Tesla reaches 200th destination EV charging point in Australia

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Tesla’s Destination Charging network has reached its 200th site, with the latest located in South Australia’s McLaren Vale, a region internationally renowned for its wine.

Fox Creek Wines is home to two Destination Charging spaces for guests to use while they visit. This milestone site is a further celebration of the two year anniversary of the first deliveries of Model S into Australia – showcasing the commitment Tesla has had to deliver charging infrastructure for the rapidly growing fleet of these vehicles on Australian roads.


Over the past two years Tesla’s Destination Charging Network has spanned across parts of all Australian states, ensuring a truly national footprint. Tesla collaborates with hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, resorts and secure parking locations to make charging when you arrive at your destination as simple as charging at home. Tesla works with each location to install the same High Power Wall Connector as that supplied with the Model S and now the Model X for the home. Allowing for familiarity for owners when they arrive at the Destination Charging location.

With the 200th Destination Charging location operational, three new Supercharging sites announced and the fourth Tesla store opened in Chadstone just a couple of months ago, Tesla has shown it is not waiting for other parties to fulfil the requirements of its current and future owners.

Tesla has no plans to slow down in 2017 with many more Destination Charging sites to open as the brand expands across Australia.

About Tesla Destination Charging

Tesla Destination Charging stations are designed to enable Tesla owners to drive to key locations where Tesla owners frequent for longer stops with the knowledge they have a charging solution.

Destination Charging stations use the same unit as the Wall Connector used at home and charge at a rate of 40km every hour on 32amp or up to 81 km per hour with 3 phase. All charging is dependent on a site’s power output. This style of charging is a replication of the convenience Tesla owners receive when charging at home.

For all Destination Charging locations, visit:  

  • Tesla has been so proactive in supporting their cars with a charging network. BMW is now planning to get involved in rolling out some shopping centre charging. As a driver of a Nissan Leaf, I’d love to see Nissan support their cars with some chargers. Even the ones at their dealerships seem to be either broken or inaccessible.