CarlG 3 years ago

    The zombie apocalypse will happen before then. I have watched seven seasons of The Walking Dead. I learned all what needs to be known. I will survive.

    • JBrickley 3 years ago

      Except none of the cars would be working a few years after the zombie apocalypse. Gasoline expires and they aren’t exactly making more in the TV show. More likely to have an EMP apocalypse so only classic cars without computers will still run… Even many motorcycles wouldn’t work. Maybe you could drive about on mopeds and lawn mowers. Just get a horse!

      • CarlG 3 years ago

        I live in a retirement community. I already live amongst The Walking Dead. I’ve become one badazz. I will learn more skills this fall from Season 8.

        • Grand2833 3 years ago

          Good for you!

    • KevTuck 3 years ago

      North Korea’s EMP detonation will deliver all you need… minus the zombies.

      • CarlG 3 years ago

        You read too much Fox News.

      • David169 3 years ago

        Iran has already passed a measure through their Parliament that as soon as they can get their hands on an EMP weapon they will use it on the US.

        • Grand2833 3 years ago

          Good times coming, they won’t do it but once so they better make it good. Someone needs to inform them of our nuclear triad. That’s nuclear weapons on land, air and sea. No matter what they do we will still have the capacity to retaliate with a massive nuclear strike on their major cities.

  71. Juanca Ramirez 3 years ago

    Absolute nonsense!, real Americans love cars and what comes attached to it: Freedom!

  72. Radbug 3 years ago

    EV Vespas are cool. I don’t wanna wait for an AEV so I can pop down & buy some milk! AEV’s are really good if you wanna travel further than 5 kilometres. Less than 5 kilometres, use the Vespa!

    • Grand2833 3 years ago

      Yeah, right, a Vespa is so good for taking the two dogs to the vet, taking the three kids to school and all their other activities, picking up the drycleaning, bringing home the groceries from my local Walmart which is eight miles away, picking up my friends for a night out or a dinner date, attending different events, family vacations or visits to our state parks. Sorry, your Vespa is just as impracticable as a bicycle or an expensive electric vehicle. In the real world, a gas-powered vehicle is an absolute necessity for anyone who is not in a hospital or a nursing home. Grow up!

      • Radbug 3 years ago

        Sorry Grand2833, don’t wanna grow up!

  73. JBrickley 3 years ago

    Pie in the sky thinking. Not gonna happen.

  74. northforkwings 3 years ago

    Wow and fusion power is only 10 years away! Peak oil, remember that one? Pulled our rental skidsteer down out of the mountains today weight 11,900 lbs 20% grades 4×4 road. Try that in your pos electric go cart. Think I’ll keep the 490 hp Ford!
    Where do these people have their heads? Oh yeah, sorry it is pretty dark in there, the smell also distorts their thinking!

    • JoeDisqus56 3 years ago

      There’ll be 490 hp electric go carts you can rent for a little more than the regular ones. Don’t worry.

      • Grand2833 3 years ago

        You know nothing about automobiles or trucks. I suspect you know even less about those electric go carts. I don’t mind you indulging your liberal fantasies, but don’t try to force them on the rest of us.

        • JoeDisqus56 3 years ago

          won’t have to. The vast majority of people will recognize the value and your 490 diesel will become a specialty item that costs 5x what it does now. You’ll either have to keep an ancient one running or accept the electric replacement.

    • yarpos . 3 years ago

      If pulling power is your core argument you have lost, very high torque from zero revs is one of the features of electric vehicles. There are many othe practical reasons current generation EVs fall short, especially for you kind of needs.

      • northforkwings 3 years ago

        Weight range 3 min refueling you might call it real muscle. Not happening with batteries.

        • yarpos . 3 years ago

          can only agree 🙂

  75. JasonX 3 years ago

    Dumb. If I want to go somewhere I want my own vehicle at my own time to take me there not some government funded stupid system

  76. Rob 3 years ago

    I want my flying car. We were supposed to have flying cars in the year 2000.

  77. auh2064 3 years ago

    Alright, so what if I want to go hiking in the mountains? Will the magic electric car take me to the trailhead and be back to pick me up afterwards?

    • JasonX 3 years ago

      No, it will only take you to your local Starbucks and back.

      • David169 3 years ago

        Who still buys at Starbucks after the insult to our military?

        • Rob 3 years ago


  78. KevTuck 3 years ago

    Yeah, but will I look cool cruising the block in it?

    • Grand2833 3 years ago

      God bless you, that is just too funny! I needed a good laugh and that did it. Thanks.

    • juanjeremy2012 3 years ago


  79. disqus_rhGhEfUHvy 3 years ago

    According to this report we don’t need to do anything about “Global Warming”,
    Climate Change” or whatever they want to call it since this will take care of the problem all on its own.

  80. auh2064 3 years ago

    Will the magic electric car have a trailer hitch so it can haul my boat to the lake?

  81. dltaylor51 3 years ago

    WE’LL just let the democrats be shuttled around in electric gumball machines while the rest of us drive our cars where and whenever we decide.

  82. Throwback 59 3 years ago

    To paraphrase a famous saying in the US: they will take my car when they pry my cold dead hands from the steering wheel.

  83. Cary Michael Cox 3 years ago

    Hey mate – where are you going to get all of this electricity for these little A-EVs?

    Solar accounts for only 1% of electric generation worldwide you stupid bloke. In 13 years solar and I’ll throw in wind are going to ramp-up to replace all coal/natural gas/hydro, and nuke power?

    These two sources are unreliable to sustain your Utopian Dream.

    Have you heard of planed-obsolescence? No company makes anything that lasts forever for a reason. Even Elon Musk.

    Maybe they should have you write the comics and leave business to the big-boys at the table.

    I could go on and on about the fallacies of your article, but you are not worth it.

    You want to put some cash down on your prediction?

    Cary Michael Cox

    • Grand2833 3 years ago

      Great comment.

  84. R Davis 3 years ago

    A textbook I had about 16 years ago stated boldly that Honda would not be a major maker of cars in just a few years but would continue to build engines. Total fail, and I knew that when I read it. Same here. We’re not giving up our cars, you’d have riots.

  85. David169 3 years ago

    I believe this prediction was made by a group of liberals smoking crack. Whoever they are they don’t know a single thought about the the way un-brainwashed American people are wrapped. I can see where this would be attractive to someone with multiple DUIs or disqualified from driving for medical reasons. To the average person this would be an insult and a nightmare. Further just like the government has manufacturers install listening and viewing systems in TVs and phones, I’m sure everything that is said or done in these cars will be recorded. Buy the way can one of these electrics haul my 14,000 pound fifth wheel trailer half way across the US?

    • auh2064 3 years ago

      You won’t be allowed to have a trailer. They leave too much of a carbon footprint.

      • northforkwings 3 years ago

        Good luck with that.

  86. disqus_rhGhEfUHvy 3 years ago

    I think we can put as much into this report as reports in the 2000’s of Artic ice-free summers in 5-6 years, of telecommuting in the early 1990’s, a new ice age in the 1970’s and flying cars in the 1960’s.

  87. Palace Dog 3 years ago

    Gotta love the “10 year window”. I’m still waiting for the ice age to hit that was ‘predicted’ in the 1970’s “10 year window”.

    • Mina 3 years ago

      Readers’ Digest had an article about 1959-60, “The Coming Ice Age”. I remember it because I presented it to the chemistry II class.

    • fcabanski 3 years ago

      Hopefully, the self driving cars will have either pontoons or skis, since either global warming will cause the oceans to rise or global cooling will cause an ice age.

  88. uhavetobekidding 3 years ago

    The left is hilarious. They think if they tell us this kindofKrap enough times then we will eventually believe it. I am not going to believe any of this until I get my George Jetson solar panel flying car that was promised us.

  89. grassy knoll ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ 3 years ago

    They’ll still be making small block v8’s in 2030- and imagine how much hp they will produce then.

  90. Flyoveryou 3 years ago

    Pure BS

  91. Sigmund Tomas 3 years ago

    I thought we were all going to be under water or cooked to death by climate change. Not clear on which. Depends on which doomsday left wing loon you read.

  92. northforkwings 3 years ago

    Bet the these guys will be the first, and only passengers on those new pilotless airliners!

  93. Jack Coyote 3 years ago

    Millennials. You never know. But I’m not buying into this.

  94. dyrwolf 3 years ago

    No mention of the expense of electricity cost, which are high due to conversions (at production of the electric power, and to turn that into kinetic energy, both of which are very inefficient). Who will,pay for this free stuff?

    • Grand2833 3 years ago

      That’s just it, they’re not free, nothing is free.

  95. borgy 3 years ago

    I used to sit in the school library in the 60’s and read Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. They said their would be flying cars by now. WHERE ARE THE FLYING CARS!?!?

  96. jack 3 years ago

    What a load of leftest crap.

  97. 1twothree4 3 years ago

    Yah, suuure it will. Just like we were all gonna have flying cars by 2000. Dolts.

  98. WTF? 3 years ago

    Regardless of the liberal zombies the media likes to show on the news. REAL Americans will NEVER give up their cars. The freedom mindset is baked into the cake, you will never be able to control us.

