Video of the Day: Solar installation in 1 minute

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Queensland’s WattElse Solar donated and installed a 2kW rooftop PV system at the Emu Park Lions Club. Here’s how the install went, in 1 minute.

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WattElse Solar has an interesting heritage. It was formed after its founders, looking to install solar on their own roofs, became inspired to find a way to make the whole process easier and cheaper. In this spirit, they organised for 220 homes in their local Central Queensland community to have solar installed – an approach that not only won them a Social Enterprise Fellowship from RMIT University, but attracted attention from potential customers; and so a company was built.

Today, WattElse claims to be the first energy company in Australia to become a Certified B Corporation – a company “which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems,” and which is expected to practice higher standards of social and environmental transparency and accountability. Recently, the company donated and installed a 2kW solar PV system on the roof of the Lions Club in Emu Park. Below is a a time-lapse video the company has created showing how the installation went, in one minute.

Solar installation in 1-minute from WattElse Solar on Vimeo.

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