Energy Insiders Podcast June 19

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Another week when energy rarely left the front pages of the nation’s media, and when even the AFR hailed the falling cost of wind and solar and how good it would be for manufacturing and industry.

Breakthrough? Given the ongoing push for new brown and black coal power generators by the Coalition and the mining lobby, it was hard to work out if any progress had been made.

This week. RenewEconomy Editor Giles Parkinson and ITK analyst David Leitch are joined by Victoria renewable energy advocate, and former ACT energy minister Simon Corbell to discuss these issues.

Corbell is playing a key role in helping Victoria frame its target of 40 per cent renewable energy by 2025, and the design of the auction schemes that are expected to be launched soon.

Leitch also talks of some interesting data that he has produced that shows gas still setting the marginal cost of wholesale electricity supply. The solution to break this nexus? More renewables!


  • solarguy

    Guys, After listening to the podcast, which I enjoyed very much, one idea came to me. What we need to do, to get in the ear of the voters and receptive pollies is for guys like you to make a documentary about the plan and how it will work. Well, at least think about it. Even guest spots on TV and Radio.

    I’d love you feed back.

    • Now that would have been something that clarke and dawe could have nailed. good idea, but it would be incredibly time and resource intensive, and not sure we have got much of either!

      • solarguy

        Perhaps you need an Australian Michael Moore to take it up. You and I know some of the people that should be interviewed for it. They will have the team to do the hard work, perhaps you and David could help direct it.

        I feel it’s a storey that needs to be told now, as I really do feel strong about it. The public need the hear the truth now, more than ever. Myths dispelled, that sort of thing. Plus I’m happy to contribute.

    • Ashleyhdewar

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