  99. Mike Danger 3 years ago

    Utter nonsense. “If” everyone lived in urban mega-cities the argument might have merit however as one moves outward from the cities through the suburbs and into rural America the advantages for car ownership increases.

    Similarly the projections for the demise of the internal combustion engine are based upon unrealistic assumptions. The author needs to stay away from the kool aid…

    • Grand2833 3 years ago

      The author is pushing an agenda. They cite his prediction for solar energy but leave out the enormous cost of government subsidies that make it affordable for the average homeowner. It is 25,000.00 for the installation of solar cells on your roof in my state of Louisiana. The federal government has a subsidy of thirty percent (30%) and that is a federal credit of 7,500.00. The state government has a subsidy of fifty percent (50%) and that is a state credit of 12,500.00. That is a total cost of 5,000.00 for the homeowner to purchase and install solar cells on the roof of the house. Is it affordable? Only with massive government subsidies and those are paid by the hard-working taxpayers.

      • Mina 3 years ago

        Things could be worse in outlook, if a dem were to become pres in near future and the balance of power changes in congress. But there is a limit to what even socialists can accomplish before society breaks down. Watch Venezuela.

  100. foxfire 3 years ago

    This will be the end of car sex as we know it. <>

    • Grand2833 3 years ago

      No, that would continue and the next riders would be sitting on those same seats. Not a pleasant thought…

      • David169 3 years ago

        As I said below the government would be recording everything said and done in these cars.

  101. Suzanne 3 years ago

    You act like everyone drinks lattes. People drive because they like to be free and independent in the privacy of their own car. I don’t think this will happen unless it is FORCED on us by some leftist or globalist government because they believe in that nonsense of ‘climate change global warming’ and don’t believe in the freedom of the individual. Sounds like a dream some leftist New Yorker thought up because he’s never driven a car in his life and takes a taxi everywhere he goes.

  102. myforest40 3 years ago


  103. JohnnyVoxx 3 years ago

    Take your “self-driving” cars and shove them up your ass.

  104. corax 3 years ago

    Hogwash. Pure envronazi hogwash

  105. a_b704 3 years ago

    I will be 70 then. But if I can still safely drive, I will still own one. Hopefully, the same 2000 Taurus I own now, since it is paid for 😉

    • 69XLCH 3 years ago

      When I was young I liked new cars but I found out I didn’t like payments. Older paid for cars are fine for me. It helps being a man and a mechanic. I know it’s riskier for women.

      • a_b704 3 years ago

        As long as my 1990 truck, and 2000 car, keep passing the required state inspections, I will keep them. especially since I only drive about 5000 miles a year. And I know a guy at work paying $600 a month for a Mustang. LOL.

  106. ezrvs1 3 years ago

    What a laughable load of eco-crap. Have any of these pasty faced, pencil necked, pinheads ever ventured outside the city? I think not.

  107. gary schroeder 3 years ago

    if we make Jay Leno
    our next POTUS
    cars will stay viable forever
    i promise you that GM FORD CHRYSLER

  108. 69XLCH 3 years ago

    Popular Mechanics said we were all gonna have flying cars by 1990 .

  109. BobWhiteRevisited✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ 3 years ago

    I don’t think so. Americans love their freedom. There is no way we give up the open road and the inherent freedom of that. Think about this plan they are concocting. Once they control travel, they control YOU. Want to go somewhere that ‘autonomous vehicle’ does not travel, then too bad for you. Who knows what all things, but this an absolute means of enslavement.

  110. ezrvs1 3 years ago

    I will give up my car (an SUV & Pickup truck) when they pry my cold dead fingers off the steering wheel.

  111. EmeraldAl 3 years ago

    These idiots pushing the Battery power = renewable meme.
    Battery = stored energy.
    You just add one more waste product that isn’t made from a renewable source, plus the energy to make it and dispose of it, and then move the original smokestack out of sight while adding time and further constraints to restore the vehicles ability to move.

  112. MysteryMan 3 years ago

    So how the heck are people that actually work for a living going to bring tools and equipment from their homes to construction sites. How are farmers going to get feed, equipment, food where they need to be.
    This article forgets that for their future to be realized you first have to have the total urbanization of the entire population. A trend that is of late getting some push back from young crunchies that are starting to realize that being part of the sheeple population of a city might not be the best way to spend their lives.

    • CSATejano 3 years ago

      I am with ya.

      These dummies don’t think straight. They have an idea which in their minds is just wonderful and think everyone will agree with them. Of course reality kicks in and suddenly those that disagree are the enemy.

  113. Dumpster 3 years ago

    I doubt it. These ‘reports’ are hardly every right.

  114. John Doe 3 years ago

    Very Un-American. Only liberals will be for giving up freedom of choice. Death to Liberals. Commie bastards.

    • David169 3 years ago

      Apparently you have not been watching “news”. The current crop of liberals feel empowered to attack you and cause great physical harm or death if you don’t agree with them. Liberalism is a mental defect, it is an ignoring of reality and insisting upon the alternate reality in the liberals brain.

  115. Harry Canyon 3 years ago

    I’d love to see an electric autonomous vehicle tow my boat. (Btw, it won’t be an electric autonomous boat)
    Another commie bastard we-know-what’s-best-for-everybody-else think tank wet dream.

  116. John Doe 3 years ago

    From my cold dead hands Winston.

  117. bill clintoon 3 years ago

    You will have to pry my auto out of my dead hands….because I LOVE driving.

  118. Unbelievable 3 years ago

    This may work in wacko NYC but it sure ain’t gonna work where I live! I’ll never give up my freedom of owning my own vehicle.

  119. Maud St James 3 years ago

    This is the silliest, most liberal-wishing thing I’ve ever heard. Control a person’s ability to move where and when he wants and he becomes a slave. Anyone who loves freedom, who loves choice will fight this obscenity as hard as possible. Freedom must be defended.

  120. Drew 3 years ago

    I too am having a hard time believing this is real close to happening (in the next decade or so)….at least in places an hour or more outside of major cities. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but I don’t see people in more rural areas giving up their vehicles for this type of thing anytime soon…I mean I don’t think most rural areas and towns outside the metro areas even have Uber type services yet.

  121. MysteryMan 3 years ago

    Freedom of movement, personal mobility … is one of the foundation principles of a free people. People that are free to move, are MUCH harder for any government to control or manipulate. Hence of the first thing any oppressive government does is restrict the movement of it’s citizens.
    First step to removing freedom of movement … control the means by which the people move.

  122. David Rodolff 3 years ago

    Where can I get a set of those rose-colored glasses the author was wearing? Who made up those graphs? Totally unrealistic. Individually owned vehicles increasing sales steadily until 2020, and then in 4 years dropping to zero? Give me a break. I’ll always want my own vehicle.

    • john mcginnis 3 years ago

      Actually auto sales in general are headed for a heartbreak some where between the 2018 to 2020 model years.

      • Mina 3 years ago

        We could have a national depression or collapse in society when SS goes broke as well as medicare and Medicaid. Then when we no longer buy from China what happens to the millions employed in the selling of junk and the collection of broken junk? No jobs and no currency. That is more realistic than not having enough personal autos or having the govt mandate and provide electric transportation.

        • john mcginnis 3 years ago

          As far as SS is concerned the simple fix is that the age to collect is jacked to 90yo. Poof! No Problem. But you have a improper impression of SS and the economy. SS is extractive. So it folding would be a good thing for the economy but a disaster for dependants. SS produces nothing.

  123. Dannimal Ateu 3 years ago

    And in 8 years uber over took taxis in every city they operate in. Think about that. How long have we had taxi’s? And in 8 years most people have uber or lyft app.

    • MysteryMan 3 years ago

      Ubers are taxis from an operational point of view. No difference. Merely a different technology to put the customer in touch with the service.

      • glamdeluxe 3 years ago

        Don’t ruin his liberal dementia.

  124. glamdeluxe 3 years ago

    What a load of poop. I guess these people never go to rural areas, third world countries etc.

  125. lopagus1 3 years ago

    gosh…by 2030 i’ll be 70. hopefully i’ll still be alive. i’ll still own a car, and my harley?…well, i’ll give up my harley when you pry it from my cold, dead [email protected]@!!!

  126. BillyBobThorton 3 years ago

    Not gonna happen. The cost will not be less the owning your own car. Let’s put it this way. You can buy perfectly good transportation for under 10k that will last 10 years. So 1000 a yr. plus maintenance+gas+insurance. Worst case $2400 a year. No way you can use autonomous taxis for that amount and have anywhere near the convenience level.

  127. americalsgt 3 years ago

    Recall ads from the 50’s of driverless cars with mom, dad and 2.2 kids playing board game in the back of the cars. Hasn’t happened and hope I DEROS before it happens.

  128. SNAKESRULE 3 years ago

    I have a 2015 tacoma…i guarangodamtee I’ll have it in 2030.

  129. +One 3 years ago

    According to Popular Mechanics when I was a kid, we all should have had flying cars by now.
    Imagine the tremendous taxes the government will levy against these fleets of electric cars. No more road tax from fuel, no huge base of car ownership paying registration fees,etc.

    That latte will cost $20, and the ride will cost $50. They forgot to factor in inflation….but on the bright side, you’ll be earning $15/hour…..

