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Longi achieves new world record for indium-free HJT cell efficiency

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XI’AN, China, April 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Only days after setting a record of 25.47% for efficiency of its p-type HJT cells, LONGi has announced a new record of 25.40% for its indium-free HJT cells.

This record, once again validated in testing carried out by the Institute for Solar Energy Research (ISFH) in Hamelin, Germany, was achieved on M6 (274.5cm2) full-size monocrystalline silicon wafers, confirming the basis for industrialisation of the low-cost technology route for HJT cells, following ongoing research by LONGi’s R&D team.

Advanced surface passivation technology previously developed by the team was applied to the HJT cells, using low-cost indium-free targets to prepare transparent conducting oxide films.

Process innovations enabled the cells to maintain a high conversion efficiency despite being completely indium-free.

The high-efficiency HJT cells will effectively reduce dependence on indium resources in mass production and result in a significant reduction in costs.

LONGi has now achieved overall leadership in a number of new high-efficiency cell technologies such as n-type and p-type TOPCon and n-type and p-type HJT, continually pushing the limits for commercial use of solar energy applications to new levels.

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