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The week in green numbers … solar mirrors, Chinese turbines

Counting mirrors at the massive Ivanpah CSP plant; Victoria’s disappearing wind turbines; and the heat goes on in the US.


170,000: The number of mirrors BrightSource’s Ivanpah solar farm, one of the largest in the world, will use when switched on in 2013, to concentrate sunlight onto three massive towers to produce 392MW of solar electricity.

0.0001: The number of bird deaths annually that are caused by wind farms, as a percentage of all annual human-caused avian fatalities.

70,000,000: The number of birds a year that would be saved by replacing all fossil fuel generation with wind energy, according to the calculations of Mike Barnard.

2,200: The megawatt amount of proposed wind farm capacity that was withdrawn from the Victorian market in the past 12 months under the Baillieu government.

301: The cumulative solar PV capacity in watts per capita of Germany in 2012 – an amount that gained the EU nation top ranking this year, beating out the Vatican City State (with 267W per capita), in the world solar stakes, according to SolarSuperState.

70: The gigawatt amount of new wind energy capacity that China plans to add, according to its 12th Five Year Plan for Renewable Energy. It also aims to add 61GW of hydro, 20GW of solar and 7.5GW of biomass power.

27,042: The number of daily temperature record highs broken or tied in the US this year, through to August 5 – up from 26,674 in 2011.

7,755: The number of daily temperature record highs set or tied in the US in March 2012 alone.

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