Energy Insiders Podcast October 23

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Does the fact that it got past the Coalition party room make the National Energy Guarantee good policy? Anyone reading the mainstream media will be forgiven for thinking so.

But there are broad level concerns – about its environmental impact, its impact on prices, and its impact on the roll-out of renewables. The numbers assumed in the initial modelling are not encouraging.

Any there are any number of subsidiary issues, transparency of the markets, the decisions to be made on what constitutes “reliability”, the longer term signals of carbon and prices, access to international credits, what it means for consumers and behind the meter generation will the states come on board, what will be the impact on state-schemes and reverse auctions, the role of the ESB, and of the AEMC in particular.

Adrian Merrick, the head of Energy Locals and a former head of retail at EnergyAustralia, joins regular Energy Insiders Giles Parkinson and David Leitch to unpack what we know about the proposed National Energy Guarantee, and what it might mean for the big retailers, renewables and fossil fuel generators, to energy politics and to consumers.

Will it work?

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  • Michael Porter

    I don’t think Kerry Schott will be effective as implied in the podcast if she is so easily hijacked by John Pierce in the first action of the ESB.