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Radio ITK interviews Mark Higgins

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We talk electricity, policy and outcomes in California

California and Texas both provide insights into Austrlia’s electricity future. California has a renewable policy of 33% by 2020 and 50% by 2030 and aims to reduce petrol use by 50%. It also has a policy and legislation designed to see over 1.3 GW of storage introduced to Ca over the next few years. Renewable energy supplied 26% of California’s electricity in 2015 and is of course still growing. California is already well ahead of Australia. California’s total electricity demand in 2015 was about 255 TWh (compared to around 200 in Australia) and renewable energy supply was 65.8 TWh.

Texas has much less policy and is the spiritual home of oil and gas in the USA. Despite that on November 28 wind output of 15 GW in Tx was 45% of total demand, 41% for the whole of the day  and for the year as a whole wind is expected to be 15% of total electricity supplied. Wind installations are still increasing in TX and expected to get to 19 GW in 2017. Texas total retail sales at 389 TWh are far in excess of Australia

In our view these two States show that high renewable targets are perfectly achievable with zero dram if properly managed with supportive legislature.

Mark Higgins on California

Mark is the COO of Strategen Consulting and leads the company’s consulting practice. Prior to Strategen, Mark led Pacific Gas and & Electric Company’s work in key policy areas including interconnection and transmission planning. Prior to PG&E Mark was Director of Utility West at Sun Edison. Strategen was a key player in the formation of the California Energy Storage Alliance http://storagealliance.org/content/presentations

This is Radio ITK’s final podcast for the year. Please come back with any suggestions for the 2017 series. In this series we try to talk with people “in  the know” and go behind the headlines to some the detail in the World’s fast moving electricity, gas and decarbonization markets.

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