Tritium launches a Veefil range of fast chargers for electric vehicles

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Tritium has announced it will showcase three new chargers on its stand (A5-309) at eCarTec in Munich (18-20 October).

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image004Brisbane, Australia 17 October 2016 – Tritium, the Australian developer and manufacturer of the award-winning Veefil 50kW DC fast charger for electric vehicles, has announced it will showcase three new chargers on its stand (A5-309) at eCarTec in Munich (18-20 October).  The new charging products now create a Veefil range of four chargers – with all the chargers sharing Tritium’s unique technology (including liquid cooling).  They also maintain the Veefil’s high design standards and are low cost to install and maintain:

  • Veefil UT 50kW DC fast charger – Designed specifically for energy and utility companies worldwide, the Veefil UT is the first fast charger designed to connect directly to the grid.  A solution for metering, switch gear and protection systems in a single unit – significantly reducing installation and maintenance costs.
  • Veefil WP 12kW DC fast charger – Designed specifically for the work place and ideal for fleet applications, this extremely compact and light-weight charger fits easily into existing car parking areas and will charge 120km in two hours.
  • Veefil 22kW DC fast charger – The same specifications as the original Veefil 50kW DC fast charger but designed to give customers more options and ideal for locations which are dependent on a lower power supply.  Approximate charging time for 120km is one hour.

“The success of the original Veefil, which is recognised as the most technologically advanced in its class, has been amazing,” comments Paul Sernia, Tritium’s commercial director.  “Its aluminium structure and unique liquid-cooling means it can function in -35 degrees C to +50 degrees C, which makes it more robust than other chargers over a wide range of environmental conditions.  This gives it increased reliability and reduces maintenance cost, which together with its slim footprint, attractive design and light weight, has created significant demand for the product in the US, Europe and Asia.

image003-1“Tritium’s philosophy is to work closely with its customers to tailor our products to their requirements, and from our discussions with them on what they really need we have developed three new products, which we will be marketing internationally – all providing the same benefits as the original Veefil.  The Veefil UT is available now and the Veefil WP and Veefil 22kW will be ready to ship early 2017.”

Why the Veefil is the most technologically advanced range of chargers

The Veefil is the world’s most-advanced range of fast chargers for all EVs, supporting CHAdeMO & SAE-Combo standards.  The original Veefil 50 kW is around 25 times faster than home charging and can add 50Km range to an EV battery charge in just 10 minutes – which would take over six hours using a wall socket.

Unique Features found in the Veefil range of chargers:

  • All the chargers have a unique aluminium structure and are liquid-cooled, functioning in -35 degrees C to +50 degrees C.  This makes the Veefil products more robust than other chargers over a wide range of environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity and corrosive conditions – increasing reliability and reducing maintenance.
  • The Veefil 50kW, Veefil 22kW and the Veefil WP (work place) have the smallest footprint and are at least half the weight of most other EV fast chargers, increasing location options and reducing shipping and installation costs.  They can fit neatly at the end of a standard parking bay within existing infrastructure.
  • All products in the Veefil range are protected in an IP65 aluminium construction, ensuring long-term stability of the entire enclosure, leading to lower maintenance costs.
  • All products have an attractive design, with high visibility, convenient for branding.  They are all very easy and intuitive to use.  The Veefil 50kW was awarded 2014 Good Design Australia Award.
  • The Veefil UT (utility) is the first and only DC fast charger that connects directly to the grid and has been designed specifically for utilities and energy companies to give them maximum flexibility.
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