Solar Insiders Podcast November 1

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Federal energy minister Josh Frydenberg admitted this week that he “hasn’t got round” to installing rooftop solar on his home, earning a “shame on you” rebuke from 60 Minutes.

That is a shame, because may be if he did have battery storage, like the PM, then he would have a better understanding of the benefits and cost savings of the technology. It might even inspire him to make sure that all people have access to the technology, including those in rental homes, apartments and low income households.

Meanwhile, an expert panel of Mark Cavanagh and Jack Long join the regular Solar Insiders team of Giles Parkinson and Nigel Morris to discuss the best and worst in monitoring, why it’s important and what to look out for.

Basically, if you are wondering how much solar to install, or whether and how much battery storage you might need, the first port of call is to understand your usage. And monitoring devices will also tell you if the equipment you have installed is working properly. Too many don’t, and people just don’t know.
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  • Rod

    I’m not convinced remote monitoring is totally necessary but monitoring for the end user should be mandatory with every install. Preferably with consumption metering included. I hope the trend away from meters on inverters reverses too.

  • Tim Buckley

    Giles – congrats on the Bob Brown environment award, entirely deserving and great recognition. I can’t think of anyone more deserving. Regards

    • ID635

      No award should be awarded in the name of Bob Brown. He is an ignorant socialist alarmist. The bloke claims to be an environmentalist and to be acting on behalf of the environmental cause but he has no environmental qualifications so how can he judge whether the decisions made by the regulator are justified or not? He his simply a self serving egocentric clown who is motivated by the acclaim he receives by other ill informed alarmist activists.

    • ID635

      What a joke

    • ID635

      Wendy’s bowman? Another alarmist retard activist