Energy Insiders Podcast October 16

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Australia’s energy debate hit peak stupid last week, and then got even worse.

First was the AFR”s battery storage nonsense, quickly followed by Tony Abbott’s “climate change is good” speech in London, and then the mainstream media reaction to demand response, with the Murdoch media and even the ABC warning of people having their air-con turned off.

What hope Australia’s energy policy? Not much, and particularly when we compare with what is happening overseas, and in China – the biggest polluter on the planet.

Australia’s energy and climate debate is often dominated by claims that whatever it does, it will have no impact on climate because it will not even match the yearly increase in China’s emissions.

But China may have already plateaued, well before the 2030 date agree in Paris. The work of Laura Myllyvirta, a Beijing-based Greenpeace researcher, is widely admired both in the environmental sector and in financial markets.  Myllyvirta joins Energy Insiders Giles Parkinson and David Leitch to discuss the switch away from coal, the major steps forward in China, and the steps back.

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  • Joe

    Giles and David can I say that yes China is the world’s biggest polluter….in absolute terms. You would sort of expect that with 1 Billions plus population. But it is per capita that is the standard measure for international comparison and so China is not the worst. Little Australia with 24 million population is one of the worst in the world and only behind Luxembourg and USA as the worst in the western world economies.

    • David leitch

      Actually you’ve left a few countries out of th per capita list like Saudi Arabia. Still I take your point. Every now and then though I like to look at China and the world.