  130. ObamaReally Suucks 3 years ago

    total bullshit…….do you want to sit in a “car” that some crack head whore just got out of,,,,and she is wearing no panties and has 3 different sexuallly transmitted DISEASES ????
    THAT my friends is a REAL possiblity

  131. lopagus1 3 years ago

    what good would a car be for nancy pelosi? she’s already senile…she can’t drive. this is just the ticket for that nasty [email protected]

  132. WaitingForTheStorm 3 years ago

    Bull crap. I live almost 15 miles from the nearest town and I use a truck for managing my property. The only way I won’t have a personal transport vehicle is if I am dead.

  133. disciple2819 3 years ago

    Or… instead I would rather take a ride in a 1968 Firebird supercharged 400 that gets 12 miles to the gallon at best. Keep your AEV. I choose the freedom of choice.

    • john mcginnis 3 years ago

      1970 GTO, 400, quarter lifters, 4pack. 11mpg never passed up a gas station but the mileage was the same at 10mph or 110mph. Yeah baby! Sorry I ever sold that car.

  134. posse rush 3 years ago

    Nothing more than another system of control .. NO THANKS >>>

  135. john mcginnis 3 years ago

    The author/think tank is combining two factors and assumes they both must occur together. That is false. The two techs:
    a) Autonomous electric vehicles.
    b) Sharing said vehicle as the dominant mode of travel.

    (a) Can be quite successful without the need for (b) to be a factor. Fact the same tech that will make the electric vehicle less expensive would also be true for private ownership.

    (b) is already operating at one level, Uber and Lyft. But what makes Uber/Lyft is the fact that they are not paying for the burden of capitalization of the product (aka car) the user operator is. That changes a business model radically if they are buying the product. Compare the cost of Uber vs Hertz for say the same 50mi ride.

    The author also makes another critical miscalculation — Most of the major urban centers in this country already have public transport. AEVs will not change that picture much vs say taking SEPTA, BART, MARTA, etc. Finally there is the factor that won’t change at all. Getting into the public AEV that previous ride little johnny barfed all over the back seat will continue the experience NYers face every day.

    Besides, why not continue the Uber model with AEVs? I buy one, I turn it loose to earn money for me, but block out the time slots that I need it for. I make money for ME, not pay to someone else.

  136. Rick Carlton 3 years ago

    To paraphrase George Carlin; “bull crap.” Wait until the hazmat maintenance crisis associated with worn out Li-ION batteries finally bubbles up. That’ll be a real electric moment to be sure! (sarc off).

  137. allhaileris 3 years ago

    This can’t possibly hold true outside the large cities of the world. People who live and work in them have zero clue what life is like for everyone who doesn’t live that way.

  138. Dazeez5555 3 years ago

    And people who don’t live in the major cities would do what? Come on, is this propaganda paid for by electric and driverless car companies? I guess they need more government money.

  139. Scott Dailey 3 years ago

    This was obviously written by left coast idiots. The middle of the country does not look like New York City.

  140. Jeff Teague 3 years ago

    Seems to me I recall an old saying,” There’s no such thing as a free ride.” The Lure of another “free” government program will get rid of your independent mobility. What about paying off a car and owning it free and clear for five years without payments. Personally I’ll keep my wheels for as long as the government allows me to drive.

  141. tree207 3 years ago

    Manufacturers are now arguing that the consumer who “purchases” anything which requires extensive software for onboard computers to operate, does not “own” the item, but owns only the right (privilege) to operate that item.

    Regulation will force repair of vehicles to be done by only authorized agents due to the ownership rights of the inherent software contained in the vehicles. Expect the manufacturers to lobby successfully for the prohibition of the use of pre software vehicles (the ones an individual can keep in operation by themselves).

    • john mcginnis 3 years ago

      expect hell, that is already happened with farm tractors.

      • tree207 3 years ago

        Thank you. Another bit of news that is not in the news.

  142. Tim Brown 3 years ago

    Bullcrud. I will never let a friggin computer drive me. The damn ones we have at work don’t work half the time as it is. And this BS about free rides..yeah for welfare people who get everything for free now anyway

  143. Jon Rice 3 years ago

    Get serious….

  144. JohnnyIShootStuff 3 years ago

    So why aren’t trains and light rail more popular? I don’t look forward to the day when I’m forced to ride in an electric soda can that smells like weed, body odor, or having to find urine and feces in there from the last homeless guy who got a ride.

    No thanks, cars mean freedom and it’s that freedom that keep people buying them. I’ll stick with my 17mpg truck and be happy.

  145. steven reynolds 3 years ago

    So, will I be able to call one of these to take me down the 60+ miles of beach on the Padre Island national sea shore? I think I will keep my 4×4 suburban tyvm anyway.

  146. jtom 3 years ago

    Another idiot with a forecast. Where does one start with this absurdity? Ok, consider the impact on the grid if even a significant fraction are electric. (And a solar and wind powered grid, you say!!). Just why should some company pay for my daily work commute, in any type of vehicle? What about my drive to see the inlaws – 900 miles away? Now, what are the minimum requirements for this to happen: breakthrough in battery technology (been waiting fifty years for that. No breakthrough, just small, incrimental improvements). Autonomous cars. Might work in the city in limited situations, not in the ‘burbs (would they ‘see’ that school crossing guard holding up the stop sign?). Then you need a change in human behavior. Having a car gives one a feeling of control, and many ENJOY driving. How much capital would be required to bring this change over? I have two cars, one is twenty years old, the other, sixteen. If I bought a car in the next decade, which I will, I would not replace it in thirteen years.

    This forecast is too stupid to even be stupid. It’s worse than the mind-numbing forecast that a stable and reliable solar and wind powered electrical grid could be achieved anywhere near as cheaply as fossil fuel generating plants.

    • BobJohnson994 3 years ago

      Its because they have stock in some company and they are writing as someone else.

  147. Zigger 3 years ago

    Completely unrealistic.

  148. Jeff Teague 3 years ago

    Agenda 21…. Everyone will live in big cities.. the rest of the world will look like Road Warrior Thunderdome….. Yeehaw!

    • HankWil74 3 years ago

      There won’t be any farmers left; but the plants will become sentient and grow themselves… it’ll be awesome!

    • David169 3 years ago

      Agenda 21 isn’t very popular. I saw some targets for sale that were blue helmets.

  149. 55_Angus 3 years ago

    I see it working on a limited basis for city dwellers, but how the heck am I gonna pile a group of kids and their camping gear into a robot driven thing to go camping out in a national forest somewhere ? Need a ‘burb for that ,

    • Jeff Teague 3 years ago

      At that point they will not want you to leave the City reservation. You might damage the wild life. Besides, the carbon tax would be out of this world. Your presence would be offensive to animals and animal rights activists everyplace would be on your butt for breathing the air! Cultural appropriation of animals is not cool. And living in the wild is beautiful for the people in the Amazon but not you baby. Be thankful for your 10 foot square cubicle apartment that they’re going to give you and free ride in a tin can, keep your mouth closed.

      • steven reynolds 3 years ago

        OMGawd, im so glad i’m in my final years of life.

        • Jeff Teague 3 years ago


  150. BobJohnson994 3 years ago

    This article was written by people that have an investment interest in driverless cars.

  151. Dee Gee 3 years ago

    It reminds us prediction five years back, that polar cups are going to melt and the ocean water will flood costal areas. One polar cup melt partial, the other got thicker,
    costal areas are not flooded. Solar is fantastic, why Tesla is using dirty power
    from coal ? Factory should be disconnected from grid and run on solar power
    year around. How many thousands tons of coal Tesla uses to produce so called clean car ? We can say that death of cars will be here, if Tesla produces solar
    locomotive which will pull 600 tons on regular basis in any train and weather, any place.

  152. Garys_opinion 3 years ago

    They have been predicting it for years, along with dropping a pill in the gas tank and adding water.
    Years ago, when the automobile industry first started, my grandfather owned a blacksmith shop in Ligonier, Pa. where he shod horses. One day a man stopped by and offered him the Ford franchise for the area. My grandfather told him “No, those things will never catch on”.
    Nobody knows what the future holds.

  153. Ratcraft 3 years ago

    I live in liberal utopia. Just north of Seattle. I am 4.8 miles from work. Still no busses. Drive, ride my motorcycle or bicycle. No bus. I take a busy 4 lane road for 4.4 miles of that distance. No bus. Real busy stretch of road, no bus. It’s laughable. Yet in 13 years the grid will be full of electric powered free transports to anywhere anytime? Okay, yeah sure.

  154. StandingO 3 years ago

    Garbage. Get a horse.

  155. zero2sixty™ Trumpturd King 3 years ago

    I love my solar, my bill went from $475 per month down to $0

    • Grand2833 3 years ago

      No, don’t believe that. Lots of solar going up with government subsidies, no one is saying their monthly bill is going down to zero. Oh, and, by the way, what is the life expectancy for that solar cell array on your roof? Isn’t it about ten years if you’re lucky? After that you’re back on the grid or purchasing another system. Better hope they still have those government subsidies when you go to replace those solar cells.

