Energy Visions Podcast

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Labor climate spokesman Mark Butler has just released a new book, Climate Wars, that traces the history of Australia’s climate and energy policies over the past 10 years, and the way ahead.

Butler looks at how the opportunity to create a carbon scheme under former prime minister Kevin Rudd came and went, and how a carbon price that was eventually agreed and put in place for two years was then trashed by the Abbott government.

The future, he says, must be about embracing renewables, managing storage and the exit from fossil fuel generators, but also thinking about jobs, the opportunities of clean transport and energy efficiency. While France is planning to stop sales of non-electric vehicles by 2040, and Volvo is ending petrol car production in 2019, Australia hasn’t even got a basic emission standard, a decision that sees it as the dumping ground for the most polluting cars in the western world.

And Butler also talks about the opportunities of the Finkel Review, released after the book was written, and how Labor is prepared to compromise with the Coalition on a clean energy target, if the Far Right that has dominated Australia’s policy debate allows it to move that far.

You can find out more about the book here:


  • Rod

    Maybe I’m parochial but I could listen to Mark and Penny Wong speak for hours. Great to see SA politicians calmly and intelligently explaining their positions.
    No doubt about it, Mark Butler knows more about the Australian energy landscape than the rest of Canberra combined.

    • riley222

      Agreed, and I hold out hope. But which party gave us Marrrn Ferguson, and the results of his tenure being felt lately. Care is needed.

      • Alastair Leith

        Don’t forget former Minister for Climate Change Greg Gasman Combet!

  • Dennis Abbott..

    A well put clear message, I do not agree with every detail, however this podcast suggests a logical energy policy, unlike the present governments energy fog policy.