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Can an electric vehicle tow a caravan?

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We put Hyundai’s long-range electric Kona SUV to the test – and ask all the important questions – and find out?

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The Driven

It looked like you needed to spend more than $150,000 if you wanted an electric vehicle that tows! So far, the Tesla Model X is the only full electric available in Australia that actually has any ‘rated towing capacity’.

Australia is a nation that enjoys the outdoors and many drivers couldn’t bear not to be able to tow a boat, box trailer, jet ski, bikes or a caravan.

Thank goodness then that Elon Musk fulfilled his promise that the Model 3 will be endorsed for towing (albeit limited to just under a tonne).

But what about the other EV brands growing in the marketplace? Why can’t you tow with them?

I asked this question seriously of the Hyundai Kona Electric, which for my wife and I looks a more practical car for our purposes, at around the same price as the Model 3.

The salesman told us it was not rated for towing, but we looked further into this.

Hyundai market the Kona Electric as an SUV – a Sports Utility Vehicle. This would imply it should be tough enough to take a little more than the average car. It also implies you can expect to take your sports equipment with you – eg push bikes, kayaks, motorbikes, jet skis.

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