Energy Insiders Podcast July 31

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On this week’s Energy Insiders podcast – the regular crew of Giles Parkinson and David Leitch are joined by Marija Petkovic, the CEO of energy consultancy and analytics company Energy Synapse to discuss all things energy.

Top of the menu is the release of the Tesla Model 3, which appears to have salved any range anxiety with a 350km range on its standard model, but which Australians won’t see until 2019.

Energy prices are again a hot topic, with any number of reports released over the past week blaming everything and anything for Australia’s ridiculously high cost of electricity.

Rather than dancing around the fundamental issues – the power of a monopoly for one half of the bills, and the oligopoly on the other – we get to the heart of the issue and Petkovic takes us through some of the smart technologies and products that can help reduce peak demand and costs.

The Energy Insiders podcast is sponsored by Solaray Energy.


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  • Heather Smith

    Great to hear a discussion about demand management. I believe it will be the unsexy companion to batteries, just as energy efficiency is to solar. While I love David’s dream of abundant cheap energy, and believe we will have much when the sun shines, we still need to advocate for good efficient designs because the small savings will remain an important part of economic efficiency and affordability. demand management, load/supply matching can make the whole system more cost-efficient.