Solar Insiders Podcast February 7

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A look insider Tesla’s world’s biggest virtual power plants, and why Craig Kelly gets a Zero for his barmy comments about electric vehicles.

Welcome to the First episode of 2018 for the Solar Insiders podcast, featuring RenewEconomy and One Step Off The Grid editor Giles Parkinson, and solar veteran Nigel Morris, from Solar Analytics.

In this episode, we look at the announcement of the Tesla plan to create the world’s biggest “virtual power plant” in South Australia, and why more governments should follow.

And we also take a look at the debate around electric vehicles, and EV owner Morris gives a stunning take-down of Craig Kelly’s claims that EVs don’t save on emissions or on costs.

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  • Robert Barnes

    I have a confession to make: Craig Kelly is my local member. I apologise to the people of Australia. Is this guy for real? To help make up for this great shame that I personally feel I have been promted to finally get my act together and will be ordering a sizeable fooftop pv system in the next two weeks and placing an order for an emissions free, mostly charged by home sunshine, maintenance free, exhilerating, non dependant on imported refined fuels and fun to drive electric car.
    Craig Kelly: watch out, your voters do not buy your fossil fuelled idelogy.

    • Peter Campbell

      At least you can get some pleasure from voting for someone else.

    • John McKeon

      When asked what she thought of Donald Trump, climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe very diplomatically suggested that his election to POTUS surely has galvanised an awful lot of people into political action to do something about climate change. By implication they are not listening to Trump.

      I hope it will make you feel better, Robert, if I suggest that Craig Kelly is your electorate’s answer to Trump. I would not be surprised if you aren’t the only one who has been galvanised by Craig Kelly to do the opposite of what he is bidding.

      [I regret that I cannot find the video in which I recollect her saying this.]

  • Kate

    Craig Kelly is the same person who, back mid 2017, declared that renewable energy would be killing people over this summer. So I really don’t understand why you would have reached the conclusion that he is a reasonably intelligent person, and yes he probably does reside on planet Ideology.