Solar Insiders Podcast October 4

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Australia’s rooftop solar sector is continuing its big year of installations – been without premium tariffs – and is heading towards one gigawatt of new capacity over 2017.

This has had an impact on the availability of STCs (small scale technology certificates) causing some price volatility and caught out some consumers and installers. And in a significant move, the regulator is also cracking down on “rorting” within the system, particularly in the way some systems are replaced.

Join Giles Parkinson and Nigel Morris on the latest Solar Insiders podcast, as we also reflect on the pilgrimage to Elon Musk’s big battery in South Australia, supply issues in the solar module market, and uninvited offers through the post.

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  • Rod

    Very interesting to hear the higher insolation figures. I noticed the same this year.
    I do wonder if we have Climate Change to thank for this.

    • solarguy

      Have you seen any rain lately Rod?

      If so what does it look like?

      • Rod

        Well, I heard some on the roof last night but it has been a while since a decent downpour.
        My solar HWS booster if off and hopefully will be until next May and the inverter is humming along and AGL is paying 16c on top of my PFiT.
        All good here in sunny SA. Not looking forward to Summer though, which may come a bit sooner this year.

        • solarguy

          No I’m not looking forward to summer either. Now WTF are you getting 16c on top of PFIT, which is 40c isn’t it?

          • Rod

            Yup, 44c SA PfiT + 16c AGL = 60.3c/kWh. Reward for being an early adopter.
            Any wonder I’m keen to reduce our own use.

          • solarguy

            Lucky bastard!

  • solarguy

    Yep, I agree that Solar is unstoppable now. The networks and the retailers need us as well.

  • Tim Buckley

    Great podcast again, thanks.