Solar Insiders Podcast November 30

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Tindo – Australia’s only solar module manufacturer – is looking to expand its factory and add battery storage to the production line, according to CEO Glenn Morelli.

On our latest Solar Insiders podcast, Morelli joins Giles Parkinson and Nigel Morris to discuss Tindo’s latest plans, its efforts to match and beat international rivals, and the state of the local solar market.

Meanwhile, we go through the news of the week – including the C&I boom in Queensland, a wake-up call in the Northern Territory, a warning about dodgy door-to-door solar salesman, and an apology to Nigel’s dad, who is still waiting for his panels.

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  • Ben Dixon

    Good news on Tindo. Great to here you Giles on the ABC news.

  • Ron Horgan

    Very heartening that a small automated solar panel plant can compete on quality performance in South Australia.
    When I buy panels they will be from Tindo.

    • rob

      Do it today! they aren’t the cheapest but i just order 20Kw system from them!

  • rob

    After listening to this podcast with Glenn, I immediately got on the phone to TINDO (they are only 10 minutes away from me) and ordered a 20Kw system to go with my 2 year old 10Kw solar installation. I hope to be almost electricity neutral once installed for my home business!