Energy Insiders Podcast July 7

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For years the network lobby has copped the brunt of the blame and anger about rising electricity bills, but this year it has been the generators at fault due to the soaring wholesale prices.

What does the network lobby make of this? How do they view the new pricing platforms proposed by innovative battery storage developers like Sonnen?

What are they going to do about “ring fencing” and the removal of the “limited merits review”, and what do they want out of Finkel?

Energy Networks Australia boss John Bradley joins regular Energy Insiders Giles Parkinson and David Leitch to discuss these issues and more, including the push for more transmission lines, and the future of fixed pricing.

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  • Goldie444

    At 12:30 minute mark
    networks and AER are aligned on pricing reform but State govts like Victoria are preventing charges from happening.
    Question – what is an example of a delay from the state govt?