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BYD begins work on “world’s biggest battery factory” in China

China’s BYD starts work on 24GWh battery plant, to meet demand from “new boom” and its own production goal of 60GWh total capacity.


Chinese battery and EV giant BYD has begun construction on what will be the world’s biggest battery production plant, as it works to meet both booming global demand for battery electric vehicles and stationary energy storage – and its own ambitious production target of 60GWh of capacity by 2020.

The 24GWh factory is being built in Western China’s Qinghai province, and will be the company’s third such plant in China, once construction is completed in 2019.

BYD said the Qinghai factory would be “technologically advanced,” using driverless automatic guided vehicles, among other smarts.

“Electrification is a done deal as several countries have announced a deadline for the sale of internal combustion engine cars to end,” said BYD president and chairman Wang Chuanfu in comments on Thursday.

“Electric vehicles are on the cusp of another boom.”

On top of demand from EVs, the company is ramping up efforts to capture the residential and commercial battery storage market, including in Australia, where it unveiled a slightly updated range of modular “solar batteries” in March.

The battery modules start at 3.5kWh (up form 2.5kWh), and can be stacked up to 14kWh. Beyond that – for bigger residential and smaller commercial projects – the 14kWh battery stacks, or boxes, can then be “daisy chained” together in groups of three to get 42kWh.

At the bigger end of the commercial scale market, battery packs from the “same family” can provide capacity up to 300kWh.

As well as being a market pioneer in China, the company, whose name is an acronym for Build Your Dreams, has had considerable success with its battery storage products in European markets, and particularly in Germany.

The new manufacturing muscle from BYD comes as key rival, Tesla, emerges from a self-proclaimed “production hell” in its barely finished gigafactories, to begin meeting demand for its own batteries and cars.

It’s worth noting that while BYD churned out more than 108,000 plug-in EVs in China in 2017 – and that was a slow year – in terms of stationary energy storage manufacturing volumes, it has only recently overtaken Tesla.

But while BYD sees Tesla as a major rival, BYD’s director of global sales, Julia Chen, has told RE that building up the global  market for battery storage has been an industry-wide effort.

“We consider that Tesla is also a pioneer in batteries,” Chen told One Step, in an interview on Tuesday. “They have done a great job bring attention to the industry and in educating consumers about the technology,” she said.

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  1. Tom 2 years ago

    “Artist impression” – was it Monet?

    • john 2 years ago

      One thing really sticks in my craw the mention of {‘””Artists Impression”””} this is a newspaper word used in the early 1900’s and has carried on to this day the 2010’s totally annoying to me as they are Perspective Drawings by Architects.
      You will see every week some idiot newspaper use the world Artist Impression that was used it the 1980’s because that is all they had but the newspaper industry is about 100 years behind the times with technology for peats sake.
      Yes it annoys me immensely as i have connection to the actually men and ladies who produce those Perspective Drawings.

      You may perceive this has hit a very very raw nerve.

      • Greg Hudson 2 years ago

        You should have used some of that technology of yours to perform a grammar check….
        ‘peats sake’ is “pete’s sake” (sake Japanese rice wine)
        ‘actually men’ is actually (pun) “actual men”
        Just saying… 😉

  2. john 2 years ago

    What is my take out from Build Your Dreams is this.

    {“They have done a great job bring attention to the industry and in educating consumers about the technology,” }

    Except Tesla has not put one Advertisement on any media.

    Hmm except Elon is a Tweeter so that must discount that statement.
    Is Tweet Advertising ???????

  3. George Darroch 2 years ago

    This is good for the industry. And I like what they have to say about Tesla. Right now their competition is not other EV manufacturers, its the legacy industries that keep their ancient technologies on the market.

  4. john 2 years ago

    Discard my stuff below if BYD is going to build a large battery factory good get those into BEV’s as quick as possible or into battery storage it is going to happen.
    HMM who is BYD hooked up with to produce EV’s remind me please.
    They build a large factory they must have a hook up with a Battery Electric Vehicle in my thinking.

    • Kevfromspace 2 years ago

      They produce their own BEVs, including trucks, buses and small vehicles for the mass market too. They’re the world leader in producing electric buses right now, and you can find some at Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide airports.

      • john 2 years ago

        Exactly the biggest Bus Builder in the World correct me if wrong after all they build over 15,000 buses in one city in China correct?

  5. Jacko 2 years ago

    BYD is one of the world’s largest producers of Ebuses and cars.

  6. Robin_Harrison 2 years ago

    Is it relevant that while you say BYD see Tesla as a major rival BYD say they don’t? Given the probable growth rate of this market they’re not rivals at all and they’ll both clean up. Two fellow 21st century entrepreneurs with a serious eye on the future.

  7. Shilo 2 years ago

    Warren Buffet is a large investor in BYD, and made his investment some time ago. Very Smart Bloke.

  8. Ian 2 years ago

    China is like the crown of thorns starfish devastating job opportunities in whatever industry they touch, with their cheap,well made, mass produced products. How many Pandas is that green field site destroying, cutting into that beautiful mountain scenery like that. At least Wang Chuangfu won’t be accused of bribery to deface that landscape , the Chinese don’t seem to give a turd for their environment, all they care about is world domination belting and roading everyone into submission. Soon they will have 200 gigafactories worth of battery manufacturing while the rest of the world scratchs around in the dirt trying to find something to sell them in return.

  9. IT67 2 years ago

    From the public statements by both BYD and Tesla – I get the distinct impession both would welcome the increased adoption, awareness and use of whatever storage solutions are optimal for the consumer’s circumstances.

    If the market is expanding and there is an increased acceptance of the rapidly developing storage / transport / demand-shifting markets then that can only be good for all the companies in a position to deliver the goods.

    The flip side of that of course are the companies desperately trying to hold back the tide of inevitability – Koch brothers sandcastles and economies of scale can only benefit the industries that have built further up the slopes of progress.

    It’s a lot harder to get further up the slope in the first place but it takes a lot longer for the tide carrying the next big innovation to catch up……

    All IMHO of course…..

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