Energy Insiders Podcast February 5

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Powershop, Powerwalls and power plays. The new year has started with a depressingly familiar political tone, but technology and projects march on regardless.

Powershop boss Ed McManus joins the Energy Insiders podcast to discuss his company’s ground-breaking deal last week that will result in the construction of Victoria’s biggest solar, and two other wind farms. He also explains why his is buying three hydro plants.

The other big news came on Sunday when Tesla announced with the South Australia government that it plans to install rooftop solar and Tesla Powerpacks’s at 50,000 homes, creating a “virtual power plant” of 250MW and 650MWh of storage.

McManus explains why this is a good idea, and will benefit consumers, and how the so-called Tesla big battery is already delivering savings for his company through reduced costs.

And McManus tells us how and why the National Energy Guarantee might just work. Of course, it’s all in the detail, and whether it favours the big gentailers or not.

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Solaray is a proud sponsor of Energy Insiders


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WattWatchers is a proud sponsor of Energy Insiders.


  • Kate

    You’re a bit of an arse, David, describing people who are at home to answer doorknockers as not the customers you’d want.

    Though kudos to the guest, Ed, who obviously gets that a customer is a customer no matter the limitations on their disposable income, since he repeatedly expressed sympathy for people feeling the bite of high electricity prices. Smart fella.

    • David leitch

      Point taken That said I don’t resile from my comment. I look at it from the retailers point of view, not from the point of view of the door knocked customer. And I think you will find I was the first to mention the impact of price in that particular podcast episode. Thanks for your feedback. I welcome it.

  • Peter Fagan

    Good discussion with a CEO who is reasonably frank, open and not afraid to say things Malcie, Joshie and Mattie don’t want said. Ed McManus projects Powershop in a positive light.

    I switched to Powershop as my provider around April 2015 when John Hewson was very effectively making the case for them. I consider it to have been a good decision.

    The switch was immediate and hassle free. When I installed solar last winter, Powershop couldn’t have been more helpful: the administrative arrangements were extremely simple from my point of view and handled efficiently by Powershop. They supplied the net meter for free and had it installed within a week of my requesting it.

    Powershop pay a relatively high feed in tariff and deduct the customer’s monthly electricity export earnings from the next bill. Over spring and summer, my electricity bills have become negligible, and the little amount of electricity I do purchase is not generated by burning coal.

    It is really pleasing to see Powershop commit to buying electricity from upcoming renewable projects. I hope they can win enough new customers to justify making another round of renewable projects viable.
    I agree with Kate – best to keep your heartless-Financial Controller-think to yourself David. Many listeners are aware of and concerned about energy poverty in Australia and troubled by the growing divide between low income renters and those of who can afford to install home solar.

    • Hettie

      I absolutely endorse your assessment of Powershop.
      Switched to them from AGL in Dec 15, and like you, founder the switch to be completely smooth and easy.
      The phone app has enabled me to keep a close watch on power use, and to buy ahead at minimal cost. When I decided last year to install solar, spurred by articles and comments in RE, they agreed to install a smart meter, gratis, and since late July 17 I have had a daily read out of power usage by half hour. Solar eventually connected October 10, and FIT for the first full month exceeded my wildest expectations. Bill eliminated times two.
      At the moment, I’m using the credit to buy power as far ahead as I can, but will soon be asking them to pay into my bank account, which they will do for credits over $100.
      One very happy customer.

  • Rod

    I think Powershop will be warmly welcomed in SA. Come on down.

  • James Pinnell

    Powershop dropped the ball in QLD after not bothering to compete with Alinta. Currently I’m saying 28% off base tariffs, Powershop isn’t even anywhere near that, even taking into account the carbon neutral benefits. I didn’t want to move away but they didn’t really try and stop me.