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Something old, something blue: Electric Kombi conversion hits the spot

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The Driven

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Though a matrimonial saying, it’s one that could equally be applied to this electric Kombi conversion hitting the roads in northern NSW.

A neat combination of new technology repurposed batteries and old-school looks and feels, it gives the impression that the Kombi’s fate was always to be reborn as an electric vehicle.

After running into classic car conversion start-up eV Machina’s Andy Naughton, who converted the Kombi, at an electric vehicle charger (where else?!), The Driven was offered the chance to experience the difference an electric drivetrain gives to the typically brick-like ride.

But first, Naughton explained how it came about how he was asked to upgrade the trusty community engagement vehicle to an electric drivetrain.

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