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Energy Insiders Podcast: Solar exports: More sun for everyone

Two NGOs have proposed a new rule change to ensure that all solar households have right to export, and that networks are making the appropriate investment to allow this.

Mark Byrne from the Total Environment Centre and Kellie Caught from ACOSS join the Energy Insiders podcast to discuss the rule change – one of three being presented to the market rule-maker on the subject of solar exports.

They say their rule is equitable – it guarantees all households are able to export, that the infrastructure is in place, and that those who want to can “buy” extra capacity.

You can also see our story on this Solar exports: Should households pay for right to export more solar to the grid? And you can read Mark Byrne’s own explainer about the TEC/ACCOSS rule change proposal here. A report on the South Australia Power Networks submission on the rule changes can be read, here.

You can find previous editions of the Energy Insiders Podcast here, or on your favourite podcast platform.

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