      • zero2sixty™ Trumpturd King 3 years ago

        I dont need your belief or OK, just wish i would of done solar sooner…

  156. Scott Davis 3 years ago


    Good luck getting the key for my Challenger off of me!

  157. RIR fan 3 years ago

    Let’s put it this way. When I want to go, I don’t want to wait. I’ll be buying a new VW GTI or Focus RS soon, and I can’t wait to whip past creaky electric cars driving snowflakes around. Like a Grand Prix every time you hit the road, and you always win.

    • Scott Davis 3 years ago

      My challenger is just as quick as the 69 camero ss I had before it… much better gas mileage. But I pity the fool in the Smart Car.

  158. Zorro 3 years ago

    Just as NASTY as taking the Subway in New York or Greyhound anywhere. Public Transportation is FILTHY!

    • Scott Davis 3 years ago

      Take the metro in London — you’ll end up with black snot the next day. And that was 15 years ago…

  159. KevinF 3 years ago

    This isn’t a “major new report”, it’s nothing but pure hype and obvious nonsense.

    • Grand2833 3 years ago

      Thank you for that bit of common sense.

  160. odysseus660 3 years ago

    Let me guess. More car pools. My family will sit with some other loud rude people on cell phones. I love this left wing garbage.

  161. carlos 3 years ago

    We are getting closer to enjoying a ride in The Jetsons car.

    • steven reynolds 3 years ago

      It will be more like the Jetsons dumpster…enjoy the ride.

      • carlos 3 years ago

        Jetsons didn’t have a dumpster but thanks for being snarky.

        • steven reynolds 3 years ago

          Git out of toon town and join the real world and think about how nasty these things will be.

          • carlos 3 years ago

            The world is going to hell. Enjoy the ride and a beer. Have a nice day.

          • steven reynolds 3 years ago

            Wow,, I agree with you 100 %

  162. Mike . 3 years ago

    I ride a motorcycle. What happens to those? Will a riderless bike appear at my doorstep ready for me to hop on the back?

  163. Beaver Eater 3 years ago

    Everyone will be fitted with their own personal baby stroller if we keep electing these freaking control freaks.

  164. Samster 3 years ago

    Not if we the people have any say. Wishful thinking from the NWO wanting to have us all in mass transit cattle cars–won’t happen if we remain free.

  165. ibeshrinkwrapped 3 years ago

    bull shit.

  166. FreeToChoose 3 years ago


  167. Ralloh 3 years ago

    Thirteen years? Bull pucky. They will have to pry my steering wheel from my cold dead hands.

  168. Wally 3 years ago

    A city in 13 years like Chicago, NY or LA? There will be nobody left except MS-13, black gangs and a few die hard gays and trendies. Trust me fly over country will still have big blocks and duallys rolling the coal.

  169. Jeve Stones 3 years ago

    Total BS. This might work in major cities, but much later than 2030. This article forgets that demand drives markets. Will people give up the freedom that comes with vehicle ownership? Not in this lifetime. My favorite places to drive and frequent are dirt roads that aren’t on any GPS, and without electricity. It’s my opinion that people will reject this technology, environment be damned. The internal combustion engine is freedom.

  170. Katz P. Ajamas 3 years ago

    predicts that the everyone will have a job by 2030. While robots do all the complicated work, everyone else, as part of a government mandated fitness program, will take turns powering the public rickshaw network.

  171. biggerbeerfan 3 years ago

    “…a free ride because the local government has decided to make transport easier.”

    Hmm, seems like I’ve heard advice – or something – about being offered a “free ride”???

    • carlos 3 years ago

      If you like your can keep your car.

  172. Western 3 years ago

    You are an idiot. What a maroon.

  173. Mr Happy Man 3 years ago

    That is 12 1/2 years away. I bought my last car that I just got rid of 13 years ago. Ie, my time of ownership is longer than this future scenario.
    So what does all this mean? That means I don’t buy it. 12 1/2 years isn’t a very long time. Especially given that AI has a lot of bugs to work out, as well as the fear of hacking.
    Futurists have been dramatically wrong repeatedly in the past. If one sees the exhibits and promises of the 1962 World’s Fair, which was all about futurism, we can see that the today is considerably different than what they predicted that 50 years from that date would be. The world of today resembles the world of 1962 much more than it resembles the world of the Jetsons. The thing that futurists repeatedly fail to grasp is that the average person simply doesn’t embrace every single innovation that comes along. Except in Seattle or Silicon Valley, the average person adapts to innovation only when necessary to do so – as that is when we can afford to do it. Which is why the world doesn’t look anything like the futurists predict.

    • rentslave 3 years ago

      They didn’t realize that the Democrats’ 3-E-Egregious Egalitarian Equation would drain away precious resources that would have made that future possible.

  174. rentslave 3 years ago

    With all of the new parts I’ve put into my 1998 Cavalier,it should last until 2030.

    • JRS 3 years ago

      I had a Cav in ’93. That thing was a champ. Nothing to look at it ‘Chick Magnet’ but boy it got me there. That’s your thesis!

  175. LAURA KEY 3 years ago

    Who and how will cattle be hauled from farm to farm? How will hay and feed be hauled? How will building supplies for barns, homes and fences? How about hauling new construction supplies?
    The snowflakes think it is all about them….. because they have tunnel vision. Farmers and ranchers have WIDER vistas.

    • steven reynolds 3 years ago

      Shut up and eat your salad. And don’t e v e n think about cutting down a tree to build a n y t h i n g

  176. Ontime 3 years ago

    What if I want to go camping with my family amd we have a bunch of gear and the dog? How about when I drive out into the desert ro go shooting? How about when I need to replace part of a roof for my home or buy sheet material that is 4×8, or even buy and bring home 40 bags of concreat to pour a new slab for a shed? How about if a newborn just wont go to sleep at 3:30 am and you want to take them for a soothing drive?

    • rentslave 3 years ago

      They think that everyone is a Democrat.

  177. Karen Callahan 3 years ago

    Government would love it that people didn’t have their own personal cars. It is just one more step to a totalitarian government. Take away people’s freedom to drive where they want, when they want in their own personal cars. Control transportation, you control when and where citizens can go.

  178. Ge0ffrey 3 years ago


  179. Stuck_in_Ca√→ 3 years ago

    I will be buried in my Camaro and that will happen well beyond 2030.

    • steven reynolds 3 years ago

      I’m going to go out Bonnie and Clyde style in my suburban.

    • JRS 3 years ago

      F ya! So cool.

  180. Look787 3 years ago

    No one knows what 2030 is going to bring. Who knows, America might be in a Civil War by then

    • rentslave 3 years ago

      We’re not now?

    • carlos 3 years ago

      2030: President Ivanka Trump.

  181. FloatingIdeas 3 years ago

    This is a great dream for people who live, work, go to school, and stay within a 10-20 mile area. This will do nothing for long-distance commuters, unless carpool options and school bus tactics are used.

    The major issues are people who enjoy life. Camping, long drives, motorcycles, beach goers, vacation people who would rather spend a couple hundred dollars driving to Disney rather than spending thousands flying.

    Keep your utopian style of being a lemming, follow everybody else like in the movie “Lego Movie,” and I will laugh as I drive by.

    The only thing that would entice me is having auto-pilot set to GPS. That would be a much nicer reality.

    • FloatingIdeas 3 years ago

      Just keep singing “everything is awesome”

      • carlos 3 years ago

        Ray Stevens “Everything is beautiful”

        • FloatingIdeas 3 years ago

          The streak

          • carlos 3 years ago

            He was a hit maker.

          • steven reynolds 3 years ago

            Grampa voted democrat

    • rentslave 3 years ago

      I do 95 per cent of my driving in a 10-20 mile area but this nonsense won’t help me.Tomorrow,I’ll drive to the barber shop,then get some milk at the store,then go home to change,then drive to the high school track,then drive to the gym,then drive home.What would that service cost?

      • FloatingIdeas 3 years ago

        Oh….. it will be absolutely free. In fact, they will have cars deliver that stuff to you.

        • FloatingIdeas 3 years ago

          The government will create even more sponges than they already have

  182. MikeR 3 years ago

    Fake news.

    • JRS 3 years ago

      The scary thing here is this genius got a tax payer paid grant to create this dreck. The Aussies are much tougher than this. Step up mates.

  183. MrClean417 3 years ago

    It’s the same problem with all things socialist. everyone will only take what they need. Right? Hasn’t worked yet, ever but the high and mighty still keep trying. I like the last line that deals with those of us in the suburbs.
    “Even in suburban and rural areas, where wait times and cost might be
    slightly higher, adoption is likely to be more extensive than generally
    forecast because of the greater impact of cost savings on lower incomes”
    Ya, when we take away everyone’s job and decide how much money they should get while working in the gulag, they’ll realize they will ride what we tell them. After all, we’re gutting their paycheck.
    And I used to think the absolute lunacy of the world portrayed in “Rollerball” was a hoot. 7 or 8 ultra wealthy men controlling the whole world. Only if the college trained sheep allow them.

  184. Bob Loblaw 3 years ago

    Thanks, but I’ll keep my car. Idiots.

