Solar Insiders Podcast March 6

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DCPower has hatched plans to create a crowd-funded retailer that promises a better deal, and battery information, for solar households.

But can it get traction, and can it get the numbers (100,000) that it is looking for. Co-found Nick Frances-Gilley joins Solar Insiders to discuss the plan, and what he’s hoping to achieve.

Meanwhile, Nigel Morris reports back on a road tour through South Australia, and some interesting insights on people think about solar and batteries. Plus, more on for the Dodgy Brothers file and the latest news in solar.

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  • Joe

    ‘Dodgy Brothers’ in the Renewable Energy industry…please say it ain’t so.

    • I’m afraid so. Just like any other industry, good opportunities attract cowboys, so it’s good to alert people so they don’t fall for charlatans. Just because it’s renewables, doesn’t mean some people’s sh** don’t stink.

      • Joe

        In my newspaper last Sunday there were two ‘amazing’ deals / offers for rooftop solar. Separate companies selling a 5kW and a 6kW system, both with Tier One panels both with German owned inverter and both for less then $5,000. It all seems a bit ‘dodgy’.

        • solarguy

          If it sounds to good to be true it usually is Joe. I’ve seen offers of $3,400 for a 5kw system installed, WTF, I can’t procure good quality panels and inverters, that are at the lower end price point of the market for that, not to mention making any sort of margin or install it for the money.

          What people are thinking is that the companies that are making these offers have big buying power, so can make these stupidly low offers. WRONG!

          There are a lot of punters getting ripped off bigtime, believing they are going to get a bargain. They may not get anything at all and lose the money and Fair Trading is useless in helping those, by all accounts. If they do get installed the panels are no name brands that cannot be registered to receive STC’s, aren’t the wattage they were told they would get, same with inverters.

          If it all manages to be allowed to connected to the grid, things will start going tit’s up fairly soon, the expected output won’t be there and the equipment will start failing in a lot of cases.

          I’m beating my head agains’t the wall trying to stay in business, while these shonks steal business away from me and other long established honest businesses. It’s criminal.

          • Joe

            Hello my Solar man. There again was an advert in my weekend newspaper yesterday (11/3 ) …”Premium 6.2 KW Jinko System with Jinko 310w Panels and Zever Inverter at the “best ever price” of $4699.00.. Surely this can’t be genuine, can it?

          • solarguy

            I’d say they will be using the Jinko’s as bait. In the fine print of the contract they will state, “can be substituted with equivalent panels” guess what the punters will get…….. that’s right, not the Jinko’s.

            The Zever inverter is good, priced at the at the lower end of the market, but will probably get JFY garbage.

            Look on solarquotes for the review on the company in question.

          • solarguy

            What is the name of the company Joe?

          • Joe

            The name of the company is “Captain Green Solar”.

      • solarguy

        Giles, on DC Power, it seems like they want to retail solar and batteries and are asking the public to fund their model. Sounds like a get rich quick scheme to me. It isn’t clear at all what the punters will get for their $50.

        Your thoughts?

  • MrMauricio

    I want to know if this retailer could go VIRTUAL and link us all together behind the meter and dictate to whom and for what price our clean green solar electricity is sold

  • Daroid Ungais 87

    How do the batteries know when to charge and discharge!?