The Clean Energy Regulator is targeting the installation of unapproved solar panels

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The Clean Energy Regulator is targeting the installation of unapproved solar PV panels in the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), in line with our 2017 Compliance Priorities.

We are rolling out an innovative compliance program that reaches out into the small-scale technology certificate (STC) creation chain to detect the installation of unapproved panels, which are not eligible for STCs.

We take compliance seriously

The Clean Energy Regulator takes fraud and deliberate non-compliance seriously and takes necessary action to ensure the integrity of the scheme. SRES participants who are involved in the installation of unapproved panels will be subject to enforcement action by the Clean Energy Regulator. We have a broad range of compliance and enforcement options, including suspension of registration and REC Registry accounts, enforceable undertakings and criminal or civil proceedings.

Recent compliance action

The Clean Energy Regulator has recently taken enforcement action against registered agent P & N NSW Pty Ltd, who improperly created STCs following the installation of unapproved solar panels.

P & N NSW Pty Ltd entered into an enforceable undertaking with the Clean Energy Regulator to address its conduct. The enforceable undertaking includes the surrender of STCs claimed and rectification of relevant systems to meet regulatory standards. View a complete list of current and previous enforceable undertakings on the Clean Energy Regulator website.

Contact us

The SRES Compliance team is ready to talk to anyone with concerns about the integrity of the SRES. Please contact us at [email protected]. Any information provided will be treated with confidentiality unless otherwise agreed.  


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