  185. Dave Williams 3 years ago

    You can’t get GDP growth when all you are doing is replacing something with something else. And guess what , MORON, it will never happen in your lifetime or mine.

  186. GabbaGabba 3 years ago

    I had the unfortunate opportunity to go to Denver last week. You would not believe the mass of cracker box, single unit, socialist utopian dwellings that are going up there. For those sheep who live their lives according to the globalist, central planners edict, when things go south, and you do not have wheels with which to high-tail it out of your wonderfully diverse cities, you will succumb to them. Bigly.

    • rentslave 3 years ago

      If they hack the EBT system,there will be many mini-Mogadishus popping up.

  187. Brad 3 years ago

    All you people dismissing this aren’t just wrong. You’re incredibly wrong. You’ll give up your car voluntarily because the benefits will be enormous. Even more so for autonomous driving.

    • Pakvi Roti 3 years ago

      No I will not. Never.

    • steven reynolds 3 years ago

      Name one benefit?

      • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

        Less people die on the roadways

        • steven reynolds 3 years ago

          Prove it.

          • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

            Less morons driving = less morons running into cars and people. common sense

          • steven reynolds 3 years ago

            so these tin cans are perfectly capable of never having accidents?

          • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

            They have already been tested and have shown to be FAR safer than human drivers.

          • steven reynolds 3 years ago

            They are crashing all the freakin time

          • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

            No they aren’t. The rate of crashes or driver error is a fraction of humans.

          • steven reynolds 3 years ago

            Yes they are. Besides, crashing is just a price we pay for one of our freedoms. I guess you dont care about freedoms. If this is such a grand idea, have you given up driving yet?

          • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

            30k people are killed on the road every year, many more are injured. The cost is high. driverless cars have already been tested and the rate of accidents is FAR less than humans. Go research it yourself.

          • steven reynolds 3 years ago

            Im not going to worry about it . Not happening in my life time anyway.

          • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

            The rate of technological advancement doubles every few years now.

          • GabbaGabba 3 years ago

            How rich is it that you misspelled ‘common sense’?

          • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

            Ad hominem attacks are used by people that can’t make factual points.

          • GabbaGabba 3 years ago

            I’m not rebutting your point. I’m pointing out your initial misspelling. And the fact is, you incorrectly spelled the word ‘common sense’ when seeking to rebut Steven Reynolds while calling other people ‘morons’. Glad you corrected it. Now this thread is about nothing. Have a great night.

          • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

            Drunk Driving fatalities and crashes would be reduced significantly. No question

      • Brad 3 years ago

        Someone/thing else takes care of maintenance.

        Someone/thing else cleans it.

        Someone/thing else fuels it.

        You only pay for as much car as you use. No more than that.

        You can use different cars depending on your immediate need.

        That’s 5.

        • steven reynolds 3 years ago

          I enjoy doing my own maintenance. Public transportation will never never come close to the cleanliness of my cars and trucks. I have different vehicles to handle the needs of the task at hand.
          Nice try.

          • Brad 3 years ago

            You’re free to pay two or three times in order to have multiple vehicles. Most people won’t because they’d rather not waste money on depreciating assets.

            Why do your own maintenance when you can share the costs with several other people? It’s a waste of your time/money.

            If you want a cleaner car, you can pay for the better car service. That’s called capitalism. If someone wants a cleaner car someone will provide that service.

            You haven’t even begun to think this through.

          • steven reynolds 3 years ago

            you did not need to go past your first sentence. By the time you got to paragraph 2.. I see you are a good lil socialist.

          • Brad 3 years ago

            That’a not socialism. That’s the market providing something better (smarter) than individual ownership and people drivers. Capitamism will bring this regardless of what public transportation does.

            I’m not a socialist. I’m a capitalist, but in order to argue you have to name call.

          • steven reynolds 3 years ago

            It’s socialism if you force others to participate in your plan of sharing this and that. Name calling is a lot different than calling you out on ideology..

          • Brad 3 years ago

            I named several that will apply to 90% of people. You may be an exception. But even that’s unlikely.

          • steven reynolds 3 years ago

            This idea might be a good fit for the new generation of people these days. Hard to find someone over 25 that has ever even added air to a tire, or knows how.

    • JRS 3 years ago

      Blw me. You can pry me from my GTO.

    • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

      People are idiots on the road. This would save thousands of lives per year.

    • GabbaGabba 3 years ago

      You have an absolutely incorrect perspective on the American psyche. It’ll take generations of brainwashing to breed the car lover out of Americans. It’s in our blood. The Europeans will likely submit to this foolishness and loss of freedom (that is, after all what a car provides. Freedom) but V8 is STILL a religion to many and I’m not talking about the vegetable drink.
      I’ve never seen a Fast and Furious movie. But it’s pretty obvious, the next generation isn’t buying this Prius, battery powered crap any more than mine did. Muscle car sales are through the roof.

      • JRS 3 years ago

        God bless you GG.

        • GabbaGabba 3 years ago

          Vroom, vroom, JRS. You too.

  188. Tk69 3 years ago


  189. Jack Hammer 3 years ago

    This sounds inevitable. You are all faggots

    • steven reynolds 3 years ago

      Ya know, words like that can get you arrested these days.

  190. Spazzz 3 years ago

    In 1970, Popular Mechanics said we’d all be flying helicopters by the turn of the century….

    • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

      Yeah but the Technology is here right now. It’ll happen

      • JRS 3 years ago

        Jack: I usually refrain from calling someone out: You have a cool handle and are probably a righteous dude/dudette. Live up to your name. Go buy a Mustang or something. Live a fulfilled life. No matter how short.

        • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

          If you need a car to fulfill you then you more serious problems. I can be cool and content with nothing or with everything

          • JRS 3 years ago

            Best success then.

  191. Greg 3 years ago

    Until cars can be charged up for free by the sun electric cars being any kind of significant mode of transportation is just wishful thinking.

    • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

      New road technology allows you to charge your car as you drive. The UK is going to use it,

      • Info warrior E 3 years ago

        Will it tow my boat to the lake and back without a charge?

          • Info warrior E 3 years ago

            Sorry to burst your bubble but not one of these vehicles can pull a damn thing! You think they can pull the roof off my tesla so I can pull my fifth wheel as well?

          • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

            The benefit for society would be exponential. You’ll go along like everybody else.

          • Info warrior E 3 years ago

            I don’t want to be like anybody else ever ewwww. I see these tech nerds riding in mini cars while I’m sitting in my truck cracking up at them and wondering why the male has devolved into a square!

          • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

            The technology is apolitical. These type of advancements will help do away with all of the left vs right nonsense that never ends.

          • Info warrior E 3 years ago

            So your all for cutting everybody’s penis and clits off so there is no difference? Sorry man but ever heard of different strokes for different folks? Nobody wants to conform and nobody wants to be like everyone else. We want to make different amounts of money, we want to drink different kinds of beer, we want three brands of trucks to buy, and we want freedom! It’s odd that tech people or just weirdos in general actually think you can provide a single income to everybody and force them to live like a robot. Not gonna happen to many people will take advantage of every little part of tech till it collapses it’s called finding loopholes in stupid technology. This is why some people don’t use conformist sites like Facebook or instagram, it’s why some choose to put zero info out there for others to see. I go camping and boating I’m an American that travels I don’t sit in solidarity in a big city I think city boys don’t know much about anything. I’ll take my freedom and guns over anything this communist leftist ideology can provide. When the chips come for your wrists I’ll take the bullet!

          • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

            non-conformity is another form of conformity. Just look at all of the technology people use now. 20 years lots of “non-conformists” said they’d never get a cell phone, then they said they’d never get a smart phone. Automation will do away with a lot of jobs in the near future. a lot of people will end up unemployable. So unless you want to 3rd world crime rates in your neighborhood a universal basic income. Eventually Technology will make money obsolete

    • JRS 3 years ago

      Hell, how are they going to charge them in CA? Home of the dipstick, land of the utility challenged.

  192. juanjeremy2012 3 years ago


    • JRS 3 years ago

      Or frozen pizza. That sh-t is awful.

  193. Slartibartfast 3 years ago

    There is so much wrong with this study that it’s hard to know where to start. So I won’t, except to say that the premise is as flawed as the proof. If cities are not willing to confiscate the earnings of all its inhabitants, they will collapse under the weight of their own hubris and waste. Survival and freedom exist in small units – small cities, towns, hamlets, and crossroads. Now, if you want to discuss hovercraft over current vehicles, THAT’S a conversation we can have.

  194. Info warrior E 3 years ago

    So this ride hailing service is gonna bring a one ton electric truck To my house and tow my boat to the lake for free? Hahah yeah they would truly love to conform Americans into their sick ideals of teaching children about tranny’s and giving us a ride in a vehicle expected to crash roughly two miles down the road. Tech is dying if you can’t see that then stop writing articles about it!

  195. KevinF 3 years ago

    I actually used to be an automotive market research analyst — one of the few in the world in my field, in fact. So let me explain what IMHO is the purpose of such a hyperbolic report as this. It’s NOT to accurately predict what will be happening in ten years. The purpose of this report, I’d say, is to fill a market demand for reports predicting what this report predicts. There are entrepreneurs in the field of self-driving cars and related “TaaS” ideas who are trying to pull money from venture capitalists or bankers; there are companies trying to get money or acquisitions from Investment bankers; there are even humble managers trying to push ideas in their corporations.

