Solar Insiders Podcast May 9

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Australia’s enthusiasm for rooftop solar in increasing, and the country has by now installed more than 7GW. The latest data also shows a sharp slowdown in South Australia following the election of the Liberal government.

In this episode of Solar Insiders we also discuss the latest AEMO modelling on rooftop solar and battery storage, the collapse of another two solar installers, the angry words from the Monash Forum, and what Tesla is doing about delays in its Powerwall storage supply.

And we welcome a new sponsor to the podcast – SunWiz and its PVSell product. We hope you enjoy the program.

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  • DugS

    Great podcast, although I thought chef from South Park had managed to sneak in somehow.
    Just a comment for a Nigel regarding his skepticism of Tesla’s ability to successfully commercialise the solar roof tiles. Here is the report card so far:
    1. Make electric cars better than traditional ICE cars in every metric. Can’t be done everyone shouted! Done.
    2. Build out the largest global network of fast charging stations. Ya mad, they shouted. Done.
    3. Disrupt the heavy truck industry with an electric semi. F… orf they shrieked, leave my dirty, smelly, diesel guzzling, high maintenance Mack alone. Done.
    4. Install the worlds largest battery in SA in under 100 days. Hysterical laughter. Done.
    5. Reusable rockets that come home to land. Bonkers, they all sighed shaking their learned heads. Done.
    Does anyone still really want to suggest Elon doesn’t know what he is talking about?