Energy Insiders Podcast May 5

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(NOTE: Please find May 15 Podcast – wind energy’s record low – here).

In this week’s edition of Energy Insiders, Giles Parkinson and David Leitch look at the dramatic events of the past week.

Suddenly, everyone is talking about 100 per cent renewable energy, including AGL, which admits that the gas transition won’t happen.

That’s because the plunging costs of solar and storage means gas cannot compete on cost or carbons, and battery storage is already a “no-brainer” in states like South Australia.

Also on the agenda is the doubling in solar tariffs. Is that good or bad? And a warp up of the solar and storage conference in Melbourne, and lots of other news.

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  • Cooma Doug

    Good talk thanks

  • David M

    I can’t get it to play. Any ideas?

    • Alastair Leith

      its soundcloud, should work fine. try a different browser/device/something.

      • Andy Saunders

        I can get it to play, but it’s last week’s….

  • Ian

    Giles, can you do a review of lithium and other battery storage manufacturing capacity current and under construction in the world. Up to this point world manufacturing capacity has been minuscule compared with the amount needed to firm renewables electricity generation and to substitute EV for ICE vehicle production. BNEF and others forecasting battery storage adoption have painted a far rosier picture than Panasonic, maxwell et al can currently produce. Is the Asian industrial complex furiously building battery capacity that not many are aware of?

  • Ian

    Interesting the notion of planned energy supply interruption, where homes with battery storage may experience episodes of interrupted supply. This was done with tariff 33 in the past. How would this concept be implemented?