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Tesla extends supercharger network to Brisbane, starts on Adelaide link

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Tesla’s Australian Supercharger Network adds two six-bay stations between Sydney and Brisbane, one between Melbourne and Adelaide.

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Last week, Tesla Motors revealed it would begin charging new Tesla EV drivers a “small fee” to use its network of Superchargers, a change it said would be used to fund an expansion of that network.

This week, the Californian EV maker is already making good on that promise in Australia, with the announcement of three new Supercharging stations along Australia’s south and east coasts; two between Sydney and Brisbane and one between Melbourne and Adelaide.


In an update published on Friday, Tesla said it had begun construction on two new six-bay Supercharger stations, one at Motto Farm in Heatherbrae in NSW and one at Macadamia Castle in Knockrow, south of Brisbane.

The first, at Motto Farm, was chosen by the company as a “first stop” for Tesla drivers en route from Sydney to Brisbane. Located on the Pacific Highway, the Supercharger station will be co-located with an on-site café, bar and motel, which are set to open in the coming months.

The six-bay Supercharger station at Macadamia Castle – a popular tourist spot south of Brisbane – was chosen as a final stop on the Sydney to Brisbane route, and also offers drivers access to a café and fine food store.

Tesla said works will soon begin on a further six-bay Supercharger station at a shopping centre in Wendouree, near Ballarat – as a first stop for tips between Melbourne and Adelaide.

To recap, Tesla’s Superchargers can add up to 270km of range in just 30 minutes of charging, and while they have been used by inner-city Tesla drivers for fast, free top-ups, they are designed for city to city travel.

Tesla’s Supercharger networks are designed to allow for about three hours of driving time, in-between half-hour recharging stops.

The service, which in Australia has been limited to just a handful of locations, has also been free for all Tesla owners. But for customers whose Teslas are ordered after January 1 2017, no such luck. These Tesla drivers will get a maximum of 400kWh Supercharging credits per annum, and will thereafter have to pay an as yet unspecified fee to use the Superchargers.

Musk said of the new Supercharger fee that it would allows Tesla “to reinvest in the network, accelerate its growth and bring all owners, current and future, the best Supercharging experience.”

As Wired magazine noted, “this isn’t Tesla giving up on its promises or Elon turning Ebenezer. This is Tesla growing up – along with the American electric vehicle industry.”

Meanwhile, Tesla has rejected claims published in a Herald Sun story on Friday that a Tesla EV had been driven across Melbourne illegally in full autopilot mode.

The News Ltd article reported that Victoria’s roads minister, Luke Donnellan, had been told of someone using an automated Tesla vehicle from one side of the city to the other.

“The use of this is still illegal even though they were in the car,” Donnellan was quoted as saying, adding that “if you get picked up you’ll be punished, and you’ll probably even be on the front page of the Herald Sun.”

Tesla – which is fiercely protective of its public image – responded immediately, issuing a release describing the information as factually incorrect, and requesting an update to the article. They also spoke to the minister, who allowed that he was never made aware of the make of the vehicle concerned.

But that’s not all the News Ltd story got wrong: “Tesla does not have any fully autonomous vehicles in the Australian market or on any road in the world,” the EV maker’s statement said. “While Tesla is currently producing all of its vehicles with full-self driving hardware, Tesla has not yet introduced any software or features that make its vehicles self-driving.”

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  1. CamBurgers 4 years ago

    typo… as a first stop for “tips” between Melbourne and Adelaide. you mean “tRips”

    excited to see if anyone will take me on a road trip

  2. Damon Schultz 4 years ago

    As a regular driver between Adelaide and Melbourne, that is one less reason for me to keep the petrol guzzler 😉

    • Charles 4 years ago

      The other two on the Adelaide route will be Horsham and Keith. There is also one planned for Coffs Harbour.

  3. Andrew Woodroffe 4 years ago

    For people driving $100,000 cars, how can the issue of paying for charging be relevant? Access, or not, to the superchargers, however, is all important.

    The number of bays works out to be around one per Tesla car here in Oz, does it not?

    Have a heart for the faithful and rather patient half a dozen Tesla owners in WA. No superchargers west of Adelaide are mentioned.

    • Charles 4 years ago

      There are about a thousand Teslas in Australia. Average of six bays per SC site = approx 100 bays.

    • Charles 4 years ago

      Oh and there’s probably closer to 2 dozen in WA!

      • JohnM 4 years ago

        There are about 50 Tesla’s in WA Charles, and dozens of model 3’s on pre-order. Resourceful WA Tesla owners have made the trip to Broome, and even Brisbane return. Superchargers are great, but you can charge almost anywhere if you have a little time…

        • Charles 4 years ago

          50 sounds good! I was going by the number which had been spotted on the TMC forum, which of course isn’t all of them.
          I’ve been following the circumnavigation adventures too – certainly nice to see all the new additions to Plugshare!

          • Andrew Woodroffe 4 years ago

            Alright, alright, my information was out of date. You make me sound like the IEA talking about wind and solar . . . in any case, fastchargers are urgently needed en route to Geralton, Kalgoorlie and Albany. Within a year or so, second generation BMWi3s, Zoes, eGolfs and Leafs will be available. Maybe even in Oz and of course, the Bolt and the Tesla model 3 are on their way.

            Come on, RAC, don’t stop at Mags.

    • Chris B 4 years ago

      One for each of Simon Hackett’s cars, yes?

      • Anthrox 4 years ago

        these a least one other one in Adelaide i’ve seen, i also heard rumors one go caught up in Adelaide freak hail storm damaging it sadness.

    • neroden 4 years ago

      Charging for the Superchargers is intended entirely to chase away daily users to leave them open for road-trippers. You don’t want to arrive during a road trip to find them all occupied by local daily users.

    • neroden 4 years ago

      Well, Melbourne to Adelaide first. Then I think we can expect Adelaide to Perth. Darwin will take longer…

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