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Tesla rolls out charging stations in Australian hotels, shopping centres

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Tesla has installed charging stations in key hotels, shopping centres and car parks in Australia as it builds up its network.

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US luxury electric vehicle maker, Tesla, is in the process of installing a network of charging stations at key locations around Australia, to meet the needs of the slowly growing number of Model S drivers in the country.

The California-based company, which has most recently been in the news for its ground-breaking home battery storage offering, said it had already installed more than 10 sites for its High Power Wall Unit, with more to come, concentrating on the locations Model S owners were most likely to visit for longer stops.



In NSW/ACT, the charging units have been established at the Park Hyatt Sydney, The Darling, Hotel Realm Canberra, The Observatory in Port Macquarie, Rundells Alpine Lodge Dinner Plain and at Westfield Chatswood shopping centre.

In Victoria, Model S drivers will be able to recharge at Chadstone shopping centre.

Tesla said the Destination Charging Program had also partnered with Secure Parking in Australia, allowing Model S owners in the CBDs of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to park and charge while at work or out.

While the Destination Charging Program focuses on longer stops, the superchargers it is also rolling out in Australia will allow Model S drivers to charge their car in around 30 minutes, providing up to 120 kilowatts of power and 270km of range in that time. Superchargers in Australia have been installed in Sydney and Melbourne and announced for Goulburn. Eventually the network will link Melbourne and Brisbane, and eventually Adelaide.

Since announcing the technology in late 2012, Tesla has deployed 415 Supercharger Stations and more than 2,285 Superchargers worldwide, making it the fastest-growing fast-charging network in the world.

Tesla’s Model S all-electric sedan was launched in Australia at the end of 2014. At that time, an estimated 50 Australians had placed orders for the car, which costs between $100,000 and $220,000 depending on options and battery range. It is thought that more than 200 have now been delivered.

More than 50,000 Tesla Model S sedans have been sold globally since June 2012, primarily in North America, Europe and Japan, making it the world’s top selling luxury electric car.


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  1. Stan Hlegeris 5 years ago

    Just as a matter of interest I had a look at the charger at The Observatory in Port Macquarie, a place I’d be likely to stop on the way from Brisbane to Sydney.

    PlugShare.com reckons the Tesla charger there is “available to hotel patrons only.” If this is correct, I’d suggest to hotel management that you want Tesla owners to come in and use your charger whether they’re staying there at the time or not.

    • earthbound 5 years ago

      Beat me to it.
      What is needed are a few of supercharged between Brisbane and Sydney. Say at Coffs Harbour (the half way point) and a round Newcastle & Byron.

      • MU 5 years ago

        Here here! There’s a solar powered charging station outside of Byron (no surprises there) at Macadamia world.

        • Edward Green 5 years ago

          *Hear, hear.

          They will come.

      • Peter Nichols 4 years ago

        Si Clean Energy of Coffs Harbour has installed Ingeteam EV charging stations for Australia Post in Sydney and Melbourne and is looking forward to finding businesses in the area wanting to install a charging station.

    • caskings 5 years ago

      A hotel patron could just as easily be someone sitting at the bar having a drink or in the restaurant eating a meal.

  2. Sammy 4 years ago

    Tesla is doing some great work. But we need more companies to offer this technology. In Europe most carparks are installing advanced units at low costs to help EV drivers recharge. Please view our range to see how you can make your carpark or workplace more EV friendly across Australia


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