    What these folks are looking for is some apparently objective, third-party analyst providing “evidence” for their own wacky idea. No one actually thinks market research analysts have a crystal ball. It’s simply 3rd-party ammunition for your argument. If you can write such a report, you can sell it to these desperate people. I used to sell reports for $10,000 or more — literally emailing out the PDF file to customers as my deliverable — and my reports were merely sensible reports for middle managers forecasting slight changes in this or that market. Imagine what you can do in today’s tech-bubble market to these bro-entrepreneurs.

    So here we have a report predicting that the 260 million light vehicles currently in operation will be abandoned by EVERYONE within a few years. That the 17 million cars a year US new-car market will totally evaporate to zero in just a few years. That not only hipsters in San Francisco but also rednecks in Arkansas will lose all interest in vehicle ownership and rely on Uber to get around. Based on what actual evidence? None. Based on what trend? None. Don’t worry, this report will serve its purpose and sucker dumb journalists needing an article and venture capitalists who are spraying-and-praying money to every idea in sight. But, no one expects rational people to believe any of this horse shit.

    • Info warrior E 3 years ago

      Most sensible explanation made!

    • JRS 3 years ago

      Let’s boil it down. Like every other left wing, elitist prediction, they punt it out there 30-50 years because they will be DEAD when the time comes and proves their theories wrong! (In the interim, our tax dollars fund these douche canoes).

    • fcabanski 3 years ago

      You hit the nail on the head.

  196. TAG 3 years ago

    I live in a 100% cellular coverage service area negatively impacted by terrain. There are NO DISCOUNTS for that.

    Population 550. Nearest grocery store 6.8 miles on pavement. Humans outnumbered by cows by factor of five.

    I have to drive over two miles to call 911 and even then get “network failure” errors.

    Tell me about all this tech advancement

    • Info warrior E 3 years ago

      Sounds like you have the life.

  197. Shawn Lerch 3 years ago

    Here we go! More social engineering by presenting absolute BS as “science”. Must be the same scientists that told us 30 years ago we would be a giant block of ice, and the same scientists that 20 years ago said New York would be under water. Now those charletons say it’s “Climate Change”. Same hoax, BS, propaganda scam science playbook for 30 years

    • carlos 3 years ago

      “Climate Change”.

      They’re already trying to get carbon taxes passed. That will hurt drivers even more with taxes for emissions. Guilt some into giving up the car because “the car industry has a fever”

  198. konc2 3 years ago

    These people have to be the most stupid carbon life forms on the planet, they obviously don’t live out in middle and rural America, so all of their ignorant blather is just that, blather.

    • JRS 3 years ago

      Freedom Konc. Enough said.

  199. NYC1977 3 years ago

    The heck with that. I love old cars and will never give them up.

    • Info warrior E 3 years ago

      Here here

  200. Jose Alverez 3 years ago

    Pretty funny, but maybe in New Joke City or Washington D.C..
    Written by another little ivory tower cretin.

  201. Rogertc1 3 years ago

    In the North country electric cars do not do well making a 75 mile trip at 10 below zero. Why are there no underground subways in Lincoln Nebraska?

    • Info warrior E 3 years ago

      Because trucks, mud tires, and freedom! God bless America!

      • JRS 3 years ago

        And jumper cables! The bigger the better!

  202. Nashville Jam 3 years ago

    Seems hard to imagine now, but it makes sense to me. The one thing that doesn’t quite jibe is that it means a dramatic reduction in fossil fuel consumption. Electricity doesn’t grow on trees, it’s generated. Today, most of that generation comes from fossil fuels. That will continue to be the case for a long time to come because, as the author of the article points out over and over, lower cost is the main factor influencing consumer choice. And alternatives to fossil fuels will never be cheaper, without hidden costs like subsidies, especially if they are scaled up to try and capture a much larger share of total power generation because at that point the so-far hidden problems of trying to generate, retain and distribute power on a massive scale will become evident.

  203. RegisteredDemocrat 3 years ago

    How about the compared maintenance costs? Because I just spent $6300 to replace the battery pack in my wifes Leaf. That would last nearly 10 years of fuel + oil changes for my Fiesta which routinely gets 45mpg.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer that all vehicles should be government owned and operated (100% autonomous of course) in the long run. Citizens should only have the privilege of ride-sharing or taking mass transit.

    • Info warrior E 3 years ago

      Why should people be robots?

    • Info warrior E 3 years ago

      Why should we be communist America?

    • headachecured 3 years ago

      You actually admit to being a moron?

      • Leone 3 years ago

        Check his fake username and upvote record…We’ve seen this Lefty troll before…A frequent flier moron for sure.

    • Info warrior E 3 years ago

      Ride sharing or buses are not a privelage it’s a punishment

  204. JV 3 years ago

    In 1963 they also predicted flying cars by 1980

    • headachecured 3 years ago

      Dam! I want my flying car!!!

    • Leone 3 years ago

      We actually had flying cars in 1980…But nobody wanted to buy them…Where do you land? It’s a long crowded drive from the nearest airport…Just as soon drive straight home…Just saying.

  205. NotClauswitz 3 years ago

    I already don’t own a car, it’s useless to me since I own a truck. Living in the country things are different, and we don’t care how they do things in asphalt alley.

    • Info warrior E 3 years ago

      God bless you

  206. Rogertc1 3 years ago

    Transporters like on Star Trek will eliminate the need for any vehicles by 2031. I read this on the internet.

    • AC7880 3 years ago

      Nano Nano.

    • Mina 3 years ago

      Of course, then, that makes it true.

  207. Leone 3 years ago

    I call BS….Nobody is giving up their cars or their freedom to travel, at will, except the city dwelling metrosexual Left….And most of them already take taxis.

    Personally, I prefer my pickup truck for its towing capacity and utility…But to each their own.

    • Mina 3 years ago

      I have three large piles of limbs and twigs in the back yard ready to haul to the land fill to be composted to produce natural gas to power Atlanta City vehicles. Mayor of Atlanta “Mr Toonerville Trolley” now says he wants every city vehicle to run on natural gas by some future year. Hopefully we can vote that socialist out and he can move to California. I can’t put the piles in the front, because there is not enough space between the mail box and the new construction next door. So, I guess I’ll have to wait for an electric self-driving truck to come along and what…?

  208. AC7880 3 years ago

    Yeah right. In only 13 years most cars will be gone. LOL!!! Who believes this kind of tripe?

  209. paganpink 3 years ago

    I would bet 50 thousand dollars that this prediction- LIKE SOLAR- will not happen! And the notion that increasingly complex self driving vehicles will virtually last forever is nothing short of idiotic. The cost and benefits of the extraordinary energy density of fossil fuels has beaten silly forecasters like this fellow decade after decade. We still have less then 1% electric vehicles on the road after expending more then a trillion dollars of tax payers money pushing them in the last decade alone. Fake news. Fake scirnce. Fake predictions!

  210. headachecured 3 years ago


  211. JDSoCal 3 years ago

    “Enormous uptake of solar”? On what planet is that, LOL.

  212. Info warrior E 3 years ago

    When the left want you to conform so badly ask yourself why.

    • Bernard Marx 3 years ago

      In a word- “CONTROL” ….


  213. Stephen A. Weiss 3 years ago

    At first glance and without finishing the report I think it’s incorrect and in areas of the United States in which I have lived TaaS is very, very impractical. In example my permanent primary residence lies in a geographically restrained physical area wherein no more than 80,000 people reside over an area approximately 20 miles wide measured North to South and 100 miles long East to West separated by a major river ranging in width from as little as 200 yards and as wide as one mile with no more than 7 bridges in total. An additional factor working against a prophecy such as this report is an extremely high character trait of individualism and practical situations such as the occasion in which an individual has need for emergency medical transportation to one of the three hospitals over the entire area.

  214. ohiograndma 3 years ago

    This article reveals a complete misunderstanding of how rural areas operate.

  215. tvor03 3 years ago

    “By 1963, we will have a dozen permanent colonies on the moon… “

    • Bernard Marx 3 years ago

      Sure! And it will look like “Space 1999″….


  216. NoMoreMrNiceGuy 3 years ago

    No one will be eating sandwiches in 2030.

  217. T E Lawrence 3 years ago

    I will be 82 in 2030, probably legally blind & I wont give a hoot!

    What difference does it make????????????

  218. Gordon Fraser 3 years ago

    They’d have to pry my car from my dead fingers. I concede gov may force it upon the city dwellers but they bloody deserve it.

  219. Maria-Erlinda Martinez 3 years ago

    Like “The Cloud” (i.e., the more than three decades old dream of Oracle’s Larry Ellison, of replacing personal, autonomous, computers into dumb-terminals hooked to servers that will host all what those terminals will request…if allowed by the powers that be, which one day could be government), this ruse of “fleet-owned transportation” is another step towards collectivization. The day government is leftist enough, it will take possession of “The Cloud” and fleet-owned transportation, along with healthcare (which is where Obamacare points to), and so forth.

