Another record tumbles as renewables share reaches 57.3 per cent

The share of renewable energy in Australia’s main grid reached another record level on Sunday – 57.3 per cent – continuing the spree of new benchmarks over the last few weeks.

This time of year – late winter and early spring – is often witness to new records due to the relatively mild seasonal temperatures, which translates into moderate or low demand, sunny conditions and steady winds.

At 11.30 on Sunday morning, the new level of 57.3 per cent renewables share was set, overtaking the 57.1 per cent set just over a week earlier. As we reported on Friday, new weekday records (when there is usually greater demand) were set, both for the share of renewables and for the lowest aggregate coal generation.

Source: OpenNEM. Click to enlarge.

Among individual states at 11.30 on Sunday, South Australia was producing 101.9 per cent of its local demand from wind and solar, and either storing or exporting the surplus. Tasmania was producing 138 per cent of its demand from renewables, nearly all of it from hydro, and exporting the surplus to Victoria.

Victoria sourced 64.6 per cent of its demand from renewables at the same time (63 per cent wind and solar), and was sending all its excess north to NSW, which in turn was sourcing 53.9 per cent from renewables, nearly all of it wind and solar, and importing a small amount and storing some with pumped hydro too.

Only Queensland was short of the 50 per cent renewables mark at the time, sourcing just 42 per cent from wind and solar.

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