Energy Insiders Podcast June 12

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Another big week in the electricity market. Big deals in solar, and firming capacity, usher in a new era for Australia’s generation, with the China decision on capacity likely to push prices down further.

In the meantime, rooftop solar was being held as a scapegoat for blackouts that haven’t, and may never happen, while the absence of nearly 5,000MW of coal in NSW pushes the grid to the limit. Guess who the conservatives blamed.

This episode is chock-a-block, with interviews with US battery storage maker Fluence, and why solar and storage is so much cheaper than gas, and with Energy Networks Australia chief Andrew Dillon on the need to build more transmission and get a grip on distributed energy.

And we have a short cameo from energy minister Josh Frydenberg on why his low-ball emissions target makes sense, and his frustrations with RenewEconomy.

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Solaray is a proud sponsor of Energy Insiders


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WattWatchers is a proud sponsor of Energy Insiders.



  • I totally agree When the Weather is Hot solar is at its best for cooling and Cooking
    When its Cold Wind Does it bit 24/7
    When needed there is water hydro and wave power So the next step should be Energy from Bores and ground terminal All available in Australia.

  • solarguy

    There is no way the will get my battery storage! If they need to balance the grid, then they invest and get their own battery to soak up locally produced solar. After all they will need to anyway.

  • brucelee

    Giles, you say “ummmm” a lot, it sounds un professional

    • James Hansen

      Giles, I listen to all your broadcasts and appreciate them very much for their worthwhile content and new information but I also have to agree with brucelee.
      I don’t want to umm and ahh about this but a century plus in one broadcast should not be on record. (I don’t want to say the actual number). If need be, how about a rerun with editing before broadcasting, please?

  • Kate

    Frydenburg is such an arse. ‘Oh, renewables has blossomed under the coalition government but you lot never give us any credit’ … paraphrasing of course.

    What. An. Arse.