Energy Insiders Podcast March 14

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Ausgrid recently called for a tender to encourage more businesses and apartment blocks to install rooftop solar, and CEO Richard Gross joins Energy Insiders to explain why his network wants more solar, and how it plans to incorporate battery storage and electric vehicles.

Gross explains how his company plans to manage the energy transition and the push by consumers to manage install their own devices. And how the network can encourage people to stay on the grid, and share those resources, rather than going their own way.

And, as usual, we look at the week’s news, including the latest on the NEG, Snowy 2.0 and the South Australia election.

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Solaray is a proud sponsor of Energy Insiders


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WattWatchers is a proud sponsor of Energy Insiders.



  • Kevfromspace

    Thanks for not pulling any punches Davis, you really had Mr Gross shivering in his boots there. We’ve been ripped off by the networks for too long, and now they’re planning to increase revenue whilst forecasting a decline in energy consumption on their grid. That translates to higher costs for the consumer, an outcome that is utterly unsatisfactory.

  • howardpatr

    Seems large scale might be the real way of the future; rather than home storage.

    ViZn might be one of the possibilities.

    GE has announced their vision:-

    Whole suburbs could be planned from the ground up to have large scale decentralized ESS along with the integration of resident’s EVs?

  • Mark

    Great episode, thanks! I really respect that you asked some curly questions for DC power co, and was more impressed with the answers fron Gross than I thought I could be.