    Of course, the “ultimate aim” (Marx’s) is the world as a ONE community, i.e., world communism. It is all in Marx’s and Engels’ writings; just read what those sadomasochist psychopath maniacs, and their followers, wrote, and keep writing, and pushing for…and in the process, causing terrible horrors, as what last century saw in the, thank God, Soviet Union and its satellites, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy (fascism, and its cousin, Nazism, are forms of socialism, and any form on socialism is, in varied degrees, a steppingstone towards communism, i.e., “the ultimate aim”). Of course, despite the canard of complete equality, there will always be those who finagle creating a cusp that they escalate and become the rulers, and live like kings, while making the “masses” live like worker-ants, to which effect those rulers employ all forms of suppression, repression, and subjugation. Try to watch on Youtube the Costa-Gavras’ French movie “The Confession” (L’aveu, in French) with Yves Montand and Simone Signoret. [Gavras is an idealist communist who, however, denounces the inherent horrors committed in the name of socialism and communism.]

    Some fools still adhere to socialism and communism; which, in free societies, they are unrestrained. But the huge problem is that in their maniacal pursuit of their sadomasochistic utopia, they will keep harming millions and millions. But they are very cunning; for example, they call themselves “progressives”, term which has is origin in this context, in Marx’s contention that humanity is, per his distorted materialistic dialectic interpretation of humanity’s past and present, and envision of its future, humanity is inevitably “progressing” toward his version of socialism, as a inevitable steppingstone toward “the ultimate aim”, his version of communism.

    Don’t be fooled by those who call themselves “progressive” knowing very-well what the term means (e.g., Hillary, Obama, Van Jones, Richard Durbin, Elizabeth Warren, and thousands of others in the ideology/doctrine/praxis nucleus of the Democrat Party…which should not to be confounded with the DNC, although the two overlap to some extent). Many ignoramuses pick the term “progressive” and tag it upon themselves out of their crass ignorance, as, a prima face, it sounds very attractive. Rest assured that is not as real progress, as in science, medicine, engineering, technology, etc; it is “progress” to proto-human kind of life, if that can be called living.

    Of course there are millions of bastardized free-enterprise operators who, in the pursuit of even a meager one dollar profit will help materialize Lenin’s prophesy: “The capitalists will sell us the ropes with which we will hang them.”

  220. JDH 3 years ago

    not going to happen….people still like to control their destiny!

  221. LINYRoadKing 3 years ago

    Lol these are the same people who told use the polar ice caps would be gone by 2005, half the costal regions would be under water by 2010 and in the 1980’s they said within 20 years everything would be fully automated. What people have to realize is federally funded programs within tech and science have to put out exaggerated predictions to keep their grant money coming in. Will their be self driving cars probably. Will they be mandatory lol come on. You’re going to tell a rural family they have to surrender their cars and trucks to use services that will charge up the ass lol. Maybe the urban brain dead liberaltards but it will be impossible to cover the hundreds of millions who want independent free travel.

  222. Bernard Marx 3 years ago

    “Speed is the freedom of soul”…..


  223. mcc99 3 years ago

    On-demand transport is very attractive. But it lacks the level of convenience that pvt. car ownership provides. When ppl want to go somewhere, they want to leave immediately, typically. Waiting even 10 mins. for a ride to arrive is enough to break the system. The only rsn ppl in big cities put up with waiting for taxis and uber rides is b/c they can’t afford to own a car in that city. Being eco-conscious has nothing to do with the decision. Autonomous cars may be popular in big cities when they get loose. They may put taxis and uber drivers out of business. Fine. But don’t kid yourselves into thinking suburbanites and country folk will gladly wait 10-30 mins for an auto. car to show up to take them somewhere. Ppl may buy self-driving cars, yes, but forego ownership to wait for an auto. car to appear? This economic decision has already been made when considering taxis and ubers in suburbs and in the countryside. The ppl have already spoken. They’d rather own than wait for a car to come and get them.

  224. Jane Dowe 3 years ago

    Bull$#it. People will still own cars. I take this article with a boulder sized grain of salt. Cars are ingrained in the psyches of Americans
    Back in 1963, these same yy5pes of people predicted thst we’d all have flying cars by 1973.

  225. Done 3 years ago

    Retarded liberal hacks…. I forsee in 13 years the writer of this trash will be handing me my food at the DRIVE THRU….

  226. oahumike 3 years ago

    They’ll have to pry my SUV from my cold, dead hands.

  227. Old Sod 3 years ago

    You will see a paperless bathroom first.

  228. Bernard Marx 3 years ago

    And by 2055 Teleportation will pull the plug on the snazzy “Autonomous Car Industry”…..


  229. Freeway 3 years ago

    1st) I will always prefer to drive myself as long as I am able. The independence of driving without being tracked by some rideshare’s software is also appealing.

    2nd) Self driving cars are at a MINIMUM 10 years away. And once they get here it will take ANOTHER 10 years to be able to drive on almost every road.

  230. Ron Johnson 3 years ago

    Will this car put my boat in the water?

    I’m calling BS on the whole thing

    • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

      WIll your ability to put your boat in the water save 30k lives on the road every year?

      • steven reynolds 3 years ago

        So we should all just sit in our little cube house and look at each other for fun .Bow to the picture of the latest eco god of the time. Ask for permission to go outside and get our allotment of sunshine…I just dont want to live in your world at all , any, none

      • Ron Johnson 3 years ago

        If putting my boat in the water saves 1 person its worth it.

        You realize the author is completely out of touch with reality, don’t you?

    • hammerstamp 3 years ago

      It’ll put the boat and the car in the water and then give you a fireworks show when the battery explodes.

      • Ron Johnson 3 years ago

        Probably programmed to never get closer than 20′ to water

  231. Hillbilly_WV 3 years ago

    “Why is this? Because everything will be cheaper.”

    When has this ever happened?

    • Freeway 3 years ago

      I know right? Like they never heard of inflation. A regular size candy bar is now around $1.29 at a convenience store. I remember it costing $0.50 20 years ago.

  232. Orlin Pettit 3 years ago

    Wishful thinking run amok… by someone who, if I were to hazard a guess, lives in New York City.

  233. Dan Egan 3 years ago

    The author’s vision seems to be based on an assumption of free electricity.

    • sleeperd 3 years ago

      Isn’t that incredible..!? I’ve often asked proponents of electric cars… many of whom profess to be strident “enviromentalists”.. who hate coal fired power plants… WHERE WILL YOU GET THE ELECTRICITY TO POWER TENS OF MILLIONS OF AUTO’s..???
      Most often I’m met with a blank stare.

      • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

        Solar technology on Roads. geothermal, wave, solar, wind. Its all out there

        • sleeperd 3 years ago

          Yes.. and they’re all so wildly successful because they’re all so cost effective…

          • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

            Everything is becoming less and less cost effective. our debt and money expansion and borrowing will make all of this inevitable. System will fail

          • sleeperd 3 years ago

            Jack… I have no idea what you’re talking about….
            Do you…???

          • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

            Most people don’t. We have over 3 trillion dollars in circulation right now, we had about 800 billion 10 years ago. So things have become more expensive, outsourcing has increased along with part time employement. consumer debt rises coupled with 1.3 trillion in student debt, all while running over a 20 trillion national deficit that we will never pay back. has any of this gotten you rich? no. system will fail soon

  234. Robert Catt 3 years ago

    No doubt the article was written by Elon Musk

  235. Johnny Wendigo 3 years ago


  236. sleeperd 3 years ago

    Like so many other elements of our society, the operation of automobiles has become feminized. I offer the notion that most women – not all – but most do not enjoy driving a 3,000 lb. moving vehicle at any substantial speed. The industry has responded by encumbering autos with every device possible to relieve the driver of any responsibility, i.e., engine lites, GPS systems, backup videos, etc. etc… all of which have added tens of thousands to the cost of a new vehicle… and made it virtually impossible to do any work on the vehicle yourself.
    Most auto insurance commercials are designed to scare the daylights out of women by elucidating all the horrible things that can happen to you when driving a car…(“I totaled my car by smashing it into a tree.. and the insurance co. will only pay for 3/4 of the cost…”)
    The entire movement to force driverless cars on us is nirvana to many women.. and now some metrosexual males.
    The auto industry is being emasculated.

    • Bernard Marx 3 years ago

      Why I buy pre 1996 vehicles – easier to work on and less of the b.s. you stated

    • happy1ga 3 years ago

      If it makes you feel any better, there’s still a few of us old school, Gen X gals around. I drive a 69 Dodge Charger with a Bulldog .44 on the seat beside me when I’m alone. When I have any of my 8 grandchildren with me, it is relegated to the lockbox under the seat. 🙂
      I am definitely anti emasculating males! The sheer criminality is mind boggling. 6 of my grandchildren are fine young males & I will not stand for anyone feminizing or demonizing them. Over my dead body, and that .44 is ALWAYS loaded.

      • sleeperd 3 years ago

        Then you go, girl… locked and loaded.

  237. hammerstamp 3 years ago

    I have a feeling this idea will receive a collective middle finger from those who like doing their own driving.

  238. CFLAP 3 years ago

    Corporate greed is going to kill the auto industry. cars are already unaffordable without 7-10 year financing.

