Energizer names price, distributor for Australian home battery offering

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One of the biggest global names in small appliance batteries, Energizer, is preparing to launch its home energy storage offering in Australia, after locking in Entel Holdings as its local distribution partner.

The 6.1kWh, “VPP ready” Energizer Homepower – the company’s first ever Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) offering – is set for its global launch later this month in almost 60 countries.

Entel said on Thursday that it had been appointed as exclusive distribution partner for the Homepower in Australia and New Zealand by Energizer licensee, 8 Star Energy. The battery will sell for a price of between $7,500 to $8,500, fully installed.

As RenewEconomy reported here in February, Melbourne-based battery manufacturer 8 Star Energy is the sole licence holder of the Energizer and Eveready brands for containerised and home battery energy storage systems.

And in a further local twist, Energizer’s home battery is being supported by Australian developed technology, with the batteries incorporating CSIRO spin-off Evergen’s battery optimisation platform.

In its release this week, Entel said the Homepower’s “sleek, modular design” and cutting-edge battery software would maximise efficiency while allowing homeowners to manage their system and energy usage remotely via an easy-to-use app.

“The batteries also look incredible, a great fit for any home,” said Entel Holdings general manager Tigran Aganesov. “The system’s weatherproof design also makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.”

According to the literature, the battery’s minimalist design incorporates a patented magnetic flap that conceals system controls to allow convenient access when needed. An app to manage the battery remotely is available on Apple iOS, Google Android, and other web-based platforms.

Entel notes that there is also a mobile app specifically developed for technicians to guide them through the installation and commissioning process, using a step-by-step sequence that automatically validates the correct installation as they go.

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