Solar Insiders Podcast September 22

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The Australian battery storage market is predicted to treble in size this year, but it may struggle to reach that target because of the difficulty in accessing stock for one of the most popular brands, the Tesla Powerwall 2.

In this week’s Solar Insider’s podcast, Giles Parkinson and Nigel Morris take a closer look at the market, the various brand offerings and what’s in store.

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  • Mags

    We had our Powerwall II installed a couple of weeks ago and are absolutely thrilled with it. It is so wonderful to see from the associated app., how we are now off the grid for a large part of the time. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

    • solarguy

      If you don’t mind me asking Mags, how much the system cost you? What size PV array do have?

      • Mags

        Yes, of course. It was about $10k, and our array is 3kw. We find that at this time of the year we are now mostly off grid, but that won’t be the case in the winter, when our roof has some shading. But a terrific start!

        In the winter we intend to charge the battery overnight on cheap rate electric and then use it during the day, so there should also be a good saving by doing that too.

        • solarguy

          That’s great Mags, It seems you guys are doing ok with a 3KW array. Shame about the winter shading, if it’s a tree you might be able to do something about it. Apart from that you might be able to put an extra 3KW on another part of the roof, E or W is good and will certainly improve the performance.

          • Mags

            Hi there, unfortunately there are several trees and they are not ours!! So we are stuck with that. However, your suggestion of extra panels with different alignments is a good one, and we have been thinking about it! Thanks.

  • Mark W

    Interesting that lack of availability of the Tesla product could even be mooted to slow down the whole industry. After all, there are competing products that can fill the same market position that are arguably better-priced and better specced available in stock on zero lead time. What’s more the version 1 Tesla product was a dud! That’s the power of marketing and having a tweeting impresario as your CEO, I guess.

    • solarguy

      I agree, Tesla isn’t the be all and end all.

    • Linda McGarry

      I wish that was true. There aren’t a lot of options for outside install in temperatures that can go lower than -10 degrees C with a good storage size, min 5kW peak power and backup. Obviously we aren’t the norm but Tesla fits this rather exacting requirement at a reasonable price.

      • Mark W

        The ability to go a bit colder ambient with the internal temperature regulation is a nice one and probably a key feature for some. For most places in Australia the probability of the battery being flat for lack of sunshine would be far higher than the probability of the battery being sluggish/ineroperable due to the outside temperature and hence temperature handling would be an insignificant factor. I see this as being a niche spec for Australia rather than an overall market factor.

        But if your outside temp hits -15 regularly, it is obviously a key factor and no doubt about it.

  • solarguy

    Hello Giles and Nigel, I enjoy your podcasts

    Enphase as I have heard is easy to install, but has some short comings, including the high cost per KWh. No I’m not trying to rubbish Enphase.

    In contrast my Hybrid system performs exceptionally well. Specs are:

    6.3KW array north, 3KW array west.
    Schneider XW+ 6.5KW Inverter.
    2 Schneider 80-600 MPPT Charge controllers, feeding a 48v, 968Ah Battery Bank.

    On the 19/9/17, it produced 48.2KWh, exported 32.1KWh and we consumed 16.1KWh, which included charging the battery and running loads during the day and that included A/C in the office for 2hrs.

    After daily SAC of $1.06 is paid we can make up to $3.00 on the export per day. Are we happy bet your life we are! Most of the system and new inverter split A/C’s, were paid for from the 60cent FIT. The best part is we are beating the bastards at their own game, because we aren’t importing power.

    And LOVING IT!

    • Mark W


      • solarguy

        Ain’t it just peachy!