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Cannon-Brookes says Zoox “robot” cars will be on the road within two years

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Mike Cannon-Brookes says first Zoox “robot cars” should be on the road within two years, and may re-define our thinking about road transport.

Mike Cannon Brookes.
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The Driven

Australian tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes says he expects to see autonomous “robot cars” on the road within two years, in what he says will be a massive change in road transportation.

Cannon-Brookes, through his private investment company Grok Ventures, (which has also backed the project to build the world’s biggest solar farm and battery in the Northern Territory) is a major investor in the US-based self-driving start-up Zoox, and led a major funding round earlier this year.

Zoox has reportedly raised more than $1 billion and is developing its own autonomous software, competing with the likes of Alphabet’s Waymo , GM’s Cruise and Elon Musk’s Tesla.

Not much is known about Zoox and the details of its technology, but the company’s web-site promises it is approaching driving autonomously “in ways that no one else has shown.”

“We are driving in cities and on highways. Making unprotected lefts and rights on red. Yielding to pedestrians and passing double parked vehicles,” it says.

“We are applying the latest in automotive, robotics and renewable energy to design a symmetrical, bidirectional, zero-emissions vehicle from the ground up to solve the unique challenges of autonomous mobility.”

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  1. gbossley 9 months ago

    I read news like this and think of our government. Surely an emerging danger for (the NLP certainly) is that they may become completely irrelevant overnight. It’s clear to anyone with a pulse that they are firmly the property of the fossil fuel industry. The disruption is more than a small tremor.

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