    • Jack Hammer 3 years ago


    • Mina 3 years ago

      The price per basic vehicle cannot rise about the ability of the average joe to buy one. Not for long. If the companies cannot sell enough they go out of business. In capitalism there should be competitors starting up to under sell. We need to protect the small businesses. If not then we will be like V in SA. They are starving down there under socialism.

  239. Joe Mcg 3 years ago

    Americans will not give up their freedom.

    • Bernard Marx 3 years ago


  240. Jim Gonzales 3 years ago

    I also want to see them drive in the snow. Would never put my life in the hands of one of these during winter period.

  241. bobussery 3 years ago

    Fake news, way bogus projections…sponsored news = sales pitch.

  242. Jolat 3 years ago

    Keep dreamin

  243. Doug Day 3 years ago

    Cities. Big cities.

  244. Shadowking 3 years ago

    American individualism says “No.”

  245. Jack Hammer 3 years ago

    Americans will be conditioned to accept Taas as the norm and Individual driving as the exception over time. Rural areas will not be as economically viable. And as we can all see the rest of the world is immigrating here, Mexico, South America, India and especially the chinese. The US population will grow and grow. will Reach 1 billion by 2100

  246. Eric Meckes 3 years ago

    With country’s moving more toward VAT Tax’s which increases taxation on every single part that goes into the manufacturing of a vehicle, within 10 years nobody will be able to afford a car anyway, with average prices already creeping upward so drastically, the average car is already up into the high 40’s to high 50’s, once Governments are able to gain complete control over our transportation, our healthcare, our living accommodations and what we can and cannot eat, it will be game over for freedom. And by the way, this person who made all the claims must be another Al Gore Barack Obama buddy like their friends who tried to sell us Solyndra, ended up costing the taxpayers billions between all their now defunct solar companies which I’m sure have paid them both handsomely with OUR money.

  247. Jolat 3 years ago

    Will they make an autonomous electric vehicle with 707 horsepower like the dodge hellcat? I’m sure the owners of those cars didn’t care much about their monthly budget allotment. You see my dear Aussie neighbors, efficient and cost effective does not apply to everything. Especially here in America. Enjoy your drones. We have GT’s, SS’s, SRT’s and AMG’s. See you at the finish line.

  248. topknot 3 years ago

    I paid $1000.00 for the very used car I drive…

    The internal combustion engine is the most beautiful thing humans ever invented. Sorry, EV nerds… IC cars are and will be king until the last drop of oil runs dry.

  249. Duocore2 3 years ago

    Can you say virus?

  250. dave davies 3 years ago


  251. factscount 3 years ago

    Stupid people writing stupid predictions that can never come true. Freedom to move independently is the order of this day, yesterday, and tomorrow day. This idea is from an entrepreneur who will never be.

  252. rob 3 years ago

    Will such a future increase the use of coal to generate electricity?

  253. Ann_Banisher 3 years ago

    Ok, even if you assume that its all autonomous electric cars in the near future, how does that reduce congestion? People are still traveling on the road.
    Where does all the new electricity comes from? Unless the grid is powered by nuke or hydro, it’s still carbon based.
    This is just delusion piled on top of fantasy.

  254. azgirl 3 years ago

    The really cool thing is that they will be pollution-free because they are electric. /sarc However, the places where the electricity comes from may be another matter.

  255. factscount 3 years ago

    If our education system keeps producing these empty-headed freaks, this could happen!!

  256. PRONESE 3 years ago

    Rethink, Please keep your chart remarks to yourselves. Most of Us are not buying it.

  257. Gomez Addams 3 years ago

    Yes, and as Ted Danson predicted, the earth will be uninhabitable (global warming) by the year 2000. Nim-rods …

  258. krisatkins 3 years ago

    Never happen. No electric vehicle could ever go where I did this weekend. Plus, no cell service available to call for pickup.

  259. azgirl 3 years ago

    Or another possibility is, once they have somewhat of a monopoly on transportation, it might cost you 20 bucks to take a ride around the block.

  260. ben 3 years ago

    Wow this article must have made it into the feed of a right wing nut job group in the USA, judging by the comments.

    • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

      Just reactionaries. Critical thinking and analysis is hard work.

      • ben 3 years ago

        For a moment there I was taking them seriously.

        • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

          People are averse to change. I’m more center-right but i see technology as alleviating stupidity in society and fixing things rather than politics

          • disqus_9gWXa5XKeC 3 years ago

            Oh I agree. I’d characterise myself as a moderate centrist politically with a heavy science-technology bent. The major benefits to society, IMHO, have come through technology – mass vaccination, mass communication, the internet, rollout of sewerage systems, mass production, agricultural systems and so on. I see the future of clean scale-out distributed solar and storage, smart grids, AEVs, automation etc dealing with much of the “stupidity alleviation”.

          • Gomez Addams 3 years ago

            In other words, a Nerd in momma’s basement who has never kissed a girl

          • disqus_9gWXa5XKeC 3 years ago

            Well I am certainly a nerd

          • Gomez Addams 3 years ago

            Ta-Daaaa … a moment of agreement ! Now, if only the demon-cats and re-pubic-ans could learn that art of political compromise …

          • disqus_9gWXa5XKeC 3 years ago

            While I can’t really comment on American politics, I really have to wonder how you are going to possibly forge a consensus, if the sort of dialogue I have seen on the internet is any example. Such hyperpartisanism is not going to do your country any good whatsoever. I wish you all the best.

          • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

            There are no solutions politically. Technology is the only thing that can “save” us.

          • Gomez Addams 3 years ago

            She BLINDED ME with SCIENCE !!

          • disqus_9gWXa5XKeC 3 years ago

            That’s what I’m beginning to think to. Look at energy. We’re now seeing the potential for energy efficiency at the domestic and industrial levels contributing to a massive reduction in demand, and thus CO2e emissions. Same for scale out solar, domestic batteries and so on

    • Gomez Addams 3 years ago

      Yes, we deplorables are an ignorant, snot-slinging, teeth-deprived and IQ-deprived lot. We soooooooo depend on the intellectual pontification of self-appointed arbiters of truth such as yourself. Do continue with your wisdom, so I’ll know what to do with myself tomorrow. And then go eff yourself.

      • ben 3 years ago

        Thanks for your kinds words Gomez. You really shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. I really liked the TV show you were in, what have you been up to since?

  261. George Makrauer 3 years ago

    Their model-contrived stats and charts notwithstanding, the “death of private car ownership” is total crap… period.

    • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

      New cars are getting more expensive. Monetary policy has priced out a lot of people and it will get worse. This will end up being necessary, People will still own cars sometimes, but it’ll be older cars. no more new ones, except for the super rich.

  262. JSpicoli 3 years ago

    Such a blowhard nerd fantasy. Because computer controlled everything is he answer.

    No one alive today will ever see the day when there are truly autonomous vehicles on an open roadway in the United States or anywhere on earth

    Our current roads will not sustain them. And there is a major logic problem of decisions that is being taken for granted

  263. James Matters 3 years ago

    No one is going to steal off in the night with their girlfriend by calling for a pod…

    • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

      He’ll have to take her out in an older used car. new cars will be out most peoples price range

      • James Matters 3 years ago

        Where have you been for the last 15 years?

        • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

          Monetary policy will make everything more expensive. Already has. Credit will get tighter, less people will buy new cars

          • James Matters 3 years ago

            Its the EPA, CPA and NHTSA that’s already taken care of affordability. 28 years ago you could buy an affordable Civic that got 50mpg. Then the government stepped in and mandated all kinds of equipment that loaded down cars requiring bigger engines, which required bigger chassis which required bigger suspensions, which required bigger brakes, which required more horsepower… And the spiral keeps getting worse.

  264. Pat Patterson 3 years ago

    Utter hogwash by people wasting to sell us a utopian bill of goods!

  265. RightLeaner 3 years ago

    yeah, yeah, yeah. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Blah, blah, blah. If anything else, it’s a dystopian dream to control our coming and goings. No freedom to come and go as you please.

    • Jack Hammer 3 years ago

      What will happen will be that new cars will be phased out, by a result of inflation and cost and by design. You’ll still find used cars but TaaS will become very common too.

      • Hedley Lamar 3 years ago

        So you’re saying the U.S. auto fleet will look like a newer version of Cuba and we’ll have to make our own replacement parts like they do.

        • Gomez Addams 3 years ago

          What are you worried about? It’s 1868 … you can sue her !

          • Hedley Lamar 3 years ago

            Good one!

  266. Tyler 3 years ago

    That 3rd graph of projected sales is laughable. It’s going to level out at 17 million for the next 5 yrs before a huge decline from 17million to almost 0 in the span of 4yrs until almost nobody owns their own car. Ha, not a chance!

  267. NutherGuy 3 years ago

    You really cannot make this shirt up. You just can’t.

    There are half a dozen articles every day now that I think would justify a lawsuit by The Onion. Maybe they’re not plagiarism but they’re so obviously copycatting the Onion idea that they ought to pay a royalty.

    THIS gets today’s prize and I’m not going to bother explaining the basics about which this guy has no clue.

  268. jimbopeep 3 years ago